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    Lady Ashura's Wyvern Soul


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    Lady Ashura's Wyvern Soul

    Post by Lady on Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:43 pm

    Sometimes Darkness Lies In The Light

    Wyvern Soul ||ワイバーンの魂 || Waibān No Tamashī


    Being the true power granted to her by origin, Wyvern Soul is in description a Take Over magic. The power of a Demon Soul inhabited her body after drinking the blood of Bellouch for 10 Years, giving her the ability to take the form of a Wyvern herself. Using Magical Energy Ashura is able to once again regain her demonic form she was reborn with. In Essence, all Demon Touched were capable of performing Take Over Magic, doning the true form of their respective parents but Ashura has risen beyond that, becoming her own demon compared to the copies she easily cut down.

    Her first Soul is that of Bellouch, and is named Hekate for it's relation to the Underworld. In this form she grows hard scale like plates over her legs and parts of her forearms that wrap down her back and form her 10 foot long tail. Other aspects of this form include spiraled horns that start at her temple and extend a full 1 foot in length, pointed ears and black wings that are constructed of dark cartilage.
    Her Takeover forms also have a compiled amount of clothing and with Hekate she wears a dark helmet over her forehead and bridge of her nose, the texture matching the plate like armor she grows on her legs and arms. For her torso she wears just a breastplate that is fitted to her form to allocate maximum movement. Ashura's hair tends to grow immensely while taking this form and she no longer wears the flower over her eye to hide the scar, instead displaying it proudly.
    Ashura gained the Soul of Hekate the moment she stopped drinking the blood of Bellouch, at the end of the experiments to turn her into a Demon Touched. She learned to control this Soul after nearly dying at the hands of a Human.

    Xibal is her second Wyvern Soul and is her true demonic form that is was achieved on her own doing and is not associated with Bellouch. Much like Hekate, she is covered in Scale like plates that protect her arm's and legs effectively, as well as her black breastplate, but in this form she no longer possesses the demonic wings and horns. One would say this form appears more Holy, but that is not the case. In terms she has become more Wyvern like, her large feathered wings and thick serpent tail that protrudes from the nape of her neck instead of her rear.
    Because this form surpasses Hekate, Xibal is an immensely more powerful Demonic Soul and Ashura will only take this form under extreme circumstances. Ashura plans to defeat her origin father with this form but first needs to master it's power.

    In these forms, Ashura is capable of calling upon the true hellish powers of her forefather. Magic that involves the manipulation of all space within a general field. By manipulating the magic particles around any object or substance, the Caster is able to produce several different varying possibilities. Such as Teleportation, Explosions, heating up Space around the object, or even using outside force to hit the targeted object or person. This magic allows for great versatility defensively and offensively.
    However the greatest use of this magic involves entrapping enemies within a field and damaging them within by either sapping their magical energy away or increasing the force of gravity within that field.

    Ashura will produce a swirling mass of space around the object he wishes to manipulate, and a trail of that space will also appear within her palms. It appears white and purple and can vary in size. Shura has a unique style of this Magic; in which it appears like soft waves that surround the targeted object.She also prefers to fight hand to hand combat using this magic, not really caring to fight long distance unless necessary. So often she will just increase the force between her and the opponent causing explosions and huge amounts of force to throw her enemies.One of the biggest parts of this magic that she exploits would be the teleportation using rifts of space. By opening two walls between space, she is able to transport herself and others to wherever she finds fit.



    Flight || 105 Meters Maximum
    Speed || C Rank Spell Speed
    Precision || B Rank ( 10 Meters AOE increase )
    Strength || C Rank Damage (225 lbs)


    Flight || 170 Meters
    Strength || B Rank Damage (350 lbs)
    Speed || B Rank Spell Speed
    Endurance || Block B Rank Damage ( Can lose a limb // 40% Pain Tolerance )

    Strengths & Weaknesses:

    ❇ During the time Take Over Forms are active, Ashura's physical prowess will far surpass her own. This is due to the locked power that will be released upon transformation.

    ❇ The Magic she performs is versatile and does not possess any elemental Weaknesses

    ❇ She can maintain her forms for an elongated period of time, however the cooldown for that Form is determined by the length of time it is maintained.

