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    Get Roasted! [Forum Game]


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    Get Roasted! [Forum Game]

    Post by Genesis on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:24 pm

    So the name is self explanatory. You post in here, you're gonna get roasted. Please note, this is all for fun and not for real. If you are sensitive I highly recommend you not post in here, you will with no doubt be made fun of. Now will all disclaimers out of the way, let me explain a few rules.

    1. Your roasts either can be max 3 sentences or at most 50 characters or a picture if you'd like
    2. You cannot roast yourself (of course)
    3. If you are staff do not edit the burn, it ruins the purpose of the game

    I'll be the first to be roasted. Hit me with your best shot~

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