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    Burai Asuna (Done)


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    Burai Asuna (Done)

    Post by Burai on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:24 pm

    Burai Asuna
    March 3rd
    Rank D
    Neutral Good

    Species Ability/Perk

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Is there anything that stands out in your character? Scars, tattoos, etc.

    Character Depth
    Burai was raised by a group of Rose Vulcans. A female-only species of Vulcans inhabiting Rose Mountain. Vulcans are large  anthropomorphic monsters that resemble primates. This tribe of Vulcans settled in a remote part of the mountain, and were territorial. They attacked a group of merchants who were passing through. A family of three were the only survivors, A newly wed couple and their baby boy. The after the tribe ransacked the caravan, A few of them decided to play a game of cat and mouse with the family. And, stalked them mercilessly.  

    There was one Vulcan in particular that was amongst them who wasn't interested in the cruel game. She was more interested in the baby. She recently lost her daughter, she was killed by a mage. The grief stricken mother broke away from the pack. She kept her distance from the everyone, and watched the event from afar. The game itself lasted for hours, till the wife became exhausted. She staggered over to a nearby tree, and pressed her weight against it. Clutching on to her child, wheezing heavily. The husband couldn’t bare to see his wife in such a state. He decided to lead the Vulcans away, and give his family a chance to escape. He casually approached his wife, and  kissed the forehead of his son. Told him to become a fine man, and to look after his mother. He looked at his wife, and apologized for everything.

    She dismissed his apology and told him. He made her happy, and this family was everything she dreamed of. They embraced and shared a passionate kiss. The husband took his leave; dashing wildly through the forest, as his wife hid. The tribe of Vulcans took the bait and trailed after the man.

    Once everything was silent the mother climbed out of her hiding place. And, began to make her escape. Everything looked promising, there wasn’t a Vulcan in sight. She trotted through down the mountain side, and managed to find a road. That is when she heard her husband’s screams. His shouts echoed through the mountains. The sound gave birth to an unfathomable pain in the mother's chest. Reality sunk in and she began to sob uncontrollably. Grief took hold of her, and she was unable to move.

    The lone Vulcan watched the mother from a nearby bush curious. She was reminded of the death of her daughter. She snapped out of the daze and moved toward the mother. The two wouldn't survive if the human  just sat there crying. Furious, The Vulcan scooped up the sobbing mother. And fled to a nearby cave. The Vulcan paced back and forth in the cave, she couldn’t believe she just did that. It was a human who killed her daughter. And, she should let her tribe kill this family.  But every time she stared at the mother and infant, thoughts of her nurturing her daughter flooded her mind. The Vulcan quietly stared at the infant and the mother. She was envious of the mother. She wanted nothing more to hold her daughter again.

    The mother was cautious of the beast, its constant stares were nerve wrecking. But, the beast carried them here. Perhaps it didn’t mean them any harm? The mother wasn’t waiting to find out. She staggered to her feet and walked toward the entrance of the cave. Sounds of the other Vulcan could be heard off in the distance. She turned around to face her savior. She screamed again and began sobbing.  Bringing her child close to her chest. The Vulcan slowly approached the two, and wrapped its giant arms around them. The beast spoke briefly. “I lost family too.”

    The mother's eyes shot open, as the Vulcan hugged her and spoke. She leaned into the beast’s embrace and took a deep breath. She assumed there wasn’t going to be a way for her to escape, and if she were to die here.  She would die on her terms. She pleaded with the beast to possess her and protect her son, Burai. This way she would be able to be with her son, in spirit and watch over him.

    The Vulcan agreed, and told her That no harm would fall on the baby. The Vulcan possessed the mother and took the baby as her own. The Vulcan took the baby and walked out of the cave. She ventured out to meet her tribe and tell them what would become of the mother and the boy was coming home with her. A few other Vulcans hiss and snarled to show their disapproval.

