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The reemergence of a great swordsman [Open]  Z0wCCXI

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    The reemergence of a great swordsman [Open]


    The reemergence of a great swordsman [Open]  ODFYPdI

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    The reemergence of a great swordsman [Open]  Empty The reemergence of a great swordsman [Open]

    Post by Einar on Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:48 pm

    Beyond the city gates of Clover there is a cave where most fear to venture because of the rumors of it either being haunted or cursed but the true reason behind this mysterious cave was not a curse but a man. This cave was not haunted but was on such a treacherous path that no mere human could make the venture and most went either mad babbling about it being haunted or died to either the diseases or animals making the curse rumor become true to others. This cave was the only thing that never changed for the man who has called it home for the passed 200 years making it a fitting place where he has remained in a meditative state. This seclusion was perfect for one of his longevity making him reflect on his past and the many lifetimes he has seen rise and fall.

    It all started almost 4000 years ago as the first human civilization was in its prime of power and this man was a warrior in the court of the ruler who was slowly fearing his death and was trying to find a way to become immortal. The man shared the fear of death as most and planned to try and become immortal also but it would require planning to take the place of his king. Years went by as the ruler became more paranoid to the point of using a spell just recently created by the high wizard to create an immortal being at the cost of many lives. This was the perfect thing for the man as he would take the kings place as he would be the guard during his ascension ceremony. During the ceremony as the king approached the center of the spell circle the man engaged his plan by drawing his blade and killing the ruler where he stood and took the place as the spell concluded causing a bright blinding light. As the mans vision came back to him the entire city was desolate all that was left was sand and clothes as the price for the immortal body was truly high as it killed all other beings in the town to give him the immortal body.

    The mans eye blinked open from his meditation as he looked around his unchanging cave which he has called home. "These memories are getting quite a nuisance" he spoke in a solemn tone as he stood from his sitting position walking towards the small natural water flow washing his face then towards the entrance of the cave to see the night sky which he hasnt seen in 200 years since entering this cave. His body was quite skinny and malnourished from staying in a meditative state for 200 years. "The land sure has changed since i left the world but how many years has truly gone by" the man spoke taking note to the lights of a newly formed town which wasnt there the 200 years ago when he entered the cave. He knew it was time to enter the world again to see how much has changed which truly interested him as he began to walk down the path. Most creatures avoided the anorexic man walking the path knowing he was something they should mess with there instincts keeping them at bay. He slowly made his way through the path towards the town keeping his face hidden underneath the cloak as the lights of the town became more visible to the man.

    "Alot has truly changed but as with most it will just fade with the passage of time" he said in a quiet tone eyeing the vibrant town at night which was quiet as most of the residents were either asleep or too inebriated to take notice to the hooded man wandering the streets as if he was lost.

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