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    The challenges of Leo Mazumoto

    Leo Mazumoto

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    The challenges of Leo Mazumoto

    Post by Leo Mazumoto on Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:27 am

    It is entirely possible
    that in some cases
    darkness is created from the innocent.

    Billowing clouds of smoke gently ascended in to the sky, the wind carrying the weightless mass higher into the atmosphere before it dispersed. Screams echoed through the very same air, though these screams would be interrupted by spluttering from the vast amount of smoke that flew through the island. Such a chorus of screams and coughs, whimpers and retching, Children, women and men, equality had one out this day, for those whom were assaulting the island would not discriminate. Neither man woman nor child would escape with their life in tact. It was the job after all. Utter extermination. Every now and again the screams would get drowned out by the explosions. The powerful bursts of energy constantly reducing the number of voices that flowed to make the choir of pain and heart break. "Why...how could you be so heartless" an elderly woman cried out as she cradled the limp form of an infant. The young child could be no older than three, her face was somewhat un-recognisable due to the burns that tarnished it. You would think such a scene would bring some form of emotion, some form of guilt, some form of disgust in ones self. Alas as the breeze tried to eliminate the entirety of the smoke, the man responsible for these explosions would raise his hand before adjusting its position to be a single finger, pointing at the elderly girl. The eyes that were expressionless and emotionless when looking at the dead infant, at the crying old lady would change. They located the blond figure standing meters from him. These eyes that had taken so many lives would fill with love, fill with an undying need to do whatever this man wanted him to do with out question. This was love, this was true love. "This one as well darling?" the male would utter, the desperation for acknowledgement, for some form of sound, to hear the voice of his love was to strong. Alas he would not be rewarded with the seductive tones of what he thought was his very own soul mate. Instead a single bored nod would be all he received.

    Sadly for the old lady, this was enough for the mage to carry out the wishes of his lover. From the end of his pointing finger, magical power would converge, this magical power was that of the earth itself. Within a mere instant the power of the earth was released from his finger, sent in the direction of the old lady. A single curse escaped the elderly ladies mouth prior to the magical power striking her. Upon contact the power expanded outwards in to an explosion, smoke became present from were the elderly woman had been, not a single trace of her nor the infant she held would remain. "I grow tired of this now, watching you eradicate them was fun to begin with. we are leaving" the blond man would say. Like a lost puppy, the man whom wielded such explosive power followed, the survivors confused about this huddled together, crying for their lost loved ones but also to have been saved. The two mages would find themselves upon their ship. "Destroy this island" the blond mage would say. "Yes my love, right away" the explosive expert would utter. Standing in the water, still upon the island, this man would raise his hands slowly, as if lifting a great weight, his hands would slowly close in on themselves yet with great difficulty. Magic power poured from his very body as he manipulated the roots underneath, screams could be heard as the island began to literally crumble itself. Magical power set itself into the entirety of the root system, the time was set.

    Swaying within the water, the magical power drainage was vast, bark seemed to slowly form over his skin, forming and retracting with every breath. Focusing his power on halting this, the young mage would stumble forward. Heading face first towards the water. Though he would be pulled backwards, flying through the air held by a chain of pink energy. Eventually he would find himself back on the ship, his conciousness fading. He was in his lovers arms. The man held him, "Did I do good Zan?" he whispered. "You did excellent Leo" Zan would utter. Leo's eye's closed, exhaustion from the large scale attack would set in and he would be unable to fight it. As his eyes closed, the last thing he heard was the resulting explosion as the island was wiped from the face of the earth, the last thing he saw was the evil smile upon Zan's face.

    Sweat dripped down the entire body of the male, his black hair drenched in the salty liquid much like the entirety of his bedding. Tears drifted down his face. What was that, why did it feel so real? did he really do that? Was he the reason for so much death? so much destruction? did he really destroy an entire island? Flashes of faces, an elderly woman, a scarred dead kid, bodies upon bodies...it was too much, he couldn't stop himself from screaming. He screamed so loudly, his entire body shook, the hot sensation ran up his stomach and he could not halt himself from vomiting all over the floor beside his bed. He couldn't stop crying, he couldn't breath. His entire body was over heating, he was panicking. The door to the bedroom opened and Zan stood their. Leo's eyes moved to meet his. What he knew to be for the first time, love did not cloud his judgement, hatred, anger and loathing filled his entire being. "YOU" shouted Leo as he instinct took over. He moved, the covers thrown from him as he stood up on the bed. He moved his hand, ready to blast the man whom only hours ago he was killing for. "Enough, Leo. You have had a nightmare my love" Zan would say. That was all that was needed. All that Leo needed to hear. "Come to my room my love, you can not stay here" Zan would utter, though the tone in his voice was far from loving, yet all Leo could hear was that he was going to spend the night in his lovers room. Following Zan, his mind now blurred, his memories fuzzy, he would be put to bed. His arms wrapped around the man he loved. "Forget" Zan uttered as his hand touched Leo's forehead. It was all gone. The memories of what he had done. Leo touched the ring upon his finger, the only present Zan had ever given him, one he would cherish forever and never take off. He twiddled it gently before sleep took him. This time being with Zan, he dreamt about their wedding day.