    In the beginning the tribe wanted little to nothing to do with Burai, but their icy hearts began to melt as they interacted with the infant more and more. As months passed, the Vulcans became tolerant of the child. As he grew, and began to get more involved with the clan. Most refused to fully acknowledge him. Others considered him to be the ‘Black sheep,’ while some like his adopted mother grew attached and accepted him as their own. Though there were different opinions about the boy, the tribe managed to get along fine, without any major incidents concerning Burai

    When it came to raising the boy,  His adopted mother was extremely strict and harsh. Constantly reprimanded him, and forced him to study etiquette.  She came across a Gentleman’s magazine, it belonged to his actual mother. It had many pictures of men who were nicely dressed, and appeared to be dignified. And a guide on “How to be a gentleman.” throughout the years she would venture out and steal more of these types of magazines. To teach her ‘son’ more about being dignified and gallant. She wanted him to grow up and be poised and debonair like the men in these magazines.

    After years of this, Burai developed to be a distinguish young man. Completely chivalrous, and caring toward his clan. They treated him like a butler more than anything else. But it was his duty to perform the menial task they gave him. A gentleman of his caliber would do so, with grace and dignity. On his 18th birthday, the elder taught him how to use “Take Over” magic. This was how the Vulcan survived. And, now that he was an adult, he would have to learn how to fend for himself.

    The training took a turn for the worse, when a stray arrow pierced his elders chest. Burai looked toward where the arrow came from, and saw a hunter. He clenched his fist and prepared to lunge at the hunter. But, the elder grabbed his fist, told him no. Advised him to go warn the tribe. The Elder staggered to her feet, and swiftly lunged at the hunter. She knocked him over and began to pummel him into the ground.

    Burai took this moment to return to his tribe and warn the others. But, as be began his retreat the He was cut off my more humans. This time they were using magic. They told Burai to move, so they could have a clear shot at the beast. But, he wouldn’t allow it. How could he face his tribe, if they knew he abandoned their elder. Burai shook his head and snarled, the mages were surprised by this, and mocked him for acting like the Vulcans.

    One of the mages raised his hand and summoned a sword. He told Burai if he wanted to act like the vermin, he could die like them. The mage plunged his sword forward, as the sword pierced with the air toward Burai. The elder sprinted wildly at Burai, pushing him out of the way. In return, she was pierced by the sword. Burai hit the ground abruptly he watched, as he saw the mages. Brutally assault his elder. The Vulcan looked at the boy, and vanished. What was left was a wrinkle old woman. Burai let out a loud and hurt cry. The mage who stabbed the elder removed the sword and backhanded him.

    He slowly staggered to his feet, he couldn't understand how humans could be so cruel to his tribe. Burai glared at the man with hatred burning in his eyes. The mage mocked him again, stating that he wasn’t a Vulcan and that he was human. Burai shook his head and disbelief, and clinched his fist once more. He would show these humans, his strength; the strength of being a gentleman. As the mages and Burai stared down each other. A large figure appeared behind Burai, and glared down of his assailants.

    The mages withdrew momentarily and ordered the hunter to shoot the beast! The figure knelt down and picked up Burai and fled from the fight. While taking arrows, and spells to its torso. Burai recognized this scent. It was his mother, she took him to the cave where she possessed his biological mother. Before she could enter she collapsed.

    Burai panicked, he didn't know how to treat her wounds. He sat down next to her nudging her, trying to encourage her to move. He pulled the arrows out of her back and rolled her over. He moved toward her head and placed it on his lap. He caressed the top of her head loving. The Vulcan mustered all the strength she could, and told him how much she loved and cared for him. She also told him the truth about his family. Tears fell down the Vulcan’s face, she feared Burai would reject her in her final moments. He smiled gently at her, and lowered his head and kissed her forehead gently. He kindly told her she kept her promise, and that she was the best mother he could ask for. Burai buried his mother in that cave.

    First and foremost, there are only a few things Burai cares about. The most important thing in his life is his self image. He does everything in his power to be a gentleman on and off the battlefield. He well mannered, and 'Old fashioned.' The embodiment of gallant and chivalry. Because of this, he is vain. He must always look and act the part.

    He is an extrovert, always willing to try something new. He has a high self esteem, and self confidence. He is charismatic; will often try to spread his confidence onto others, especially if they are shy. But, on the flip side. He also tends to be disagreeable, neurotic, and conscientious. Burai is a narcissist at his core. Will judge everyone by their etiquette. He wants to experience the finer things in life, be it clothing, transportation, hair style, or his own posture. Even food needs to be of the highest standards. He is extremely loyal to his friends for anyone else to he deems worthy of respect. He'll go to extreme lengths to protect these individuals, even it it meant betraying his own allies. Burai will often refuse to do things, that goes against his own personal code. Whether it be to kill, follow a direct order from a subordinate. He is a Gentleman, and man of class and dignity. Asking him to break this covenant, is unforgivable. If he is forced to do so, he'll reluctantly carry the act, and do it as elegant as possible.

