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    It's clean up time.

    Simple Sorrows

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    It's clean up time.

    Post by Simple Sorrows on Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:02 pm

    LISTEN UP! I know what you're probably thinking: Who the fuck is this guy? Simple, I'm a friend, correction. I'm just a dude who has something to say. I know this sites been through a lot since its birth. Tones of people coming a going, at first the hype seemed to be great. The site was on top of the world!!! YEAH! then things went down to a shit hole. There are barely people on, we have empty guilds. Drama, and grudges. i know what you're probably thinking, yeah I know, I'm an ass. Suck it up. News Flash I don't give a fuck. Because at the end of the day if we just hold grudges and twiddling our thumbs hoping the site will fix itself, we're going to be at the same place. no improvement, just stagnant growth and personal interests.

    Now let me ask you. What are you here for? Are you here to rp? To make friends? To make a fun friendly community? Great, good for you! sorry to say, if you want those results but you don't want to put in work. Get the fuck out. We're here because we want to meet companions, to escape reality even for a brief moment. To express our inner creativity. THIS WHAT WE ALL WANT! YES? Correct me if I'm wrong. If you're reading this, that means you're staff. That means, no ones going to give you that dream community. This site isn't going to magically turn into rainbows and fun time. No ones going to do it. No one but you. The staffs duty to create a safe haven. You, me, the owner of this site. EVERYONE HERE. We all have to put our differences aside, our grudges and personal interest. We need to do this if we want the site to grow.

    STAFF....in my years worth of rp, and working in dev let me say this. THIS IS AN RP SITE, NOT YOUR PERSONAL VENTING BOX. THIS IS A RP SITE, NOT FUCKING TINDER. We need responsible people, not people who can meet mother fucking word count. I don't give a shit, if you can write up a 2500 word essay of how good of a mod you are. A single app doesn't make you eligible. A single app doesn't make you better than another person. It's dedication, and care. That's what makes a good staff member. As staff you need to realize, once you have that @sign in front of your name, once you're a dev. Once you can enter the staff section. It's not about you anymore, its about them. Them? Who is them? The people joining the site, our future friends and rivals. The players. they are our life and blood. With out them, we're just a bunch of nobodies who pretend to be an rp site.

    Listen, I know this whole things sounds like bull shit. I sound like an arrogant prick. I know. But someone has to say it. Are you really happy with this site? Or do you wan to make it better? If you've read this far, thank you... I really hope to become friends with all of you in the future. I hope we can make this place great. But for those who want to make this place better, thank you. Thank you for actually giving a shit. The saddest thing to me is seeing a site fail. To see a site that had so much potential and creativity fall into the abyss of forgotten sites. Is this place really going to be just another two month hype, or is this place going to persevere and get stronger? who knows? Even if this place cleans up and improves dramas gonna happen. We an't avoid that, but as staff we need to stick together, we're one huge dysfunctional family! We don't have anyone else but each other. I refuse to let this site go down, I refuse to let a friend down. i'm looking at you bacon, it's been a year since we saw each other, but it doesn't change the fact that I will die for you, kaseki, donovan, and hazel. I can't physically be there for you, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't keep the wonderland crew together.....I'm sorry....the least i can do is to help you make this site successful.

    to the other staff, I'm nobody special, I'm just a friend who wants to friend his good friend out...Hopefully I can become a friend to you all as well... sorry for the rant, but lets get to business. Bellow, I posted a to do list. These are things I believe, if done will greatly improve the site.


    1) Staff activity check: We can't have a site until we know, how many people we have working with us. This is crucial, Bacon PLEASE contact all the staff you have. Find out who's active or not. Once you have an accurate number, have a skye call idk do something where you can talk things out. You NEED to have a conference and set the goals straight.

    2) The Guilds: Usually I'd have this set later on in the list. But it is imperceptive we fix this. The Guild rosters must be accurately updated. We need to know our numbers accurately. Bacon, set up a task force of a two or three people to go through each guild and check its members. Once we know our numbers we can merge guilds together. Merge? What do you mean merge. What i mean is, any guild with 5 or less people must merge with another guild. Guilds with less than 5 people will become minor guilds. The minor guilds will from an alliance, with the major guild. For a brief moment, they will considered as "members" of the major guild. But not to worry, all minor guilds have their independence. I know it sounds upsetting to give up your guild. But we need this in order to create character development, and to increase our player roster. As soon as a minor guild is able to reach 5 members they can return to being a full fledged major guild. This idea is to even out or numbers, so that we don't have too many empty guilds. I say that we have 1 light alliance 1 nutral alliance and one dark.