    ❇ Ashura is vulnerable to Demon Slayers and Holy Magics, and while in these forms she will take Double damage from their attacks.

    ❇ While in her Take over forms, Ashura is in a constant war with her own Psyche, and if she keeps the form for longer than 6 posts she will be taken over by the inner soul.

    ❇ The AOE of Ashura's magic is determined by visibility, of she can not see it, she can not manipulate the space.

    ❇ This magic is very deadly to all allies, as she utilizes the use of explosions more than most. This can also harm her if she fires too close.

    This magic is very deadly to all allies, as he utilizes the use of explosions more than most. This can also harm him if it gets too close

    ❇ Slayers cannot eat this magic, as it does not produce a particular element. It is just molecular particles within a small field.

    ❇ Anti Magic can overcome Ashura's magic spells and negate the effects.

    ❇ Ashura's Take Over forms focus on dealing damage, and no spells that focus on healing or protecting her allies.

    Sometimes Darkness Overcomes The Light


    D Rank Spells:

    Name: Sphera
    Rank: D Rank
    Type: Offense
    Range: 25 Meters Distance // 15 MPS
    Appearance & Description: Easily one of Shura's most used offensive spells, forming a sphere like orb of condensed air and space in her palm, she will then fire it by increasing the force between her hand and the orb. This causes it to fire at an accelerated rate of 15 meters per second for a max of 25 meters distance.
    The orb will deal out initial D Rank Damage, but there is an Explosive AOE upon Impact of 5 meters, so even if you dodge it, it opponent is within 5 meters they are dealt D Rank damage as well. This spell be blocked by C Rank Defensive spells or Dodged easily enough.
    Extra: Can be used in both Hekate and Xibal Forms // 1 Post Duration and 2 Post Cooldown


    Name: Pulses
    Rank: D Rank
    Type: Offense
    Range: 10 Meter Knockback
    Appearance & Description:  By concentrating and suddenly expanding the force between her and an opponent, Shura is able to send them flying back at least 10 meters. She normally performs this by making her palm the epicenter of this attack, normally punching them or pushing them with her open palm.
    Only opponents D Rank can be knocked back 10 meters, however higher ranked opponents still receive D rank damage. There is a few setbacks to this spell, one being that it is a close combat spell, the opponent being within 5 meters of Shura, and the other is that it can be blocked which pushes the explosive nature back on her.
    Extra: Can be used in both Hekate and Xibal Forms // 1 Post Duration & 2 Post Cooldown


    Name: Traho
    Rank: D Rank
    Type: Offense
    Range: 10 Meter AOE
    Appearance & Description: Within a 10 Meter Radius, Ashura will compresses the particles of air behind an opponent and then expand it suddenly. This uses an explosive force that will push the opponent from behind causing them to move towards Shura. The only difference between Pulsus and Traho is that She does not have to touch them at all or even focus the magic at her palm, instead focusing it in the area behind her opponent.
    The push from behind will cause the opponent to stumble forward within a 2 meter range from Shura, where she is free to use a rapid succession of magic, such as Pulsus. The damage is applied the same as Pulsus, D rank damage. However only D Rank opponents can be pushed forward.
    This spells makes it hard for the opponent to notice as her magic does not create any sound until the explosive technique is applied, however it is possible to dodge if perceived earlier. Also this spell can be negated by any C  Rank defensive spells or anti magic nullifying waves. Shura enjoys using this spell to push opponents off of objects, but becomes frustrated if she can not see her opponent.
    Extra: Can be used in both Hekate and Xibal Forms // 1 Post Duration & 2 Post Cooldown

    C Rank Spells:
    Spheras Nubes:

    Name: Spheras Nubes
    Rank: C Rank
    Type: Offense
    Range: 25 Meters Distance // 20 MPS
    Appearance & Description: In Rapid succession, Shura will create Orbs of compressed space and increase the force in her palm to successfully rapid fire the orbs at her opponent. She can create up to 2 Orbs per post, and they are fired off at 20 meters per second for a total of 25 meters in distance.
    They deal out initial impact damage of 1 D Rank Damage per Sphere. Unfortunately because of the distance and speed it is possible to be dodged easily, but if dodged there is a chance to take D rank damage from being within the 5 meter explosion AOE. This spell is great for multiple opponents but her accuracy decreases by 1 rank while using this spell.
    Extra: Hekate Form Only // 2 Post Duration & 4 Post Cooldown


