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    Trial by Water WIP


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    Trial by Water WIP

    Post by Goshiki on Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:09 am

    Light shined down from above and a warmness touched his face, yet there was also something wet dripping down from his lip. His eyes opened slowly, quickly covering them with his hand to shield them from the glaring sun. With his other hand, he wiped his lip, it was drool. Goshiki sat up with a lazy frown on his face as a large gust of wind kicked up, blowing his hair back and sending a chill through his body. He rubbed his eyes and looked around, the sun was setting and it was getting colder. With a yawn and a stretch, he jumped up and lazily started walking. He had fallen asleep in an empty field of grass, with a large flat rock placed directly in the center. This was the location that he had deemed worthy to get black out drunk at for the day and as always ended up sleeping the day away. This was the single thing that occupied Goshiki's schedule every single day, without fail. Walk out of town, find somewhere comfortable, drink and fall asleep, then walk back into town. It may seem sad but this actually made him happy, it was something that kept him stress-free, which is all he needed right now. As he walked down the trail into town, his eyes locked on to three strangers that were walking toward him, all holding weapons and looking sinister. Their laughing stopped when they saw him and their faces turned to disgust and hatred. One of them slammed into his shoulder as the words, "Abomination" came out of his mouth. Goshiki could feel their intent, that bump on the shoulder wasn't going to be the end of it.

    In an attempt to avoid any trouble, Goshiki let the force from the bump send him falling to the ground, where he rolled and landed straight on his rear. A string of drunk slurs poured out of his mouth and the three bursted into laughter yet again, turning around and continuing down the trail while shouting the words "drunk loser". Goshiki sat in the dirt with a large smirk on his face, knowing that his planned worked and the three would carry on all the more ignorant. After finally arriving in town, Goshiki smiled at all the people going shopping. He really did enjoy seeing the night life, but afternoons had always been his favorite. He poked his head into a small dumpling restaurant, where the owner greeted him with a stern frown.

    "Hiyo! How business today, Kenji?", he took a seat and smiled, grabbing a pair of chopsticks. "You got drunk again today, didn't you Goshiki! When are you actually going to go out and make something of yourself?", Kenji yelled at him while throwing some dumplings onto the pan. Goshiki frowned, looking down at the bar. "I don't know why you expect so much of me, Kenji. Doing this makes me happy, what's so wrong with that?" Kenji finished cooking and set down a plat of dumplings in front of him. "What's wrong with it is that you can't keep free-loading off of me forever! Besides, you're my best friend. I'm worried about your health with you drinking the way you are." Goshiki sat and enjoyed his dinner, sitting in silence with Kenji. To be honest, he didn't realize how long he had been sitting without talking, he had a bad habit of getting lost in Kenji's cooking. He looked up at Kenji, "You don't have to worry about me, Kenji. I'm strong, after all! If anything, I'm worried about you. There's been a lot more bandits popping around this area lately; That's why I leave my sword with you." Kenji chuckled, "I can't even lift your sword, shiki! That won't do me any good. Anyway, when you're finished go on upstairs and I'll close up."

    Goshiki cleaned his plate off and went up to the apartment directly above the restaurant,

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