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    Joza [DONE]


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    Joza [DONE]

    Post by Joza on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:03 pm

    Chaotic Neutral

    Species Ability/Perk

    -Joza has been in many fights, and is able to recognize an opponent’s movement if she’s seen a similar style or fought that opponent before. This aids her in predicting her opponent’s moves.

    -Because of her physical combat history, Joza has higher than average defenses. (Not sure how a defensive buff scales to rank).

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Joza has multiple scars over her body from physical fights, though most are faded. She has a small ring piercing under her right eye.

    Character Depth

    A typical wild child, Joza is hot-headed, quick to anger and crass. She doesn’t like being restricted in any way or being told what to do, and often resists authority. Because of her brash and occasionally rude behavior, she has a tendency to cause trouble and pick fights if provoked (which isn’t that hard). As rash and prideful as she is, Joza typically won’t hesitate to stand up to bullies regardless of how strong they are, even if it means getting losing bady. She’s gotten into many fist fights over petty things, and will not hesitate to challenge someone if she doesn’t like what they’re doing. Depending on her mood, she might even stick up for strangers who are being harassed.

    Joza is generally friendly towards others who don’t get in her way, and is fiercely loyal to those who earn her respect. She likes to party and have a good time, and will often push others around her to do so, even if they express disinterest. She has a lot of energy and puts her all into anything she chooses to do, whether it be training to become stronger or reaching some other goal.

    Joza loves to fight, and her personality doesn’t change much outside of battle. Joza’s style of combat is very direct, but calculating. While she seemingly rushes into fights head-on, she is able to observe her opponent’s stature, posture and movements while fighting them and adjusts her style of combat accordingly. Despite her boisterous outward appearance, Joza is decently observant and is able to pick up on people’s physical and emotional cues fairly well.

    Deep down, Joza feels bad for the way she acts. Though her mother loved her, she always wanted Joza to be more reserved and lady-like. Because of Joza’s natural bold behavior, Joza and her mother often clashed a lot when she was growing up, leading Joza to leave her home. Joza knows that the ways she behaves hurts her mother, but she refuses to act like someone she is not.

    Joza’s absentee father was a criminal, but she never knew much about him. Her family refrains from mentioning him, and when they do it is always in a negative light. It is because of this that Joza believes that children should not be held accountable for the actions of their parents. She insists that everyone is born with a clean slate, and it is only your own actions that should reflect on you.


    -Fighting: Joza loves a good fight, even if she loses. She’s constantly trying to better herself in combat, so every fight counts!

    -Companionship: While she can sometimes be a lone wolf, Joza enjoys the companionship with other and will have a drink with just about anyone.

    -Dancing: Dancing has always been a favorite hobby of hers, and is a nice break from fighting.


    -Cheap Talk: Joza hates when someone tries to smack talk her. She views it as cowardly.

    -Rules: Joza doesn’t like following rules, and often challenges them if she feels as if they are unfair. However, her acceptance of rules and restrictions correlate directly with how much she respects the person making them.

    -Cowards: As hot-headed as she is, Joza takes responsibility for herself and her decisions. She hates people who blame others for their own mistakes or shortcomings.


    -Burn Out: Joza fears being disabled to the point where she would be unable to fight or move about freely.

    -Prisoner: One of Joza’s worst fears is being forced to live by someone else’s rules of which she did not consent to.

    -Losing Someone: Like most people, Joza fears the death of her loved ones and would do anything to prevent it.


    -Strength: Joza wants to gain enough strength to be respected as a mage, not thought of as a daughter of a criminal. She wants enough strength to be able to make a name for herself and stand on her own.

    -To Belong: Joza wants to find a place where she feels comfortable, whether she becomes a leader or a follower. She wouldn’t mind serving under someone if she respect and admires them greatly.

    -Free Spirit: Joza simply wants to live her life her own way, without feeling guilty for not fitting into her mother’s expectations.


    Jewelry Bonney-One Piece
    Hair: Pink
    Eyes: Violet
    Skin Tone: Medium fair
    Height: 5’8” (~172 cm)
    Weight: 135 lbs (~61 kg)


    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Tattoo: N/A


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    Re: Joza [DONE]

    Post by Genesis on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:30 pm

    Hi my name is Genesis and I will be grading your app today.

    About your first perk. It seems more like a flavor perk. How does it elaborate in aiding you if you seen a similar fighting style? Also please note, there are almost hundreds of fighting styles so its would most likely be impossible to see similar fighting styles twice.

    As for your second perk. We measure stats by tiers. For example if you were to buff your defense you would buff it up by one rank. Also this perk will need a duration and a cooldown.

    Although this is more of a suggestion but I recommend in your personallity for you to take out the bits and pieces about her past. This isn't necessary so you don't have to if you wish.

    Finally like the last one, this is a recommendation. It would be appreciated if you place your picture in a spoiler. Once again this isn't mandatory for you to do but rather a suggestion.

    Bump when edits have been made~

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    Re: Joza [DONE]

    Post by Selenia on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:21 pm

    Bump. If there is no reply to this in one week, app will be archived, thanks!

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    Re: Joza [DONE]

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