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    [P/Norou] Dark Encounters: Shattered Memories


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    [P/Norou] Dark Encounters: Shattered Memories  Empty [P/Norou] Dark Encounters: Shattered Memories

    Post by Kitten on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:25 am

    WAR. Above the havoc of war stood a lone figure dressed in pure ebony black. The figure was deathly still as if an apparition of sorts, watching the ongoing battle going down below her feet. A gentle breeze blew about which brought the only movement that the lone figure appeared to have. As the breeze continued to swirl on and about, the pure black dress along with the figure’s dark ebony hair swayed alongside the wind although the woman herself did not appear to move. As if the heavens were on her side, the sun had began to set which emphasized the situation at hand beautifully. Even the poets and writers themselves could not have thought of a better scenario than the one presented to them now. Throughout the course of the nature's promise of a brighter outcome, the flames beneath the figure's feet etched in with the songs of that of chaos which erupted from within the once wondrous and peaceful city of Rose. After all, legions had gathered to destroy the fabled city to the ground. A smirk appeared across the woman’s face. The blazing flames of crimson danced within the cold, redwood colored eyes of the figure as a crazed grin etched across her rosen lips. The star upon her left eye shone and gleamed under the light of the destruction that laid course before her very eyes.

    The smell of the gray clouds of smoke mixed into the air beautifully as chaos reigned supreme. As if it weren’t enough, the screams of terror became one with the skies as destruction rained upon the civilians running for their lives. It was endless stream chaos and of destruction. To say the least, it was a symphony comprised of the hundreds of lives taken to further the goals of the dark guilds. To be precise, to further the aim and power of the guild known as Animus Sin. The woman then turned her gaze towards the left from her perch upon the mountainous rock that lay just above the crumbling city. From there, her eyes focused down upon the black haired Guild Master of Behemoth. Her lips curled up to the of a toothy smirk, her fangs glimmering under the setting sun. Luck had surely been in her side to gather such an important ally such as he. His movements were surely fluid as well as well thought out as he went up against the mages of the Blue Pegasus  guild. Pity he would die that very day. Her gaze then consciously moved towards Tartaros who was battling it out on her right. The woman whom had proclaimed herself Guild Master of the destructive guild amused the vampiress. The death of the previous master had surely turned heads although the truth had been suspected. Nevertheless, they were crucial to the offensive part of the plan. They had finished off with Era earlier that day. Now, they were needed to destroy the biggest prison of Fiore hence their contract. No matter. She had more pressing matters to attend to.

    The womanly figure stretched out her right hand, firm. The time had come. Finally, it was time to truly show the world what Nox Animus was truly made of. "COMMANDERS!" The woman yelled. Immediately, the soldiers of Animus Sin stood at attention from behind their Guild Master. Tension and anxiety began to rise. She couldn't blame them after all. They had been forbidden to enter combat and forced to hide until the time that the half blood had deemed fit. "ON MY MARK!" The woman's hand rose towards the heavens, unwavering. It was a command and- "POWER TROOPS, GO!" The command would be law. From there and almost immediately, the soldiers of Nox ran towards battle from behind her. Their battle cries mixed in with the sounds of battle causing much confusion towards the unexpecting forces of 'good' that had gathered to fight off the 'dark' guilds. It was their advantage. As they ran, they broke into two sections, left and right, leaving the Animus Sin's Guild Master in the middle. She was the pillar they would open way to. For she was none other than Natalia d'Blakc. The half huntress’s hand would rise yet again as she would deploy the second wave. Yet her command was cut short when a presence crept up besides her. A single word to throw her thoughts in disarray. A name "Elizabethhhh..." The name forbidden to be mentioned in Natalia's presence.

    The huntress turned to look towards the woman who had spoken to her in rage. It took all she could not to blare her fangs at the green haired woman besides her. If she had, it would had destroyed everything she had worked so hard to conceal. That she, the black haired woman and Guild Master of Animus Sin, and Elizabeth, the red haired vampiress and Ace of Animus Sin were one and the same. "Sssspecial Forces have found, him." Natalia stopped short. "They found him? Where?" The green haired woman simply stared in a cold, blank stare at the woman before responding. "Assss you predicted and although written under a false location in Crocus, he was found within Rosssse Garden." The vampiress frowned in thought. She had assumed it so, but what would be her next move? Behemoth and Tartaros were dealing with the light Guilds who had submerged. Would she dare leave the battle as such when it was crucial she be there to see it through the end. "If I may, it would be wise to travel to the location alone. I will accompany you of courssse, Elizabeth." Natalia looked at Clarisse, host of the serpentine god of chaos and destruction, with a raised brow. Only she would dare to speak the the Guild Master in such a way. Yet, it was the most prized possession of the cards Natalia held. An asset of great importance. After all, if ordered to die, Clarisse would do so without a doubt from Natalia’s command. The vampiress smiled in thought. The serpentine was not at all wrong with her plan.

