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    Hoja de Eterna[WIP]


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    Hoja de Eterna[WIP]

    Post by Einar on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:46 pm

    Hoja de Eterna

    Description of Weapon

    Place the description of the weapon, note pictures are allowed so long as they are in spoilers but you still have to provide dimensions, colors, ect, this is to help us understand what your weapon looks like.

    Abilities of the Weapon

    Place the abilities of your weapon, note each weapon can only have 3 abilities maximum, please be reasonable and don't try to exploit rules. You are allowed one active ability and two passive abilities.

    Weaknesses of the Weapon

    For every ability you made you must apply the weaknesses of the weapon in this section here

    Backstory of The Weapon

    Place the history of the weapon, how was it made, who made it, ect, this should be at most 150-250WC minimum.


    Any additional information you want to add place it here, note this is a perfect place to put unlocks and what not.

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