    "I do apologize, if I had been strong enough, then Zan would never had been able to control another, especially not someone with a powerful Lost Magic like yourself?" The white haired man would utter. The white hair'd man was covered in wounds, blood trickled down his right arm. Alas Leo and Zan were fairing worse off, Leo was badly beaten, his nose was broken, his jaw dislocated and his right arm was broken. He was also sure that at least three of his ribs were broken. Zan wasn't as worse off. Leo had been using his own body to defend him when required. This white hair'd mage was strong, he had an unusual speed magic and had powerful Re-equip items. "What are you talking about? Leo spat out. He had been with Zan for three years, since he was fifteen years old, how could this man claim to be with Zan as well. Zan was only two years older than he was. "Ah, I forgot, your under his magical influence, he can make you forgot anything that will potentially make you un-love him. The fucking idiot forgets to do it though, that's how I know his true self, and I know how your magic works Zan, your finished" The white headed male would utter. A tree branch shot forth from Leo, yet the mage would easily avoid it and begin his charge. angered, Leo would summon tree after tree which would explode, it looked as though it hit, the mage made a noise that sounded as if it were expressing pain. But from the resulting smoke screen he short forth in an armour of black steel. Leo outstretched his hand to conjure an explosion. Yet the man was fast. The Re-Equip mage's sword moved, it sliced at Leo yet only one thing was cut. The ring upon his finger.

    "NOOOO" Zan shouted as he stood up, from his entire body creatures seemed to sliver out of him, "YOU FOOL, You know nothing, my magic is Love itself, with this magic anyone whom has even the hint of love in their hearts for me can be controlled, I can chain them to me with the chain of love, and after time I CAN ABSORB THEM IN TO ME AND USE THEM WHEN I WANT. True I need the ring to cement my bond on those whom are not fully mine, but these mages fell victim to my love years ago. You can not stop them" Zan shouted as if he had won. Leo had been silent, he was upon his knees listening. Three years of his life, three years gone, "But...what about without the ring...that was real right? that was...was love?" Leo asked softly, scared of the answer. "No you fool, I wanted your power, your lost magic, you have served me well, but now our link is severed, I can't control you any more, your useless to me" He said as he ordered one of his love slaves to attack. The resulting explosion that seemed to formulate from each slave would be simultaneous. "These poor people...were used by you...were used to do whatever you wanted, you used me...YOU TOOK MY LIFE FROM ME" Leo shouted as he charged, no magic was put in to his attack. He tackled Zan to the ground and began to pummel him. Anger took him, he blacked out and didn't stop hitting. Only when the memories flew back to him and the white haired man. Both men started to scream, holding their heads as the memories of forgotten deeds flew back in to their heads...all the people that they had killed, all the destruction they had caused. Leo was a vast murderer and he was only 18 years old.

    Passing out from the memories, over the next few weeks Leo would be arrested though he turned himself in, serving prison time was actually good for him. It turned out the white headed man was a member of the council and due to being in the same position understood what he was going through. The two would help each other through their grief at what they had done, though Leo could never fully forget. He was offered a rather nice deal, he could go to a rehab instead of prison and get mental help. Leo chose normal prison, though in the end requested a therapist. It was in prison that Leo realized he had a talent for singing. Over the next four years, Leo honed his vocal techniques.

    Gentle steps, more like shuffling steps were made by the male, he was given a comfortable stay over his four years in respects to other prisoners, Lincoln had seen to that, He had aged four years, now 22 years old. The mage had once more been able to find himself. It felt so long since he was himself. The first two years of prison were grief filled for Leo, trying to over come his demons, trying to overcome what he was forced to do. His therapist was a wonderful girl whom had great ability in terms of understanding such a fragile mind. She had really done wonders with Leo over the two years. She managed to halt him hurting himself within five months, and had him convinced that he wasn't a bad person regardless of what people would think. She really did see the best in him. Over his time in prison, their of course was those whom did not believe he was innocent. There were some of these people in prison, they assaulted the mage whom refused to fight back no matter what. Each strike was deserved, each strike was punishment for what he had allowed. He had not been in control this was too, But he had been to weak to fight against Zans control and thus had done the bidding of Animus Sin without any resistance. This was simply karma, and his body would endure.

