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    Chrome Matters.(RP Sample)


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    Chrome Matters.(RP Sample)

    Post by Ragecano on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:54 pm

    It was a relatively calm day, which was weird considering how busy the city could get at times. The sky was quite literally orange in color, representative of how stupidly hot it was at the moment. To be exact, the temperature exceeded ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, just walking out here can kill you, but that didn't seem to stop some people from going about their business as usual. Not making matters better however, was the fact that the concrete was searing hot, making it incredibly hard on anybody who didn't have the luxury of wearing shoes on this day.

    Pushing through the scattered crowd of people would be a man who looked as though he were running for his life. He was a fair man of about twenty years: His name was Ragecano, and as he ran, there was something that screamed "I need to get the hell out of here". Giving Ragecano chase was a group of men clad in business suits and black shades, brandishing pistols in their hands. Despite their size, they were surprisingly fast. Members of a mob family were their occupation and career.

    Ragecano had some trouble outrunning them: They were huge compared to him, but they were fast. Making matters worse was that they were smart, and knew almost any strategy that he would try. He had tried to run through alleyways and crowds, but they would catch him in time. There was one time where he even hid under a table at a restaurant, for God's sake. He was just about desperate to get away from these men, and he would do it by any means necessary.

    As he ran, he constantly looked at his surroundings. His lucky break came when he saw a stand with a skillet, grilling bacon and eggs. He would take the skillet, and chuck it at the man in front. The searing food and grease would hit his face along with the metal pan, and he fell down, causing the two others to trip over him and fall.

    As soon as he saw this, he made his biggest break for it into a system of small streets, running fast enough so that he wouldn't be spotted once more. After about ten minutes of straight walking(He had to slow down sometime), he had made it to the city limits. He would cross the border into a densely packed forest, which gave off the signs of your average jungle: Birds screeching, creepy things slithering all over the place, you name it.

    Ragecano would take a long walk throughout the forest, just for the sake of walking. There was also a shade that alleviated his hotness. It wasn't surprising that he could still move, considering his heart felt like it would explode at any minute. He would take to a seated position against one of the vast trees, and doze off to sleep, the fatigue finally catching up to him, and rather abruptly.

    It wouldn't be until six hours had passed and the temperature had cooled that Ragecano woke up. His vision was obscured by a darkness that shrouded the forest. When his eyes adjusted, he would find that it was evening, and that the sky was a dark blue, signifying that night was going to begin soon. He would take to continuing his walk; He knew that the mob that was chasing him wasn't done searching for his head.

    He would walk for about four kilometers until he saw a glistening path to his right. And he said his first words of the day:

    "Why the hell is there a chrome-covered path in a forest?"

    Intending to find out the answer, he walked on the path, and found that his surroundings became increasingly covered in metal. He had thought that some sewage had probably broke out over the area, but it didn't look decayed, much to his satisfaction. He didn't like walking through dirty areas.

    When he reached the end of the path, his eyes widened on what he was to see:

    A great fountain pouring with liquid metal, which appeared to be steel, and a skeleton-like creature standing in front of it. it was clear that the skeleton too was forged from steel, and had a mind and will all its own.

    Rgaecano honestly didn't know what to say: There was no way that skeleton was alive: He didn't believe in resurrection. He pointed his finger at the creature, but his words were barred.

    "I know you're going to ask me what I am, so you don't need to. I am Metallo, a Steel demon."

    He couldn't believe his eyes. Ragecano had thought the demons to have been extinct for ages; He had heard of Demon Slayers, but he thought of them as mindless loons who believed themselves better than others. Needless to say, he was absolutely shocked.

    "No way, that's bullshit. I refuse to believe that you're some devil that shouldn't been dead hundreds of years ago."

    "Don't believe me? Just watch."

    Metallo would reach his hand into the fountain and scoop up a handful of water. Then, without the slightest bit of warning, he would throw it at Ragecano. The liquid metal would impact his chest and start sizzling, burning the clothes underneath. He would scream in pain as the metal began to seep into his skin and into his body.

    It was an incredibly painful method, but it was the only way Metallo could pass his magic onto others. It involved taking the liquid metal from the fountain, and literally embedding it into the poor bastard's body. The plan was that the metal would bond with the "guinea pig's" Magic Power and give them the ability of Steel Devil Slayer Magic. However, there was a risk: The success rate was an incredibly low 20%. If the body rejected the metal, then the target would die a painful death induced by heavy metal toxicity.

    Ragecano squirmed and cringed in pain and the liquid seemed to disappear, leaving an X-shaped mark on his chest. Although it was gone at this time, he could feel the metal bonding with his body in the most painful way possible. After about twenty minutes, the pain subsided along with the mark, but his clothes were still torn.

    "Well, I see you've managed to survive," Metallo would say with a casual tone to his voice.

    The new Devil Slayer was visibly angry now. "What the hell did you do to me!?" He yelled.

    "Nothing too hard. I just gave you the ability to slay demons. Though, I'm surprised you managed to live through it. Most people end up dying by now."

    "You bastard! So you mean that you could've killed me right there!?"

    "I don't know what you're so pissy about, you didn't die, did you?"

    That was three years ago to this day. It was a story he had taken to remembering, since he was the main character of it. He found himself facing the same three men he had eluded all those years ago, now three years older than they were, although their physical ability remains unchanged. There was one thing visibly different though: Ragecano wasn't running. And he had no intention of running, either. With no sense of warning, his hand would transform into a single-edged blade and extend incredibly quickly, so that the blade ran through the man in the middle with ease.

    The other two would watch in horror was the sword was removed, and he fell to the ground, killed instantly. The other two would run towards him, as to ambush him, but to no avail: He would cut them down with the same sword, which wasn't cleaned from the first killing.

    The three men who were formerly itching for Ragecano's head on a platter laid in their mixed blood, life robbed of them in a matter of literally seconds. the Devil Slayer would stand over them, and remember what Metallo had done on that day.

    "What a goddamned coincidence."

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