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    Holy Demon Slayer Magic


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    Holy Demon Slayer Magic

    Post by Ryoshi on Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:05 pm

    Holy Demon Slayer Magic
    Demon Slayer
    Light Bringer

    Magic Description

    Also known as Exorcist Mages, Demon Slayers are people that utilize Demon Slayer Magic. Like Dragon Slayers and God Slayers, Demon Slayers can also become resistant to the effects of their respective element and can even eat it to replenish their strength. To some degree, it appears that DemonSlayers have the ability to resist the effects of curses however a large portion of their body turns black and has the appearance of being dead.
    Demon Slayers can eat any form of their own element; pure and mixed. However, they cannot consume the element of their God Slayer counterpart. The color of Demon Slayer Magic is a whiter version of the element's natural color. This is because the form of elemental magic they use is light which is on the other end of the magical spectrum.
    The element of light is being mixed with the other elements to alter their properties slightly. Because of the mixed in light properties, Demon Slayers deals double damage towards Darkness, Demon, and Undead type non-human beings.

    Acquired through the teaching of the Ascendant Demon, Azazel, Holy Demon Slayer magic has great potential. Its only user, Ryoshi Akuryo, has used it to carve a path of glory for himself and his guild, Light Bringer. The magic reflects Ryoshi's own heritage: part Demonic and part Angelic in nature. it allows Ryoshi to control the element of light, which is pure white in color and holy in nature, though demonic in alignment. Thanks to the wisdom of Azazel, demonic master of light, Ryoshi is able to use the light to form solid constructs that are limited only by his imagination in addition to more conventional blasts of light manipulated for different purposes. The pure, holy nature of this magic causes it to deal extra damage to diabolical-aligned creatures.

    Perks of Magic

    • Demon's Curse: Demon’s Curse is a result of a Demon Slayer consuming massive amounts of their respective element and reaching a superhuman state of power. In this state, all spells go up in rank by 1 and 3 stats determined by your choice of element go up by one rank. Demon’s Curse can only be accessed once per thread and is only usable by B-ranks or higher.
      Duration of Demon’s Curse:
      -A-rank or less Lasts 8 posts
      -S-rank lasts 10 posts
      -SS-rank lasts 12 posts
      -X-rank lasts 15 posts
    • Light’s Blessing: Due to the holy, pure nature of this magic, any shadow or darkness-based magic the rank of which is lower than that of this magic is exposed to this magic will be eradicated. Equal ranked magic will be weakened by a rank of damage. However, higher-ranked shadow or darkness magic can overwhelm and consume the light of this magic.
    • Light Body: With a snap of his fingers and an exertion of his magic, Ryoshi can transform his entire body into a mass of light, the form of which is either an exact replica of his body or a large orb, no others. This allows him to avoid taking physical damage for the seven posts this ability lasts. However, this ability, once activated, cannot be activated for another eight posts and it leaves Ryoshi vulnerable to magical damage aside from lesser-ranked shadow and darkness-based magic. If Ryoshi chooses to cut off the ability before the full seven posts, the cool down lasts only one post longer than the actual duration.
    • Light Travel: When in his Light Body form, Ryoshi can travel up to 110 meters per second, or about 246 miles per hour. However, this uses up a lot of magic power. He can only use this ability for five posts before having to rest for six posts.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

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