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    Elendil (WIP)


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    Elendil (WIP)

    Post by Pumpkin_King on Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:27 am

    The Madness
    29 Feb
    D Rank
    Chaotic Evil

    Species Ability/Perk

    Ability 1: The Silent Madness

    Ability 2: The

    Special Unique Characteristics
    His grey skin tone and grey hair color, as well as his grey eye color

    Character Depth

    Born as a son of a poor farmer, the boy grew up learning to love and to give; however, one day the boy learned, why? Why should he give when he does not have anything? why should he love anyone when no one loved him? The boy wondered as he grin one chilly, bright night. The Moon shined bright as if it were to put a spotlight for the wind that playfully danced with trees. That night, the boy questioned his existence.

    "Oh mother, why did you have me?" asked the boy with pensive words.

    *Drop* *Drop* *Drop*

    "Oh mother, you mustn't make a mess or daddy will get angry." The boy concerned as he turned his head to his right, looking a dying candle light that illuminated part of his father. The boy slide over to him, and with his untainted and soft hands, he grabbed his father's rough and shriveled hand. "Father, please, we are having a dinner, let's not start a fight over such frivolous mistake." said the boy. The boy then slide back to his spot and stared at his food.

    The boy then grabbed a knife and fork and started to cut a burnt meat, yet, he smiled. "Oh, mother, this looks delicious!" There was a moment of silence among the three; however, the silence soon broke by buzzing sound of annoying flies. "NO NO NO!!!! It's all ruined!" the boy yelled as he grabbed his plate and threw it across the room.

    "HOW MANY TIMES DID I!---Mother, please, you know how much I hate it when our lovely dinner is being interrupted by an uninvited guest!" cried the boy, yet unable to contain his anger he kicked his chair and walked up stairs to his room. "Please, excuse me! I had it enough with this family!"

    A moment later the boy walked down from his room with a bag on his back. "Mother, Father, I have been wanting to tell you guys for a very long time, I wish to go on a journey." The boy looked at his mother and looked down, like if he was sorry and ashamed to abandon his family. The boy then walked out from his house and whispered to himself, "Well, it's not like you are going to say anything about my decision..."

    As the door closed behind the boy, the candle burned out its last flame.

    The moonlight shined through the window and started to illuminate the house with silence only to reveal a madness that resided in the boy's mind. There were two decapitated, and skinned body sitting on a dinner table with plateful of rotten food surrounding their head.

    On one chilly night, the Moon stood alone in starless night sky as the boy's devious laugh sang with the wind.

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    - Chaos
    - Attention
    - Death

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    - Disturbance
    - Hope
    - Arrogance

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    - Hope
    - Contingency
    - Memories

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    - To become the infamous mage.
    - To cause as much chaos as possible.
    - To entertain his mundane life.

    Hair: Grey
    Eyes: Grey
    Skin Tone: Grey
    Height: 5' 11
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Overall Appearances:


    Guild: None atm
    Guild Tattoo: N/A


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    Re: Elendil (WIP)

    Post by Selenia on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:19 pm

    Bump. If there is no reply to this in one week, app will be archived, thanks!

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