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    Ean's retirement address

    Ean Sableheart

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    Ean's retirement address

    Post by Ean Sableheart on Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:13 pm

    The priority of a developer’s job is absolute. Make the site fun. Make the site fair. In this endeavor I prioritize using a few rules as possible. Rules restrict what players can do. In a fantasy writing site, restricting the possibilities is an absolute failure on the staff’s part. Beyond the absolutely necessary, do not make systems. Making more than necessary stifles many creative possibilities and creativity is the reason we all enjoy doing this. Will there be people who try to abuse the system? Yes. Will there be people who show up only to power play and be a strong as possible? Yes again. I have already set up the standard for ranks which shall be outlined later in this essay.

    As head developer I mostly took a back seat to allow you guys to come up with whatever ideas you liked and try them out, many of which took the opportunity. This, again was to make this job fun for you guys and promote staff unity. All I did was say yes or no and why I said no. I found holes and told you to fill them.

    The one thing I’d suggest is not to go into the rpg video game world when making systems. We are not playing a video game we are being writers. Words over numbers. Did I use a lot of numbers in my systems? Yes I did. Did you ever see any numbers in public systems I made personally? Nope. Do the work as staff(even the algebra) so that nobody else has to(note I love quadratics for systems).

    Prioritizing a minimal amount of rules is also beneficial to staff, and not so you can be lazy Krow. Fewer rules makes things easy to follow and understand and easy to remember. Every staff member here is expected to know the rules up down left and right. Make it easy for you and don’t put arbitrary systems we don’t need. Throw one or two in for fun and to make the site original but that’s it and make them short and sweet (look at my bounty system).

    Events and the site plot
    As stated earlier and thousand times more before I’m done, this is a fantasy writing site. Every single player here is writing a story where their character is the main character. These stories intertwine with each other to create the sites plot. The short basic beginning is being/has been set. After that, stop doing stuff. Just give the players the freedom to do whatever they want within their power. Let Animus sin invade Sabertooth to try and kill Ean. Let the players go nuts. Don’t stop the site from changing beyond what you want it to. The players will make this site and its plot, not only will your events fail in all cases because of obnoxious planning and delays and anticipation wearing off, but this isn’t staffs site. It’s the players’ site. In the end, Bacon as a player has more authority then bacon as an owner. The players will make a plot on their own as they interweave their own personal stories together and they will create something far superior to anything you create as a staff.


    Time to talk about ranks. As I stated since the inception of this site I hold S-rank and higher in very high regard as a means of showing who are best rpers are. At a certain point, people need to have story, they need to show that story. If somebody wants S-rank, they need to present story worth reading. This looks to prevent mission spamming incredibly well and limit power play, because at the end of the day, that’s the goal. SS-rank requires more story than S-rank. Self explanatory. How you go setting this up is perfectly up to you guys.

    Now on to X-rank. X-rank is basically a completed character. A story of a great hero or villain completed and finished. There’s nothing left to really ‘do’ individually for an x-rank. X-rank is simple. You won the game (also why there are no numbers yet for x-rank).

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