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    Alverdines Gate part 1: A Mysterious woman

    Taichi Negeel

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    Alverdines Gate part 1: A Mysterious woman

    Post by Taichi Negeel on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:39 am

    Name of Job: Alverdines Gate part 1: A Mysterious woman.
    Rank of Job: D
    Repeatable: No
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Description: Fairy Tail has gotten word that a mysterious woman has taken residence in the far outskirts of the wilderness of Fiore. She lives in a small wooden house that appears to be assembled from branches and tree logs. There is a small and remote village nearby the outskirts of the wilderness, and its civilians are worried about this stranger. The civilians that have made contact with her were all misinformed about who she is and why she’s made a living in the wilderness by herself. This has added on to the uneasiness of the inhabitants so much that they donated jewels to the cause that is this job request.

    They want you to have her reveal truthful information about the following:
    Her name:
    Is she a mage:
    If so. What kind of magic does she use:
    Why does she live in the wilderness:
    What are her current goals:
    Is she a danger to the civilians of the nearby town:
    Why did she lie about who she is:
    Provide this information for the civilians without her finding out about the mission. They want to hear it in person, and then will hand over the reward of 2,500 jewels.

    Enemies: None. I would like to NPC the mysterious woman.

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