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    Two Sides, One Coin. [S-Rank RP Sample]

    Chao Yuexian

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    Two Sides, One Coin. [S-Rank RP Sample]

    Post by Chao Yuexian on Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:57 pm

    Immortal Sovereign

      "Hate is not the opposite of love; apathy is." - Elie Wiesel

    "Disdain is the easiest emotion to overturn into affection."

    The irony in being strong is the vulnerability of carelessness. Any number of immortals, Ancients especially, will without exception be subject to the effects of arrogance in strength, whether they're aware or cautious as ever or not. It's sort of an eventuality, as some even consider it a rite of passage alongside ascending into true godhood on the scales of power. As a matter of course, Chao Yuexian had experienced this 'rite'. Somewhere along the lines of her earlier ascension in strength, long before she was regarded as having reached the "pinnacle".

    More than anything, stepping on a grievously poisonous bug was the most embarrassing of ways to go for an Ancient. A patron of death in their mythology once perished through similar circumstances, despite being regarded as one of the most powerful amongst the celestial ranks. As one could guess, Chao Yuexian stepped on a bug. During her attempts to increase power through external means, such as harvesting the remains of exceptionally powerful creatures to develop tools to accentuate her abilities, the Ancient went barefoot into an infamous forest, known to claim the lives of countless warriors who wanted to test their mettle.

    And now? Here she was, serving a young boy who looked some two or three years younger than herself. Of course, as an immortal existence, their true ages were far further apart. Reason being, his late mentor was a renown medicinal guru, and he--the only disciple and successor to all the "miracle doctor's" methods--was the one person she knew in immediate vicinity that could cure the particular poison held within the bug. Yuexian was, at this time, a being that hungered for power by developing her body and abilities. The ranks of medical knowledge wasn't too desired or relevant to her studies considering the affluent background she came from.

    Ever since, she struck a deal with the young boy to watch and protect him from any adversaries for three months. Her absolute strength was the main factor in being subject to such a small amount of servitude despite the literal life-saving performance he offered. Despite that, her impatience increased further, for two reasons: One, the attitude the boy carried. As her life-saver, she did owe him much, but the confidence and arrogance in his tone and way of carrying himself was devoid of all traditional forms of etiquette and manners taught in the halls of nobility. Even worse, the way he looked at her was the same as those immoral sons of dukes and emperors that desired Chao Yue. Though it's a subjective matter, the Ancient could be considered desirable on an aesthetic level.

    The second reason was even more compelling. The very forest she now dreaded as a result of her being poisoned, was the same forest the boy made way towards. The boy was incredibly secretive, not that Yuexian was particularly interested in anything but paying her dues. The location was unsettling nevertheless.

    "Mmm, we're going to go way deep into the forest, alright?"

    His voice wasn't unpleasant at all, and even carried a soft tone, though to Chao Yue it only sounded like carelessness despite the danger in the surroundings. In response to his directions, the woman's face furrowed in reluctance. With clear displeasure in her voice, Yue replied,

    "Deeper? I'm guessing you're well aware, but the deeper we go, the stronger the creatures."

    "And that's why you're here, right?"

    His amused laughter struck a few of Chao Yue's nerves, not that she acted on that feeling. The blatant dependency he put on her was by no means enjoyed. While he may have found interest in Yuexian, whether it be her whole being or just her appearance, at this point the Ancient looked at him with even a bit of disdain. As with most Ancients, considering their culture's value on power, Chao Yuexian found little attraction to anybody weaker than herself--which in and of itself was an incredibly high standard, though reasonable to her degree.

    Around two hours later, the pair finally found themselves nearing the centre of the forest. Of course, any creatures they encountered along the way was repelled by Yuexian considering her strength. The whole way through, the boy held a smile even in the face of certain death; generally, Yue admired the brave, but in this situation what was seen was not courage, but an incompetent lack of fear.

    The further they went, the more apparent a hidden mountain within the forest became. Even with Yuexian's ability to fly as per her Ancient lineage, from an aerial perspective there was no mountain in the forest; nevertheless, the mysteries of the Earth were wider than the imagination could hold. At most, the woman wrote it off as a magically hidden natural feature of nature. At first.

