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    Slaybell Knightingale [WIP]


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    Slaybell Knightingale [WIP]

    Post by Slaybell on Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:09 pm

    Slaybell Knightingale
    January 10th
    Lawful Neutral

    Species Ability/Perk

    Enhanced Speed: At all times, Slay will have an above average speed equivalent to one rank higher than usual. For example, his speed at D rank with no points put into speed will have C rank speed.

    Lightning Refrain: Twice per thread, Slay can avoid an attack regardless of how certain it would have been to hit him. Only applies for single target attacks. AOEs can still hit him. 10 post cooldown. No cost.

    Special Unique Characteristics

    Character Depth

    Born and raised in Rose Garden to poor parents, Slay has a certain way of talking and behaving that doesn't befit one with his occupation. He has a habit of shortening words or completely forgetting to pronounce certain letters in sentences. And with very little basic education, he comes off as rather incompetent most of the time; being very ignorant with the ways of the world, he'll often look upon foreign culture with fascination.

    Despite his lack of social grace or book smarts, he still knows how to get what he wants. Even after turning to the light and becoming an apprentice paladin, the side of him that was necessary to gain an edge in a poverish lifestyle survived in Slay. When his attempts at subtle persuasion fail, he won't hesitate to rely on intimidation and brute force. As he had yet to take his oaths as a fully-fledged paladin of Fiore, he feels no obligation to make himself out to be a man of pure virtue.

    He possesses a reluctance unfitting of one with his training. While he still likes to help those in need, he is a lot less open to listening to people's problems than other “heroes” who care about those kinds of things. Rather than trying to lure him in with an emotional backstory, Slay prefers it when people just tell him what needs to be done so he can be on his way. Rather than focusing on the small details, Slay likes to keep things simple by hearing the problem and finding the solution. All the better if it involves a good fight; heretic beatings in particular are his favorite.

    In battle, Slay is merciless. All those associated with light guilds are hypocrites in his eyes, and must be purged from Fiore like so much trash. He aligns himself with Erebus Crown not because he agrees with all of their methods, but because he believes in the concept of a new world with new laws. As such, he will carve apart all, light or dark, who stand in his way. Such is the belief that he stands for.


    - Beating Heretics: Slay takes great pride in his ability to beat heretics into submission (Those who disagree with him).

    - Quiet: Slay likes it when things are quiet. No loud, annoying things around.

    - Tersus: Pledging his allegiance to the goddess Tersus, his loyalty for her is undying.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)

    - Guilds: While he may side with dark guilds and fight against light guilds, he dislikes both.

    - Furries: Any man-beast hybrids must be put down like the dogs (or other animals) that they are.



    - Water: By water, Slay is afraid of water in such proportion to be above the neck as he does not know how to swim. Thus, he begins to freak out when such an event happens.

    - Bugs: They're so small that he can't hit them. So when they use their appendages to do god knows what, he is, with justification, terrified.

    - Darkness: Not of the element itself, and more of what hides in true darkness. Anything could be waiting at any moment to strike him down at his most vulnerable.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)

    Hair: (What is the color of your hair?)
    Eyes: (What is your eye color?)
    Skin Tone: (What is your skin tone?)
    Height: (How tall are you?)
    Weight: (How much do you weigh?)
    Overall Appearances: (Optional)


    Guild: (What guild do you wish to join?)
    Guild Tattoo: (Where is your guild tattoo located and what color is it?)


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    Re: Slaybell Knightingale [WIP]

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