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    The Journey to Enlightenment


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    The Journey to Enlightenment

    Post by Eiyū on Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:52 pm

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    The Journey to Enlightenment

    As the ashes and decayed lands would slowly be lifted from their resting a smirk would befall upon the face of the man known by many names but one that rang throughout the lands the King of  Heroes, honestly it was a rather interesting title that had befallen him from his rather innocent days as he would have driven into the core of the people that he was a man of balanced and order which still remains true however, the case has slightly shifted as the building blocks of power are swiftly beginning to sway within the hands of the light over casting the darkness that dwells within this mysterious and ever evolving world…  Though truly this shall not be the tale of the downfall of these simple minded individuals as they would sit upon their high horses seemingly fearing nothing not even death itself  therefore, it had become clear that it was time to visit the ancient ones yet again and become something for these light hearted masses to once again fear and understand that through this life you are given emotions for a reason and fear is something to not be suppressed but rather respected and admired for without fear you trouble your mind with becoming arrogant allowing for easy flaws to be exploited and weaknesses you felt buried completely to once again arise to the light.

    Thus he would begin his journey once again however, this time not searching for a home but rather to find the teacher he once forsaken on his path to balance as to not have too much corruption with the world but the time has come for this corruption to finally set root within the world and once again shape it into world of balance even if it first needs to be plunged into deep chaos… So as he would wander the world once again he would slow begin to find himself finding the signs of not only one but two deities that had once approached him one being the devil known for poison and having that an image of ten head known as ravana and the other being that of the shadowy devil that never leaves the shadows unless to reclaim the fallen soul and power of the people he once blessed but rather should be say have cursed and that would simply be kage… Though both of these deities would once again be reaching out toward the man the instinct that he would have found himself going with would have been ravana that a kin to the goddess of destruction  and with that intertwined within his soul giving his magic not only that of just a  toxic and lethal nature but rather also one of decay and destruction, this was what truly intrigued the man as he would once again get further and further toward his final meeting with this being,  therefore, as he would have finally found the resting place of the deity he would have gather what he would have believed to be necessary for his survival for whatever trail that this being would have put him through, hence as he would arrive within a rather desolate patching of wilderness far from society he would have felt it the heavy and overwhelming presence of that being who once looked toward him to carry his power was now seemingly watching over him for a display of power to prove himself yet still worthy for the bless (curse) of that he could be bestowed with the power  of poison…

    Therefore, as he could feel the pressing energy around him growing and as he would begin to see the land being to decay and become poisoned before his very eyed he had to think swiftly otherwise he would easily be killed by this air, this aura, this atmosphere of pure decay and desolation from the poison of which the being was releasing around them… what was he to do truly within moments he would become one eaten with the land he was now standing upon however, was this truly a test of power or that a test of demeanor and stature? Truly would he honestly get rid of this man simply because of an age old rejection that truly had nothing to do with the present and wouldn’t truly stop him within the moments… no surely not therefore, the man only had to think for not every battle is truly one through physical force but rather through metal toughness and the planning of which you reply on to execute them properly  thus he would not panic but rather seemingly accept his fate and only allow a few words to slip from his lips to show he feared not death nor the being of which he would have received if from for truly if he lead him all this way simply to off him he was more idiotic than most of the humans he once raved to find simplistic and arrogant…

    “Would you truly slay me here after all the work you have went through, or would you rather witness and see the destruction I shall grant into this world once again as the Decayed King of Heroes, destroyer of simplicity...”

    With that very next statement the deity would appear in front of him with a smirk on his face and a cigarette within his mouth… He would simply press against the tattoo of his family crest and would seemingly push a shock of power within him, and  as he would find it flowing throughout his body he could feel the depth of his evil rising once again to the top of the surface as his new found powers would fill his veins, thus as he would being to once again look forward after the surge of ecstasy would have ended, he would have seemingly opened his gaze upon nothing but that of a whispering voice and now a  fully decayed land announcing what he already knew to be true….

    “You truly were the only man completely worthy of my power, however, do not find this to be me forgiving you for the betrayal of the past but rather bestowing you with the power you desire to rid this would of the irregular balance that has once again fallen over these meager humans…”

    With this Eiyu would simply return to the scene described above being able to show his true destructive power with the first few moments within receiving this power it would be a great mistake for those to deny him that of which he wanted for truly he would only further improve and impress himself as he would find new ways to implement and control this new found ability and find himself developing into the perfect wielder for it…

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