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    Flame God Slayer Magic [Complete]

    Malik Roberts

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    Flame God Slayer Magic [Complete]

    Post by Malik Roberts on Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:22 pm

    Flame God Slayer Magic
    Rank B
    Lost, Slayer
    Fairy Tail
    Malik J. Roberts

    Magic Description

    Malik uses Flame God Slayer Magic, a form of Caster, Lost, and God Slayer Magic that utilizes the element of fire. It incorporates this elemental force into his body, allowing him to produce black flames from any part of himself. They can be used for a variety of purposes, mostly offensive uses due to the immense destructive power they possess. These flames are the destructive aspect of fire. They are said to embody the natural force of destruction itself as they are capable of burning anything and everything to total and utter nothingness. The have all the strengths of natural fire, but none of their limitations. This means they cannot be extinguished by water, wind, and ice. Rather, one of the only known ways to put them out is through the user's sheer force of will. Malik is able to consume external sources of any type of fire, even the flames of a Fire Dragon in order to replenish his strength and enhance his already destructive power. He also possesses an immunity to fire and temperature, making him unaffected by fire, heat, cold and ice. This includes attacks ranging from these categories. Malik's aura also goes along with his fiery theme. When his power is exerted, it takes on the form of black flames, basically igniting himself. This can range from small black sparks to a fiery inferno.

    Perks of Magic

    - Fire Absorption: As a Flame God Slayer, Malik can eat any kind of flame to replenish his strength and empower himself. He can even devour the flames of a Fire Dragon and Fire Dragon Slayer. However, he cannot eat the flames of a Devil Slayer utilizing the same element as him.

    - Fire Manipulation: Malik's Flame God Slayer Magic allows him to generate and manipulate natural fire. He can control it in very basic ways such as creating fireballs to hurl at his enemies, project streams of flame, or ignite objects. He can manipulate preexisting flames such as those from candles, augmenting and shaping them in various ways. This is a secondary power to use when he desires something less destructive than his black flames. Still, this fire is lower in terms of raw destructive power as well as having the limitation of natural flames. As such, it can be extinguished by water, strong winds, and countered by ice.



    While his black flames are indeed powerful, they are also very dangerous. One mistake could be disastrous. If he were to lose control of this fire, it would rage out of control, hurting both his friends and enemies, indiscriminately. Also, as a Flame God Slayer, he cannot eat the flames he creates, including the those of a Flame Devil Slayer.


    As a God Slayer, Malik's physiology is supernatural, having the potential to reach that of a deity. His magic allows him to take on beings of transcendent level. His flames do not possess the limitations of ordinary fire. As such, his fire attacks are not weakened by water, ice, and wind. They also possess more power than even the flames of a Fire Dragon Slayer, being capable of destroying anything and everything to nothing. He can also eat those same flames along with any other to replenish his health and enhance his power. His magic grants him an advantage over ordinary fire, ice, wind, and water abilities. His body also possesses an immunity to extreme temperatures, making him unaffected heat, cold, and attacks stemming from said forces.



    Enjin no Jishinken

    Enjin no Uryou

    Enjin no Hoshi


    Enjin no Honryuu

    Enjin no Dogou


    Enjin no Haretsuen

    Name: Enjin no Jishinken (炎神の地震拳 Enjin no Jishinken literally meaning "Flame God's Quake Fist")

    Rank: D

    Type: Offense

    Range: Physical Contact

    Appearance: A fist or pairs of fists covered in black flames.

    Description: This is one of Malik's most basic attacks. It revolves around enhancing his physical strikes, in this case, punches, with his god flames to inflict greater damage. First, he clenches his hand into a fist. Next, he surrounds it in black flame. Then, he rushes towards his opponent and thrust it forward to land a powerful blow. He can perform this technique with both of his hands at the same time, making him more dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. When the flame-engulfed fists make contact, they release a small fiery shockwave, hence the spell's name. The attack inflicts D-Rank damage, while leaving minor burns on the opponent's body from where he had landed his strikes.

    Extra: None

    Name: Enjin no Uryou (炎神の雨量 Enjin no Uryou literally meaning "Flame God's Rainfall")

    Rank: D

    Type: Offense

    Range: 5-20 Feet

    Appearance: A stream of small spheres composed of black flames utilized as a shower of bullets. The width and height of the technique is six feet.