    Yet, one thing angered the vampiress. It was not the plan itself, but the name in which the serpent had dared to address her. "Clarisse, be glad that you are my sister or I would have had your head long ago." Clarisse smirked at Natalia's comment as she gave a bow causing the vampiress to shoot her a venomous glare. She would address the matter later for, as of now, her mind was occupied with the possibilities of finding him. Was it a wise choice? Perhaps not. Would she still go through with releasing the legendary mage of chaos? Yes. Natalia's eyes scanned her army before placing them on one of her most trusted squadron troop leader. ”You,” The young man stood at attention. ”You will lead the rest of the troops in my place as initially planned out.” Natalia then snapped her fingers and Clarisse stood immediately at her side. It was as things should be even if rebellion was clearly shining within Clarisse's bright emerald eyes. Regardless, Natalia took one glance back at the battle before swiftly turning her back towards it. As she walked, her head barely turned as she said something with great certainty towards that whom had been placed as head of the military. ”One wrong move, commander, and you will pay with your life.” With those words, Master and pet disappeared leaving the war to the fates of destiny.

    ~Fast Forward~

    Blood. Rivers of flowing crimson ran through the floors of the prison as the bodies of the Rune Knights laid scattered upon its rich and thick substance. The vampiress's eyes grew crazed and wide as her fangs became visible. A laugh erupted from the woman's lips as more Knights ran into the room. "Come!" The red haired beauty called out above the wail of the sirens towards them in glee. "Come and obtain the same fate as them!" The vampiress's laugh calmed yet the wild gleam within her eyes did not pass. Large amounts of blood had fallen and she would feast. It was then that she was recognized. "Kitty Pryde of Animus Sin! Capture her!" Heh, about time, the woman grinned in thought. The team of Rune Knights rapidly rushed towards the vampiress in both fear and ruthless determination. "Now, let the game begin!" The vampiress laughed before rushing straight towards the men. They would fall and she would feast in their blood. It was as it should be after all. For no one stood up against her.

    Meanwhile, Clarisse made her way through the long passage ways of the prison. She had split from Natalia earlier on to cover more ground. She could only hope that the Guild Master of Sin could stand her own. The serpentine gave a light chuckle at the thought. She knew the vampiress could and would. There was no doubt in that and therefore no need to worry so mindlessly. The vampiress hissed as she turned sharply  towards the left hallway just as Knights ran from the right. If only the two had not activated the alarm system. It was truly surprising that they had been as careless to do as such, yet there was no going back. They needed to make haste and retreat with what they had come to obtain. Clarisse smiled as her mind made some quick calculations. It truly was a great help that the battle had taken place within Rose Garden. It had taken care of more than half of the Knights. Now, to deal with the rest.

    Death. The arms of Death were as welcoming as it had always been as it claimed the lives of the Rune Knights whom had tried to capture the demoness known as Kitten. The woman truly lived up to her name. After all, she had earned the name of the Devil's Pryde for that sole reason -the claiming of lives for blood. There was no doubt that the Ace of Animus Sin was as the stories foretold. Even if those who dared almost never returned to tell the tales of what truly happened. The red haired woman grinned a toothy grin as she licked the blood that tricked down her lips. She had feasted a feast fit for Kings yet she needed to get on ahead. After all, she had lost precious moments and strayed from her current objective. Too caught up, she had been, with the blood that had poured. Kitty dropped the man to the ground without a spare glance as she walked towards the doorway of the second entrance way of the prison. Her heart clenched yet she did her best not to pay it any mind. She had taken care of most of the guards and now rest laid upon the serpentine's hands.