    Doors opened, and soon Leo was face to face with the panel whom would judge him. Would they see his innocence, would they see that he was a mage whom had been used, or would they see that Leo was evil and have him locked away for good? The trial would begin. Leo would recount the exploits that would always remain his mind, alas during these exploits he would always tell his own emotions during, he would tell them how he acted during these terrorist attacks. Each recollection broke his heart in recounting. How could a magic exist that turned him immune to the pain he had caused. His breathing began to increase, panicking as he recounted the tails of the most recent exploits. The eruption of the island. He recounted screaming as he awoke, the magic lifted from him for a small time, yet Zan would regain his control. Eventually he got to the part about Lincoln and becoming free of the magic. Lincoln would speak next, igniting the tales of his own influence under Zan, it was intriguing to hear, the poor man had been in the same boat as Leo. It would turn out Zans magic allowed him to stay young, to never age. That was how he had so many love slaves. And how Lincoln was much older. Recalling Lincoln Leo knew what he had to face in the outside world. Lincoln had faced turmoil much like his own.

    Eventually the tales came to an end and the jury were left to decide. It took twenty minutes, those twenty minutes felt like forever. Though upon the jury coming back, Leo's body had numbed. What was going to happen. "We of the jury have decided, Leo Mazumoto, former member of the Dark Guild Animus Sin be given a pardon on all accounts. We find him not guilty" Leo had never been happier, he wanted to go home. He wanted to be free. "we have one condition, Leo must become a member of the Light Bringers Guild, we believe the influence of the light will help you on your way" the jury said.

    "I agree"


    Over the next three years, Leo had become a superstar, his vocal abilities had made him a stand out as well as his magical capabilities and good deeds done in the name of the light guild he had joined. Though of course there were those whom hated him from his past deeds and even though it was detailed why and how he had been used, many would not believe it. Leo on the other hand would know he had to do his best. At 26 years old the young mage was prepared for whatever life threw at him, or so he thought.

    Being famous for two things, being the lap dog and destroyer of islands for a Dark Guild, and then becoming a Superstar performer of the lightest guild around was something in deed. Many people had believed that Leo's innocence was just upon being welcomed in to the Light Guild, others did not. These innocent people were fine, but it was the Dark Guilds whom wished to bring Leo back, whom did not believe he was innocent. Whom thought the entire plan was concocted to get out of jail and infiltrate the Light Guild. How wrong they were right? Alas being a pop star meant easy access to the vicinities that the mage was in especially in terms of performances. Purchasing a ticket was all that was required.

    Up on stage, Leo was performing some songs, it was a small concert, an acoustic performance. The young mage prefered these, he felt it allowed more of a connection and emotional bond to his audience. Singing the song "Who Will I Be" the young mage would get to the middle of the song before he realized that they had been infiltrated. "Well well, Leo Mazumoto, they were right, you can sing. Alas we at the Demon Blade Guild want you for your power, for the man whom destroyed an island without any remorse. COME JOIN US JAJAJAJAAJA" one of the men said. The other four were now on stage, hands facing the crowd. Alas magic users were a pain and this put his fans in danger. "Then you have the wrong man, I have nothing but remorse for what i was forced in to in the past, if you want to talk more about this, then let my fans go, they have nothing to do with this" Leo would say, a worried eye would scan over the obviously frightened crowd. "Nah man, this crowd is annoying, lets blow em up like ya did that island. COME ON SHOW ME YOUR POWER" the boss man shouted.

    It was obvious that Leo was not going to be able to talk his way out of this one. Placing his guitar upon his seat, he would turn to his fans. "I do apologize. It would seem that I'm going to have to cut this concert short. If you would all make your way to the exit that would be lovely." Leo would say with a soft smile. "I told ya nah man, these fuckers are going up, do it boys" the boss said. Screams would erupt as the henchmen all laughed. These laughs would be wiped of their faces rather quickly though, for as they began to move, Leo gave a single snap of his fingers. This seemed to activate a spell in which tree's rapidly grew from the ground, intertwining themselves with the bodies of the henchmen effectively halting them from being able to move. The crowd cheered as all four henchmen were removed from the fray.

    Alas the boss was free, and a burst of fire erupted around him, aiming for the crowd. A single tree would grow to protect them. The mage whom wielded the Great Tree Arc magic would look to the boss "Listen here, you disgusting excuse for a mage, these people are fans of my music, not some sinister things i had been forced to do. YOU WILL NOT HURT THEM" Leo would utter as his hand shot forth, an explosion erupted from his hand and the boss was done for, the controlled explosion would cause minor damage to the area around but alas every guest was safe. Leo would grimace, he had rarely utilized his explosive based capabilities since his memories returned. He realized that they were part of him, but it would take time. He was twenty five when all this happened so hopefully by the next year he would have his control back. Yet though he had saved the crowd a few older people looked at him. "Its true....your a demon, the demon of the light guild, the evil demon who killed so many" the older people then backed away frightened. The remainder of the crowd were nice, they chanted Leo's name and demanded he finish the show. Thus when the cops came to apprehend the evil guild members, Leo would continue his show.

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