    Description: Malik holds out his open palm and concentrates his power at it's center, focusing in that point his dark fire. He then releases a stream of small spheres of black flames. He is capable of altering the direction of them as he is firing. This is an attack capable of inflicting D-Rank damage on numerous enemies at once, up to three, actually.

    Extra: These small spheres of black flame are capable of burning small holes in stone.

    Name: Enjin no Hoshi (炎神の星 Enjin no Hoshi literally meaning "Flame God's Star")

    Rank: D

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 10 Feet

    Appearance: A large sphere of black flames measuring two feet in width and height.

    Description: A rather simple attack derived from his earlier days in training. Malik holds his hands open and concentrates his dark flames into a single point, create a large sphere of his respective element. He then, hurls the ball of black flame at his opponent. This technique is capable of dealing moderate damage and second-degree burns to a D Ranked. For a C-Ranked enemy, this black flame sphere will only inflict minor burns and damage.

    Extra: This ball of god flames is strong enough to incinerate solid stone

    Name: Enjin no Honryuu (炎神の奔流 Enjin no Honryuu literally meaning "Flame God's Torrent")

    Rank: C

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 30 Feet

    Appearance: Appears as a stream of black fire that can be utilized on the ground or in mid-air. This same river of god flames is six feet in width and height.

    Description: This is a technique that can used in two different ways, depending on how decides to utilize it and where the enemy he is facing is positioned. One of the two is when Malik performs a swiping motion with his arm, ending with his hand facing in a desired direction. In the same moment, a torrent of god flames emerges from his feet and launches in the same path he had his hand facing. He can also raise up his open palm while the other grip his arm. He focuses his power within his hand and unleashes a stream of black fire. Regardless of which avenue it is used him, the technique inflicts moderate burns to opponents of C-Rank or lower. Enemies of a higher level are left with minor burns.

    Extra: None

    Name: Enjin no Dogou (炎神の怒号 Enjin no Dogou literally meaning "Flame God's Bellow")

    Rank: C

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 35 Feet

    Appearance: Can appear as a large beam or sphere of black flame. The beam of dark fire is ten feet in width, height, and can reach thirty-five feet in length. The sphere variation has the same dimensions.

    Description: The Flame God Slayer's signature "Bellow", incorporating the element of fire. Malik inhales a large amount of air into his lungs. Simultaneously, he gathers god flames into his mouth. When he is finished accumulating his respective element, he exhales it with great force. This attack of his can take on two form when fired at his opponents. One way is to simply unleashed his "God's Bellow" in the shape of a black fiery beam. He is capable of altering the trajectory of it by changing the angle of his head. This enables him to burn larger amount of foes. The second way is to fire his "God's Bellow" in the form of a large fireball. It lack versatility compared to the other way Malik executes his attack as he cannot alter it's trajectory as it is not connected to his mouth. No matter what form this spell takes, it inflicts moderate burns.

    Extra: This attack is able to incinerate stone and wood within the background, leaving nothing left of trees and rocks.

    Name: Enjin no Haretsuen (炎神の破裂炎 Enjin no Haretsuen literally meaning "Flame God's Explosive Blaze")

    Rank: B

    Type: Offensive

    Range: Close-Range

    Appearance: Be for releasing the attack, it takes on the shape of black spherically covering Malik's hand, which is clenched into a fist. When executed, it takes on the form of a large, black fiery explosion.

    Description: Malik clenches his hand into a fist and engulfs it in black flames. The said mass takes on a spherical appearance. He then, rushes to his opponent and thrusts it forth in a similar manner to a punch. When his flame-engulfed fist connects, it violently releases a great, black fiery explosion from where he made contact. This technique is powerful enough to inflict major burns and concussive-damage to someone of C-Rank level as well as propel the enemy away a distance of ten feet. For opponents of B-Rank, they are inflicted with moderate burns and blunt-damage.

    Extra: None

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    Malik Roberts

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    Re: Flame God Slayer Magic [Complete]

    Post by Malik Roberts on Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:02 pm

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