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    Erebus Crown guild page

    Norou Shikage

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    Erebus Crown guild page

    Post by Norou Shikage on Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:29 pm

    Erebus Crown Code:
    "..Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Darkness shall free me..."

    "...Born from the dark desire of Norou Shikage, a dark mage who had been locked deep within the Rune Knights prison whom had been freed by the guild leader of Animus Sin, Erebus Crown is a dark guild that wishes to act as the figure-head of all Dark Guilds, Uniting them under its banner and leading those of the dark against the light..."

    Erebus Crown is a guild that is devoted to a certain code of living, one that allows its members to live they're life to the fullest of they're potential by using they're emotions to guide them down the right path to becoming strong and victorious in order to achieve goals. Using power as it's main component, members have a lot demanded of them. Members of the guild are encouraged to participate in In-fighting and resolving conflict between members through combat. Upon joining this guild you are inducted into an exclusive group within the organization of Dark Guilds as a whole. Erebus Crowns guild base being located within the midst of a community and collection of Dark Mages makes it a perfect opportunity for ones to dedicate they're studies to the dark arts and gets them the pick of the litter when it comes to evil or otherwise forbidden objects. Erebus Crown could be considered to be an elite group within a larger group, one that has a goal to completely unite all the Dark Guilds under its banner, making Dark guilds as a whole into one collective super-power by creating a Government, Military and Special Operations within it so that it may operate as a well oiled machine to take down the powers that stand against them. This group remains notorious within the knowledge of Dark Mages, especially since it's creation at the fall of the Magical Council. Erebus Crowns dark denizens wish to wreak havoc upon the world that the Light Mages hold so sacred and assume is so safe.

    The halls of "Castle Black" The abandoned castle upon which Erebus Crown has built its foundation, holds many secrets and places which cannot be accessed by the every day Dark Mages who wander the halls. Many hidden places and magical locations can only be accessed by those who are apart of the elite ranks of Erebus Crown by using they're guild tattoo to gain access. Several of these areas are exclusive to Erebus Crown members because they will open secret doors to meeting places such as the War room of Erebus Crown, the Throne room, Erebus Crown member housing, Castle Black's library and specialized facilities for Dark Mages to practice their magic in secret.

    Castle Black has many secret entrances hidden in various locations in the surrounding area which can only be accessed by dark mages, upon finding and entering one of these entrances one would find themselves wandering down a dark and old stone hallway light only by torch-light four meters. At the end of the tunnel it open up into Castle Black, the underground castle. Around this castle in a square shape is a large common area which is open to the general public of dark mages known as "The Under City" which servers as a hub for Dark Mages. The Undercity is a very dangerous place filled with many dangerous people so known the right people helps you out a lot, being a member of Erebus Crown can get you a long way within the Undercity. A long and narrow gothic style bridge separates the Undercity from Castle Black which is surrounded by a low flowing river which has an odd blue/green tint to it due to the crystals which hand from the ceiling of the Undercity which is the only thing that casts light upon the area. This river is referred to as the river "Styx" as it's waters have the unnatural magical power to drain away the very life-force of any being. Any who have been cast down into it have never made it back up as the mana-hungry river drains them dry in seconds. It's waters are perfectly clear however, making the thought of taking a swim seem rather inviting though there is a clear warning sign which comes naturally with the clear water which is the rivers bed of pure white sand from the eroded bones of all those who have fallen in along with the mounds of non-eroded bones which also litter its river bed.

    Upon safely crossing the bridge over "Styx" one would find themselves at the very steps of "Castle Black", a staircase cut out of pure black marble which leads up the the castles portcullis of which very few other than Erebus Crown members may gain access. While Undercity has retained all of it's ancient architecture, most of the interior of "Castle Black" has been magically renovated to accommodate modern architecture and commodities.

    As "Castle Black" and it's entrances to the Undercity are located within the northeastern mountain regions of Minstrel, it is littered with dangerous tribes of mountain people along with several legions of dark mages that scour the mountain seeking access to not only Undercity but "Castle Black" as well. The entire mountain region is considered to be a place that travelers and light mages alike should not travel due to the severe level of danger it would incur to ones life by simply traveling to the very region, the local authorities of Minstrel forbid people from even approaching the mountain-rage which hosts the mayhem and chaos, known as "Death's Reach."

    ┼ LOCATION ┼

    [Northeastern mountain region of Minstrel]
    Erebus Crown's regional location:
    The Heart of Undercity:
    Entrance to Castle Black:
    Bridge over Styx:
    An unrenovated hallway:
    A secret entrance to Undercity:
    A wing of Castle Black's library:
    A secret dark arts room:
    Renovated Guild quarters:
    Throne room:

    ┼ X-RANK ┼

    ~Not available~

    ┼ SS-RANK ┼

    Norou Shikage
    (Guild Master)
    ┼ S-RANK ┼
    Chao Yuexian
    (Guild Ace/Reserved)

    ┼ A-RANK ┼


    ┼ B-RANK ┼


    ┼ C-RANK ┼


    ┼ D-RANK ┼

    Clarisse Pryde
    ~Vacant positions open~

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