    Clarisse sighed as she silently and stealthly maneuvered her way through the winding halls of the prison. Her viper's radar ability had surely been an asset and of great use but it was definitely a good thing that she had memorized the old layout of the prison before their little redecoration . It was better than nothing for, after all, it did the job without delay. Still, she was surprised that it was not as well gaurded as she had thought. Still, one could simply blame it on the battlefield that had taken siege within the Garden of Rose. It took a while before Clarisse found the empty control room and immediately began to take note of where the prisoners were as well as where the Guild Master of Nox was. Clarisse smiled amusedly as the disaster Elizabeth had caused. It undoubtly appeared that things had gotten out of hand as the places Elizabeth had evidently been were covered in crimson. The green haired woman grinned. She had known a similiar situation would have happened sooner or later. Yet, never had she imagined it that such an extent. Clarisse stretched in mild humor. Now, to the check point.

    Short time had passed when the young women found each other in the midst of the blood painted walls of the prison's main hall. With a nod between themselves, Clarisse walked faster and made way towards the staircases that would lead them to the cells. Kitten followed close behind. The trek there was silent and grave as well as full of tension with thoughts of the possible outcomes. They had both heard rumors of the prisoner theybwere about to free yet never knew if they were true. After all, stories and legends did tend to run wild through the craftmanship of poets and writers. Natalia sighed. To risk lives just for one man was a serious gamble. Thus, the vampiress could only hope she hit the jackpot. "This way, floor number fourthhhh." Clarisse said silently followed by a grave silence. "The entire floor is his?" The vampiress asked somewhat impressed. Clarisse nodded as she slowed for the red haired form of the Guild Master to pass, passing a keychain full of keys as she did so. The suspense was high and Clarisse could not help but shiver. This would surely mark the end of the world as they knew it. She could feel it.

    Natalia led the way towards the fourth level and last division of the cell. She truly did not know what to expect, but it caught her off guard to what she would see next. As the clicking of her heels echoed through the shadow covered hall, she slowed her pace to observe. It was empty as far as she could see but something felt off. Still, she continued her pace until finally emerging from the shadows to a dimly lit section of the prison, the keys jingling as she came to an abrupt pause. Her eyes briefly widened in both awe and complete surprise from the sight she saw before her before gaining her composure back again. Something... No, a man was knelt before her covered in thick chains. His arms and legs were covered in the heavy metals, tying the man down to the ground. His head hung low which made the vampiress wonder if he had died. It took her a few seconds more to realize the movement on his chest to know that he was still breathing. Natalia neared him, kneeling before him as she held up a key. "Kitty Pryde." Elizabeth said in introduction. "I mean you no harm." She turned back to look at Clarisse only to see her keeping watch. The vampiress licked her lips as she turned back to look at the man. "You must be Norou." The chains loosened. With that, their fate was sealed.

    I'll be treating my alt Clarisse as a companion. Hope that doesn't cause a problem ^^;

    [P/Norou] Dark Encounters: Shattered Memories  KtysIfY
    Norou Shikage
    Norou Shikage

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    Post by Norou Shikage on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:42 pm

    Being locked in a magical cell designed to sustain life without food or water, leaving one in complete isolation for the duration of their sentence can really take an effect on someone’s mind though this particular individual could not be corrupted any further than he already had been.  Peering past the chains which shackled Norou to the ground, into his mind to see what was going on would be a bad choice for anyone as it would leave them deeply disturbed beyond return but this was normal for the self proclaimed King of the dark mages.  Fear and sadness were things that were driven out of him at a very young age, as he had become the vessel of Ouroboros around the time he was only four years old and since that time, he only became more and more corrupt.  Surrounded by the darkness, a young child sat on the ground by himself, all alone in the jet-black abyss.  He appeared to be crying though from a glance the only thing one could possibly tell what would be wrong is that he was either afraid of the dark or that he was all alone.  Another figured approached from out of the darkness, its silhouette could be made out, but there were no features other than piercing red eyes, which looked down upon the little boy whom also happened to have the same color eyes and jet-black hair, blending in with the darkness.  As the figure walked across the darkness it seemed as if it were made of liquid, causing ripples upon every step, the closer the figure got the harder the child seemed to scream and cry as it crawled backwards away from the figure, protesting its approach at the top of his lungs.  The figure simply put an obsidian finger to its lips and let out a small noise, “Shhh…”, it attempted to hush the boy regardless of whether it cared if the boy stopped crying or not.  Within moment the figure stood at the boys feed as it knelt down beside him.  The figure then grabbed a hand full of the boy’s hair and forced him to look towards the ground, as a puddle of darkness seemed to spread apart, opening a mirror like surface that quickly began to show a scene developing.

