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    Ivris's B-Rank Sample


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    Ivris's B-Rank Sample

    Post by Ivris on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:34 pm

    Ivris stepped out of her bubble of Territory and onto the roof of Mercurius, Fiore's royal palace. It was such a beautiful structure - she couldn't wait to take it down and watch it fall, killing all of those inside. She smiled to herself, only for a second, before becoming serious once more. After all, she was on a job for Animus Sin, and Kitten wasn't going to like it if she messed up. Not that she ever had before, of course; Ivris was never one to fail a mission from her Guild Master, or any source for that matter. However, there was something... different about this job. It wasn't for Jewels or resources, but instead, it was the beginning of a plan that Animus Sin had begun to put into action, and would end up brining the guild to the top of Fiore. Of course, Ivris didn't care about any of that really; she had her own goals in mind, things which she kept secret from even herself. But once the Magic Council was out of the way, she would be able to do as she pleased, and so she went along with what Kitten said. They didn't have a bad relationship; on the contrary, their goals aligned at this time. However, Ivris was still who she was, and she wouldn't be satisfied until the world was at its knees. Joining this guild was a necessity, but not a permanent one. Eventually, Ivris's power would grow to the point where she would surpass even the 10 Wizard Saints themselves.

    In any case, she was here to gather information on the Magic Council, specifically their members, and so she would. Creating another bubble of Territory, she stepped inside, teleporting herself down to the inside of the building. She was on the top floor, and no one was around. How nice of them to let her do her job in peace. She was looking for the King of Fiore's office, and she knew it was on this floor, but not where on the floor. The papers were supposed to be in a cabinet in his desk, according to the intel she'd been given by another member of Special Ops. Today seemed to be her lucky day too, since there weren't many guards around; the King was probably outside of the castle, so they were probably with him. However, she didn't expect all of them to be gone, and as she made her way down the hallway, she saw them; two standing on either side of the door, which was probably the room she was looking for. How helpful of them to let her know. However, she didn't even need to reach the door. Infiltration was her specialty, after all.

    Holding her hand against the wall in front of her, she created a portal that would lead her to the other side, allowing her to bypass the soldiers with ease. Extending her palm, she did so, stepping through and into the room. It was lavishly furnished with rugs, sofas, and even a chandelier. The roof was high enough to allow it, and made the space feel a lot larger. None of that mattered, however, as she was only here for the documents. Walking across the floor, she made her way to the desk. Looking around she found the cabinet, but as was expected there was a lock on it, and it didn't seem like it would be budging anytime soon. However, locks didn't worry her; she wasn't simple thief who needed to learn how to pick a lock, although it was doubtful that this thing would allow itself to be opened in such a brute force type of way. No, instead, Ivris could just create a portal for her hand into the desk, which she did, reaching inside and feeling only a thick envelope. Pulling her hand back, she opened the envelope and peeked inside. Just as she'd hoped, the pictures of various Magic Council members were piled along with information that was just what Ivris had been looking for. Smirking, she sent the envelope to her own dimension, gave a last look at the room, and then headed for the window. Opening it up, she used her magic to create a rope which would hold onto the window and allow her to scale down to the ground below. Closing the window to finish off, she made her way down the wall of the castle, eventually making it to the ground below, somewhere in Mercurius's gardens. Job accomplished, and flawlessly done if she could say so herself, Ivris headed off through the gardens and made her way into the city of Crocus. No one knew her, so she was safe; simply another person in Crocus, although perhaps a little strangely dressed, although no one would bother her. She'd make her way back to the guild, but there was no point in rushing. It'd be fun to see what would happen after the King discovered that what he had thought was so safe up in his precious castle had simply... disappeared.

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