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    Haras Coldfyre(WIP)


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    Haras Coldfyre(WIP)

    Post by Haras on Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:07 pm

    Haras Coldfyre
    March 11th
    Chaotic Good

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Haras' blonde hair has white streaks in it, depending on how she brushes it or how much magic she is using these strands become more pronounced. Eyes glow icy blue when channeling magic.

    Character Depth
    Personality:  Haras is the kind of gal you may want to meet if you can handle how loud she can get. She can be reserved at times, but she forces herself to be outgoinging to be accepted by others. She is chatty, but more so enjoys others talking  

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    - Haras enjoys a bit of fun, mostly enjoying a few games of chance.
    -She loves being around various kinds of people and to learn about new things.
    -As a user of ice magic she loves to be chilly or to eat cold food.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    - Strict rules. Haras enjoys a bit of freedom and hates to be restricted by petty sounding rules.
    -Bullies. Though childish at it sounds, she just can't handle overbearing wannabe alpha types who push others around.
    - Heat. Spicy food or even hot food makes her uncomfortable as well as being in too tropical a climate.

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    - Bears. Haras has a striking memory of watching parents she never knew brutally mauled by bears as a mere infant. This has caused her to have an almost irrational fear of the animals to the very point that seeing teddy bears causes her to feel uncomfortable and panicky.
    -Loneliness. Being alone for a chunk of her childhood has caused Haras to be a bit more dependant on finding others to communicate/interact with. She can find time to be 'alone', but the thought of truly being alone breaks her heart.
    -Having to take a life of someone she knows. Sort of a romantic fear to have, but it is always something Haras has gnawing at the back of her mind as she tries to meet so many different kinds of people.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    -Adventure! Haras wants to spend her years on one adventure after another, with blaring music in her head and the swell of excitement in her chest. To see the highest mountains and the most crowded of cities.

    Hair: Blonde/white underlayer
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Pale peach
    Height: five feet eight inches
    Weight: 123 pounds
    Overall Appearances:


    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Guild Tattoo: back of right hand colored navy.


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    Re: Haras Coldfyre(WIP)

    Post by Selenia on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:20 pm

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