    The boy began to scream again, “NO!  NO PLEASE!  I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT!” he protested and struggled against the figured grip though the figure was far too strong for the boy to break free.  The scene that played before them seemed to feature the young boy himself, all alone in the forest during the day.  He was holding a stick pretending for fight imaginary enemies, swinging it around as if it were a blade, the boy appeared to be having fun despite being all alone but suddenly the sound of rustling brush startles the boy and interrupted his session of imaginary fighting, causing him to look to his left towards a much deeper part of the forest where the trees became very thick and dense, blocking out almost all of the sunlight with its thick canopy.  Instantly the boy became curious of what it was despite the looming darkness before him, at this age he was too naive to understand what would become of him as it would happen one way or another, it was his fate…his very destiny that had been calling him into a deeper darkness. Turning his head in the direction of the noise he had looked just fast enough to catch a quick glimpse of the tip of what seemed to be a tail of some sort. The boy made a confused face for a second before shrugging and skipping off in the direction, dropping his stick where he stood, being far to curious as to what it was that he had just seen and much less interested in invisible enemies. He first reached the brush where the noise had initially been made, searching through its leaves and roots he found nothing but then another rustling sound further into the darkness caught his attention once more as he once again caught a glimpse of what he could now for sure say was the tail of some pure white creature that seemed to sliver upon the ground.

    “W-wait for me!” the young boy called out in a vain attempt to communicate with the animal as it continued into the darker depths of the forest.  The animal came out of the next patch of brush, revealing itself to be none other than a white snake though the boy had never seen a snake before, at least not this close. He was fascinated by the way it slithered upon the ground with great speed, the boy couldn’t have hoped to catch it if it came down to a match of speed but he chased after it anyway, following it blinding into the darkness. After a few minutes of chasing this snake further and further into the forest he found himself at a point where he realized that not only had it been extremely dark now but looking up, he could not see any light at all above him as the trees had completely sealed off any hope of light peaking through, suffocating the forest in almost complete and total darkness. The boy could hardly see now, looking around to try to take in his surroundings and find the creature that he had been following, all he had wanted to do was observe it and know more about it, needless to say he was intoxicatingly curious about it.

    The boy that had been watching himself through a pool in the darkness screamed out again at the figured that had gripped him by the hair and forced him to watch himself spoke out once again, “Don’t show me this! I don’t want to see this ever again! Please someone help me!” as the boy cried uncontrollably.  For the first time the figure spoke, it’s tone was icy cold, sending shivers down the spine of the boy. “You must watch, it is your fate but you must know this by now, how do you think we got here…little Norou.” The voice said with a little chuckle at the end as its voice trailed off into the darkness as it gripped the boys hair tighter, showing no mercy for the boys current condition as he was forced to watch more.

    The boy in the forest, a past image of Norou continued to look around in the darkness that he had found himself in, it took a few moments but his eyes slowly adjusted to that very darkness just as his soul would one day adjust to the darkness as well. They boy could now see that this snake had positioned itself in the mouth of a cave looking back at the boy as if it were aware that the boy had been following him the whole time as and In fact wanted the boy to follow. The snake flicked its tongue out as it looked back at the boy before slithering on down into the cave. The boy slowly approached the mouth of the cave, placing his hands on the rock wall to the left, feeling his way into it as he was entering complete darkness now. “W-wait snake! I can’t see anything!” the boy called out, his voice echoing deep into the cave as it reverberated off the walls. The boy continued to use his hands to feel his way into the cave as his eyes would no longer help him, not in this darkness.

    It was a few moments later than something happened that terrified the boy but also intrigued him to the point where not even fear could cause him to turn back. Echoing up from the belly of the cave a sound came, a small hissing voice which was very hard to hear until the sound had reverberated up to where he had been in the cave. When the voice reached him, it seemed as if the sound was coming from all around him and inside of him.  “Soon boy, soon you will be able to see through this darkness.”  Sheepishly the boy replied to the darkness, “O-okay but I’m scared, if you be my friend I wouldn’t be so afraid right now.”  Suddenly the cave seemed to shave a bit as a gigantic laugh echoed through the walls of the cave.  “Do not fear child, I am already your friend as you are mine.”  This made the boy smile despite how weary he felt about it, he now felt as if he had a friend in the cave as well so he didn’t feel so alone and trapped in the darkness. He pressed on without fear now, putting a sheepish smile on his face as he did so.