    Despite his flamboyant personality. He is still sensitive, kind and very sweet. He lets his emotion's rule him. "Passion is what drives a gentleman, and fuels their desires." He takes a lot of things personally, and is very bad with jokes. More often than not, he'll get defensive if he is being teased, especially if it's about his appearance. Tends to get serious about a few things, threats, fighting, battles, and his clothes. When he is faced with these "Altercations." He will try to retain his elegance. In the midst of battle, he'll be courteous to his enemies. Though this may not necessarily be the case. Especially if he is fighting someone who doesn't have morals, or care little about etiquette. Heaven forbid anyone ruin his clothes, or have a horrible taste in fashion.

    In battle, he'll usually take the direct path, or route. He hates cheating, or taking advantage of an opponent's weakness. Burai will gimp himself to keep things fair, if he finds himself ahead. Though there are exceptions, he'll quickly contradict this belief, if his comrade is in immediate danger, or if someone was in desperate need of his help. "Victory only comes when you are true to yourself, and you over come your obstacle with grace."

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    - Monsters/creatures: He adores most creatures, and monsters. If he had his choice he would rather surround himself with creatures instead of humans.

    - Vanity: He is obsessed with his appearance, and will try his best to look presentable at all times.

    - People who live by their code, or own morals: He feels as if these kind of people an connect and relate to him.

    - Compliments: He adores compliments, and can't get enough of them. This is the best way to gain his affection.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    - Humans: He has a strong disdain for humans, witnessing the destruction of his tribe traumatized him, and he is distrustful of most humans.

    - Touching: He can't fathom why humans always have to touch. He hates it with others touch him without permission.

    - Losing: He is a sore loser. Though being humble, and gracious in defeat is something a gentleman should be. He hasn't quite grasped the concept. The idea, of being defeated annoys him.

    - Messy: He dislikes being dirty, or in a dirty environment. 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'

    Fears: (3 minimum)

    - Lack of strength: He fears not being able to protect the ones he loves and cares about.

    - Not living up to his own standards: This has to be his worst fear, not being able to stay true to his own ideals or following his code.

    - Ugly: He fears of being unattractive, and becoming grotesque.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    - Opening his own etiquette school. He wants to execute this, because the people around the world, and those who he encounters are always so bland. They do not know the first thing about etiquette. If he possessed his own school, he could teach the future generations on "how to be ladies, and gentlemen."

    - Finding someone as refined, as himself. Ideally being the perfect gentleman, that he strives so hard to be. Is quite lonely, and difficult to do. If he could find someone, or thing that was equally graceful as he. He would give his life to preserve such beauty. The two of them would be an unstoppable duo.

    - Becoming an idol.  This is his private desire. He would never acknowledge it, but he would like to be revered, and worshipped as a public idol. Have millions praise and adore him for his fashion, his grace, his good looks, and personality. He believes he deserves it after all.

    Hair: white
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Tone:coffee with cream (light brown)
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 156lbs
    Overall Appearances:
    Casual everyday:

    Business/work attire:


    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Tattoo:

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    Re: Burai Asuna (Done)

    Post by Selenia on Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:56 pm

    Hello, my name's Selenia, and I'll be grading your app today~

    Everything looks good, just some minor changes.

    Please add some description to your goals. Why do you want to accomplish them? At least a sentence for each would be fine.

    Wanderers don't have guild marks, so you can just leave the location of the mark empty. You can change it later once you join a guild.

    Please make these edits and then bump to let me know, thanks!


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    Re: Burai Asuna (Done)

    Post by Burai on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:15 am

    Shameless bump. Hey Selenia! ~

    I added more detail to the gas. (Though its so horribly, and deliciously vain!) I also took care of the guild mark business!

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    Re: Burai Asuna (Done)

    Post by Selenia on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:41 am


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    Re: Burai Asuna (Done)

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