    Name: Irretio
    Rank: C Rank
    Type: Offensive & Defensive
    Range: 5 Meter Diameter
    Appearance & Description: Having the ability to not only manipulate space around herself but others, Ashura will suddenly compress space around an opponent into a sphere shape. This ensnares the opponent within compressed space that will just backfire attacks.
    This sphere will also sap away health that radiates off of trapped mages. The rate it does this all depends on the opponent rank. This does not refuel Ashura's own HP, just takes away someone else's.
    The AOE of the sphere is 5 meters diameter and she can only create this sphere within a 25 meter distance and must be able to see the opponent. It is easy to break the sphere with 2 C Rank Spells or 1 B Rank Spell however
    HP Sap:

    Opponent Rank:HP Per Post:
    S & SS1%
    Extra: Hekate Form Only // 3 Post Duration & 5 Post Cooldown

    Armum Deorum:

    Name: Armum Deorum
    Rank: C Rank
    Type: Defense
    Appearance & Description: By concentrating a suppressing space around her body, Shura is able to form a protective armor of space that will cause spells to bounce off of her easily. It also has quite a few other uses, as it absorbs physical damage, so if Shura was to fall off a cliff, she would be perfectly fine. This armor protects against the attacks of both physical and magical. The Suit appears a a milky clear color, the a shiny aura that clings to her body.
    The Defensive armor can withstand 3 D Rank Attacks or 1 D Rank attack & 1 C Rank. The spell will be overcome by any B Rank attack and mages that are skilled with weaponry.
    Extra: Xibal Form Only // 4 Post Duration & 5 Post Cooldown

    B Rank Spells:

    Instituo :

    Name: Instituo
    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 35 Meter Radius AOE
    Appearance & Description: Ashura's Magic focuses on manipulating space within his field of vision. This spell lets her create rifts in the fabric of space to allow her to travel through and in a sense displace herself. She is capable of covering distances of not only herself but allies and opponents as well by creating two rifts within a 35 meter AOE. The person traveling through one rift will be transported through the second rift thus enabling a speedy way of avoiding attacks.
    Ashura focuses on using this spell to replace her own body with that of an opponents to put them in the line of fire or so to say. This spell can only be used within a 35 meter area and requires sight of the enemies as well.
    The only way to overcome this spell is with a higher Ranked spell or a nullifying spell of equal rank. Can only transport opponents that are B rank and below, however Ashura can transport herself at any rank.
    Extra: Can be used in Hekate & Xibal Forms // Instant duration & 4 Post Cooldown

    Irretio Plures:

    Name: Irretio Plures
    Rank: B Rank
    Type: Offensive & Defensive
    Range: 5 Meter AOE within a 30 Meter Radius
    Appearance & Description: Instead of forming just one entrapment, Ashura will create up to three sphere's to trap opponents within. The diameter of each orb at 5 meters in diameter and can block up to 3 D Rank attacks, 1 D Rank & 1 C Rank, or overcome by 1 B Rank spell. The trap will drain away opponents HP per post, this Health is not restored to Shura.
    This spell is only good for entrapping up to three opponents and must have constant concentration while being preformed.
    HP Sap:

    Opponent Rank:HP Per Post:
    S & SS1%
    Extra: Xibal Form Only // 4 Post Duration & 6 Post Cooldown

    A Rank Spells:

    Calieum Tormento:

    Name: Calieum Tormento
    Rank: A Rank
    Type: Offense
    Range: 25 Meter Distance // 50 MPS
    Appearance & Description: The most powerful offensive spell that Ashura possesses, this spell requires one post of charging rate.
    Aiming her palms out in front of her Ashura causes the Air within a 15 meter radius and 25 meter area to speed up rapidly, this causing a disruption within space that Shura is then able to send a blast of force through, The entire blast having a high impact rate like a cannon. It is a constant beam fired from her palms up to 25 meters long. It travels up to the 25 meters at 50 meters per second. This beam deals out A Rank damage.
    Extra: Hekate Form Only // Instant Attack ( 2 post Duration ( 1 post charging rate) ) & 5 Post Cooldown

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