    He was no starting to reach a deeper part of the cave which seemed to be dimly light now instead of completely black, he could make out the silhouette of everything though he could not make out colors or exact details of objects, he could tell what was the floor, the ceiling and the walls, enough for him to be able to walk further into the cave without having to hold onto the wall. The boy walked for a few more minutes before reaching a dead-end in the cave though he was happy because at the end of this cave was the snake, curled into a ball on the floor with its face towards the boy with its tongue out, licking the air as it could sense the boy was finally exactly where he wanted him, far, far away from the light.  “Come closer boy…”  The snakes voice seemed to not come from the snake itself but everywhere. Young Norou got down on his hands and knees as he crawled towards the snake, coming right up to it, face to face with the beast. Norou looked at the snake curiously, now able to see the snake in full detail, it’s pure white scales, it’s red beady eyes which peered at him and its forked tongue which flicked in the air. Shakily he reached a hand out towards it, slowly but surely, he placed a finger on its scaly forehead before rubbing his finger up and down as if he was petting the creature.

    Suddenly the snake started to grow many more times its size until it had been the size of a full grown python as it quickly wrapped itself around the boy’s body, biting him on the shoulder and holding onto him tightly. It hadn’t been the bite that hurt so much as the poison which now began to run all throughout his body. It took a moment for the boy to feel  anything because it felt as if his body was paralyzed completely but then it hit him. The pain was unlike anything any person could fathom, starting with the feeling of every vein in one’s body burning, blood boiling, tearing apart, nerves exploding. The boys eyes went wide for a moment and suddenly he let out a shriek which shook the entire cave, it was a cry that not even agony would be adequate to describe and death would have been far to generous, no, this poison was not meant to kill but to bring one into a type of pain that could never be recreated through the rest of their entire life.

    Suddenly the dark figure which forced the boy to watch this flashback of himself being poisoned by this snake which had grown into a much larger one became visible to the boy, it was himself at a much older age. The older Norou had a devious smirk on his face as his red eyes glared down into the younger version of his own eyes. Norou let the younger ones hair go as he wrapped his hands around the younger ones throat, slowly suffocating the young boy until his eyes rolled into the back of his head and passed out, presumably dying. The Norou that was left quickly looked over his shoulder as a sound could be heard, resounding through this internal darkness, “Interesting…” He spoke before coming back out to his external self.

    Norou found himself on his knees, arms behind his back and upwards as they were wrapped in several chains which were attached to the ceiling, opening his eyes he could only see a dark before him. His thermal vision allowed him to look past this however, seeing through the entire prison as he could tell that there was something going on, something that would play to his favor and fortune. He could see splatter of blood fly upon walls, bodies dropping and a small group slowly descending the prison, seemingly towards him. Could it be? Could someone be coming to free him from his life-time sentence for slaughtering thousands of people mercilessly, what sort of god would look upon him, an emissary of darkness and show him mercy, freeing him upon the world once more? Surely he was at a point of slight confusion but the thought of being free once more from his own internal struggles and darkness riled him up, he hadn’t felt excitement in several years not had he seen another person in the same amount of time. Thoughts began to race into his head about what the world was like at this very moment, how the surface looked and most importantly, what was going on. He became so excited that be began to laugh though this was no normal laugh, it was deep and rather dark and most certainly uncontrollable, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing as a matter of fact. Bliss filling the body of something like himself was certainly something that would not be good for humanity or even the world, what he was would be considered inhuman and maybe even disgusting to others but he loved every single moment of it and that would be an immediate cause for concern. His eyes were now fixed upon the door to his cell as he could see two figures at the gate to hell, the only thing separating them was a magical seal that could only be unlocked by the key of which he could hear jingling on the other side, still laughing.

    Suddenly the door to his cell was open as he looked upon two females, one standing in the front with red hair and another with green. As they entered, his laughing subsided as his red eyes were fixed upon the eyes of the one with red hair, his gaze seeming to darken the very room as he waited to speak. The one he had been looking at approached him and spoke her name, assuring him that she meant him no harm and even knew who he was, this only slightly surprised him because he thought that on the surface he probably was long forgotten as he was locked away in the deepest depths and considered that the key might have even been thrown away. His chains loosened around his arms and suddenly his arms were free, hands slamming onto the ground before him as he looked up at the girl before slowly getting to his feet as he hadn’t been able to stand in a few years. He rose to his full height of six feet and two inches tall, towering over the shorter females, his jet black hair which had grown a bit since he was locked up was in his face, covering his right eye as he pushed it aside, gripping each of his wrists one after the other. “I am the one they call Norou. Why have you come to my personal hell, all the way down here?”

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