    The anxiousness on the boy's face alluded to a different truth. His eyes were always fixated on the peak of the mountain, and the excitement washed away his powerless and innocent smile of carelessness; instead, the steely face of determination and desire revealed itself. The wide change in his demeanor was as unsettling as the infamous forest itself, as per Yuexian's perspective. That one gap in appearance was enough to spark the woman's curiosity.

    "Boy... what's so interesting about that mountain?"

    Yuexian expected some sort of reply to deviate her focus on his mountain-affixation, or anything to leave the question unanswered; surprisingly, the level of excitement he held was enough to put down the guard on his secrecy this time around.

    "It's not the mountain that's interesting--it's what resides in it! A Dragon!"

    Just as Chao Yue was about to shout in fear and immediately demand to go back to the nearby town the boy came from, two harmonising roars resounded throughout the entirety of the forest. It echo'd back and forth with such force, the trees near and far all shook violently while the Earth shook, all dancing to the same frequency.

    "!!! Boy, this is what you came for!? A quick death?! Come on, we need to go! This is not time to blank ou--"

    While Chao Yue was chiding him whilst motioning to run away, the boy's steps only carried him forward, towards the mountain. There was a voice within her saying 'Just leave him and go! Your life is priority!' In opposition, another voice said 'come on, just forcefully grab the boy and go! Two lives is easier on the heart to save than one!' After all, Yuexian owed him her servitude, and the moral conscience within her was infrequently silenced.

    In the end with little internal struggle, the woman bolstered towards the boy with her hand grabbing his arm. Contrary to her intentions, Chao Yuexian's body froze. Two unfathomable presences pressed down on her from above, and as her gaze rose to the sky, two serpentine creatures with long snouted whiskers, looking beneath them with malice in their eyes.

    "F...Flood Dragons!"

    On offshoot descendent of the true dragon race with Eastern appearances, Flood Dragons represented the closest existence to Ancients' civilisation to an actual dragon. Naturally, their power was far below a true dragon, but inherently far above mortal beings. Even renown Ancients had difficulty combating these creatures, and yet here they were! Two at that!

    "Boy!! Now is the time to ru--!!!"

    Once more contrary to her intentions, the boy wriggled loose from her grip, and with speed unprecedented compared to his powerless existence, he shot off towards the mountain at speeds higher than what mere mortals could perform. Unfortunately, the distance crossed in a second was incredibly inferior to Chao Yuexian's speed, let alone the two flood dragons whose durable bodies were by default more than enough to surpass Yuexian's abilities.

    "Mortal, you shall not intrude on these lands!!"

    One of the celestial beasts roared in the language of the Ancients, demanding the child to stop. Additionally, both creatures shot forth in chase. With increasing reluctance and a scowl, Chao Yuexian felt no other choice but to go after him as well.

    Throughout the sky over the trees and land below, explosions rung unceasingly. From her observations, Yuexian felt that both Flood Dragons were on par with her in strength; therefore, by no means would she be capable of resisting their full-frontal offensive in a mad desire to chase after and stop the boy.

    Of course, the sound of reason and instinct for survival continuously resounded in her mind. 'Go, leave the child behind! He's not even that great of a person to begin with--he brought this calamity on us, so what due grievances are we to suffer with his death!' And yet, Yuexian fought steadfast in her position to protect him. Though true, she didn't particularly like the boy, the fact that he saved her was irrefutable, and what worth is she if her word could not be kept? Survival was important, but what determined proper living was the quality of life. The devil within her heart would only continue to expand and overwhelm her mentality should she ever falter.

    That was simply who she was. A stubborn Ancient, willing to lay down her life if only to live true to herself. Chao Yuexian may not be so righteous as to always uphold justice; there was selfishness in her heart that put worth on things and people. And today, it was exactly that selfishness to be the person she could, and would be. Even at the cost of her life.

    "AGHH, Screw it! Today, Flood Dragons, it will be two who fall, or three! No less!"

    The battle progressed nowhere, and her stalling only offered to keep the dragons a constant distance away from the boy. Eventually, she would undoubtedly fall, and in turn, him. Having never been a fan of useless actions and wasted death, the only acceptable alternative to Yue was their fall. Of course, that was an improbable situation, unless her firepower rose a notch. To do that? Beyond simply magical force, Yuexian would be pressed to add life force--enough to overcome the opponents worth two of her. That amount of life force may as well be the equivalent of giving up all her cultivated power--to return to mortality, with probably few methods available to reverse what was lost.

