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    The Tricksters Great Escape [Tyfons RP sample]

    Tyfon Ikol

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    The Tricksters Great Escape [Tyfons RP sample]

    Post by Tyfon Ikol on Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:41 am

    The sound of water dripping in this small holding cell awoke its lone occupant. "Atleast they had the decency to bandage my wounds" The man said in his head as he sat on bench his arms in front of him locked together in a very tough type of hand restraints and his mouth was gagged to keep him from using his magic. He looked around his small holding cell nothing of noteworthy other than the 2 guards sitting infront of the cell door. "Only two guards they must really think im weak" Tyfon continued to think to himself as he flexed his fingers cracking them to test the strength of the restraints. "Since i am here now how should i go about dealing with these pesky restraints" Tyfon continued to speak to himself in his mind as he stood up and stretched.

    He started to make note of all the cracks in this holding cell it seemed to be fairly impregnable and from the looks of it he was in a cell designed by the Rune Knights to keep pesky troublemakers like himself locked away. It has been over a day since he was defeated by that strong human and still with all the interrogating they didnt get a single thing from him except for the usual laughter he gave and rude remarks and his awful jokes which he thought were funny. As the day dragged on Tyfon began to plot his escape from this holding cell and hopefully he could make quite the spectacle of them. This would require tact and precision to escape from here but to Tyfon tact would be killing the guards and slowly make his way out. Best way to get them to enter the cell was only one way to fake collapsing.

    Tyfon fell to his knees and made a loud thud on the cell floor causing the guards to jump and turn around to see him laying on the ground. The 2 guards panicked abit thinking this would get them in trouble so they entered the cell to hopefully resuscitate the man with some water. As they neared him one of the guards flipped him and in doing so his plan was ready to be enacted. Tyfon smirked as he brought his head up slamming it into one of the guards chin causing him to fall back clenching his mouth as he looked up to see the wicked smile of Tyfon who turned his attention to the other guard who backed up near the back of the cell. He approached the frightened guard grabbing the sides of his head with the cuffed hands and turned breaking the mans neck.

    Tyfon grabbed one of the keys off the guard with the snapped neck removing the hand restraints and then the gag. "Ahhhh so much better now what should i do with you" He said as looked back to the other guard who was clenching his mouth and grabbed him by the head and as he did Tyfons summoned one of his knives rubbing across the mans face slicing the skin. The man screamed in agony as his screaming turned to gurgling noises then silence as the knife quickly slaced the mans face up then made its way to his throat killing him slowly which Tyfon quite enjoyed. "Now lets lets play with these Rune Knights" He said as he laughed and began to walk down the hallway dragging the guard he sliced up with his knife. He stopped at the stairway to reach the main level "Now lets see what going on up stairs shall we" Tyfon said with a wicked smile as he looked down to the lifeless body still in his hand. He walked up the stairs and as he reached the door he kicked it open. As the door flung open he walked out his wicked smile on his face as he looked around to notice a large hall and the sound of people talking. Tyfon walked towards the main entrance to the hall the body still in tow as he threw it at one of the tables. The limp form slammed into a empty table as he began to laugh maniacally. "NOW LET THE FUN BEGIN" he yelled in his psychotic tone waiting to see the horrid looks on everyones faces.

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