    HOWEVER the light alliance MUST be called Fairy Tail. Why? Because we're a ft rp site. With out FT its like having nothing. FT is our selling point so DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN, DISBAND IT. During the staff conference you all must decide on the alliances names. THE GUILDS ARE NOT DISBANDING, but instead are all combined into different major Guilds/Alliances. We can have an event to support this change.

    3) Systems: I haven't read the systems, but it's imperative we go over them again. Lets review and find any discrepancies on the site. The systems is the sites skeletal structure, guts, and various important bodily extremities. We have to make them strong, yet flexible for change. I'll make another post to point out anything I find a bit odd in the sites systems.

    4) Activity and Member Recruitment: FIRST things first, we need to have a task force to check all our members. Please, we need to find out how many ACTIVE members we have. Anyone who hasn't been on for 3 weeks are immediately considered inactive. However, if they had informed ahead of time of their absence they are excused. Any old apps that are over 1 month old, archive them don't even give them a warning. Send them a PM that they can retrieve the archived app by posting in the staff notification section. (I'll type up a letter, or if you want, someone else can do it) SECOND, if you have any ill feelings on another FT site. FORGET ABOUT IT. Those FT sites are going to be our future affiliates. IT IS CRUCIAL we make peace with any site we have beef with. "Ohhh why would I do that? They where ass wipes!", I don't give a shit. Just do it. If another site has beef with us, chances are they'll talk shit, and we'll lose any possible members. We NEED to show everyone that this site is friendly! We need to show them, that we're different from before. This way all affiliated sites can grow with us, not against us. Running an rp site, is like a business people...sometimes we gotta suck some dick to make people like us. That's life, get used to it. Even so we can't let them push us around, we need to be flexible, but we cant just let other sites push us around. That is why we need to make the systems and our activity stable and strong. THIRD, we need another recruitment event. I'll leave it up to you guys, THINK OF SOMETHING OTHER THAN POSTING OUR ADD ON OTHER SITES ADVERTISEMENTS. We need committed players, I'd much rather have 10 active people than 100 people who signed in, rped for a week, then left. If we want to make this site work, we need committed people to stick with us.

    4) GFX: This is the least of our worries. Yet it's still important, for now at a glace this place looks alright. Yet there's many design flaws. It cluttered, to complex, and the interface is difficult to use for people who never joined a forum based website. PLUS this excess code isn't necessary, its best to keep things simple and clean. We need to find people who are good with GFX. People who won't threaten to take all the gfx when they don't get thier way *ahem*.....As I was saying, this is last but very important, the GFX is what makes the site look pretty and attractive. right now this place looks like a woman who seems pretty but had a shit ton of Botox, plastic surgery and face lifts... It's trying to hard to look pretty, we need to fix this.


    As a last note, if you made this far. Thank you for listening. I look forward to be working with all of you. BACON. FOR THE LOVE ALL THINGS HOLY AND UNHOLY. Get your shit together, as a leader you must PRESIDE & EMPOWER you're fellow staff members. I trust that you'll see to this list, if you all have anything else to say please post bellow. Thank you gain.

    Yours Truly,


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    Re: It's clean up time.

    Post by Mizuko on Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:19 pm

    I have one word to say to all of this:


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    Re: It's clean up time.

    Post by Kyoto on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:58 pm

    1. Staff activity, this should be obvious based on work they have completed/graded etc.. Refer to department heads to see who has been slacking/absent

    2. The only thing I am against out of the entire post is the merging of guilds and dropping down to 3 total guilds. I recommend atleast 6 (2 legal 2 neutral 2 illegal)

    3. Already been in progress (cleaned up, organized, and currently making topics for specific things needed)

    4. Despite what people say, alot of people will come to see what the fuss is about. In business as they say any advertisement good or bad is better than no advertisment. Because good or bad it forces them to visit the site.

    5. GFX - passes to GFX people

    4. Activity was low due to the system being so incomplete for the month of December/January

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    Re: It's clean up time.

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