    Eh... I've always complained about how life was to long anyways.. As long as I don't leave behind regrets, right?

    Assuming this to be her final moment, Chao Yuexian distanced herself from the two flood dragons and closed her eyes, reaching into the depths of her soul to draw out maximum power. With a rough shout, immeasurable power began emanating from the Ancient's body--at the very least, enough to challenge both her opponents' might. In turn, their confidence in a true dragon's descendents conveyed itself. With a powerful charge, the three collided.



    The darkness and silence receded. Yuexian's eyes opened with a glossy look. Her sight blurred, and only offered to reveal indiscernible shapes and movements. Surely, death awaited her at the corner, and against all odds, the feeling of life flowed through her. Had it not been for the inability to move anything but her face, and the lack of any power within her soul, Chao Yue would've assumed herself dead.

    Mulling over the state of her existence, the blurred shapes became clearer. The sight before her? Maybe the prospect of death served better. What she saw...

    a true dragon.

    "You've heard correctly, boy... Those who pass my trials, I pass unto them my powers. But, the more people who enter my trials simultaneously, the higher the difficulty."

    "That's fine. Then, can I take it now?"

    "If you so wish, though the burden on you will be twofold."

    Chao Yue only exhaled when the visage of the true dragon's head receded into the shadows. Afterwards, the boy who spoke with the grand beast turned and bent down. He only rose with Yuexian carried in his arms. The unexpected action instantly threw the already confused woman into a fit. Had it not been for her inability to move, she likely would've kicked and flayed around in his grasp.

    "!!! Boy, what are you doing! Rather, w-what is going on here!?"

    "Mmm, your confusion isn't unwarranted.. Just that, it's a long story.."

    "Just as it looks, I have all the time in the world now! So feel free to explain! For what I've done for you, you owe me that much at least!"

    In response to her displeased face, the boy could only offer a wry smile. Had she not been held in her arms, the boy might've even raised his arm to scratch the back of his head, cliche as ever.

    "I guess, to make a long story short, from the words of my late master's patients, I heard of a dragon who lives in a hidden mountain within this forest. If you overcome the tribulations he gives, the dragon will offer you a portion of his power."

    ..... W-wha?? His desire to charge into a forest that held flood dragons of all things--that was crazy enough. But for the boy to desire a path to power through a true dragon? Sure, tales of this happening were by no means nonexistent. But nonexistent did not mean prevalent. Above all else, his actions happened to drag Chao Yue into things as well! There were no regrets in her actions, though undoubtedly she would bite her lip in dissatisfaction for having lost her power, and, beyond that, unexpectedly her mobility as well. Just, to give all that for what sounded like a distant dream? Of course she felt frustrated!

    "Ahh, fine!! Leave me be, then; I heard the last bit. Just leave me here for now, and take me back to the city after you've finished the trials."

    The boy showed only an astonished face. And after that, a furrowed brow that hinted irritation.

    "The dragon said the trials may last anywhere between 6 months to several years."

    Silence. For a few moments, neither of them said a thing. Only after quite a while, Chao Yuexian broke the silence with a sigh.

    "Let it be so, then; I've risked my life for you, as you saved mine from prior. With this, my debts are paid. Leave me here nonethele-"


    The boy's sudden shout surprised Chao Yue, especially as his loud voice reverberated throughout the cavern walls in an echo.

    "It'd be a waste for such beauty to simply rot away in a cave so devoid."

    Yuexian only offered a blank stare towards the young boy, whose face wore a serious and stern expression. For a moment. Quickly after, the Ancient broke out into laughter, giggling away the serious atmosphere.

    "Hahaha, that's quite a statement, boy! But it's not so easy to court a lady, you know!"

    The flowery words he spoke didn't quite touch a heart-string in her, but to any other gal in this situation, Chao Yue had doubts that his charm wouldn't succeed. To the Ancient, it was moreso seen as an adorable attempt of an earnest young man--an amusing assertion, if anything.

    "Fine, fine--take me away, boy. Either way, I've resigned myself to death already. I can't move anyways, so the only difficult to be had is for you."

    "Mmm.. Thanks, for cooperating. Though, I'd have to ask that you not give up so easily. The words from before already dealt a big enough blow to my confidence."

    With a wry smile, the boy set forth into the darkness that held the dragon, Chao Yuexian still in his arms. Mere minutes later, that wry smile transformed into something far darker.

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