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    Post by Selenia on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:53 pm

    Fairy Tail

    Description of Weapon

    Suki is a .45 caliber pistol with a very dark gray colored metal. It is 6 inches long, 4.5 inches tall, and two inches wide.

    Abilities of the Weapon

    Name: Black Beam

    Rank: S

    Type: Offense

    Range: 250 meters

    Appearance: Suki shoots forth a black beam of darkness which is two inches in radius.

    Description: Black Beam moves at S-Rank spell speed and deals S-Rank darkness damage. It has a max five post duration with a six post cooldown max.

    Extra: Can be aimed in midair.

    Shadow Bullets: The bullets Suki fires carry a second bullet in their shadow, so that even if one is deflected the other will deal the damage. The shadow bullet will strike a second later than the first, although if the first one hits then the second one will still hit but not deal damage unless the enemy is using the water element, in which case it will apply extra damage due to elemental weakness. The damage of the bullets shot are based off of Selenia’s strength stat, just like all weapon damage.

    Rapid Fire, Deadly Accurate: Suki is a weapon made for quick and accurate shots. Since bullet speed and precision are based off of Selenia’s speed and precision stats, just like all weapons, this passive gives Selenia a one tier boost in both precision and speed for five posts a six post cooldown.

    Weaknesses of the Weapon

    -Only holds seven bullets in one magazine. Selenia must reload for one post before she is able to shoot again.
    -Unlike other weapons which can strike quietly, Suki’s shots are loud enough to be heard by those in a 100 meter radius.
    -Can be wielded by anyone, so if taken from Selenia it can be used against her.

    Backstory of The Weapon

    Selenia received Suki from a competition in the Fairy Tail guild which was based on weapon proficiency as part of a set of two guns. The competition occurred three months before the outbreak of the war, and was in part of preparation for those of the guild. It was disguised as a competition in order so that the members of the guild might prepare themselves for the war ahead, as a backup in case they ran out of magic at any time. First place awarded Selenia with two weapons, one of which was Suki. She practiced for a few weeks with a normal pistol before receiving this magically-enhanced one after winning the competition, and finally rounding out her fighting capabilities. Seeing as it is a guild weapon and not character specific, the others in the guild can wield it as well. Usually, however, Selenia has Suki on her waist in a holster.


    Suki is part of a set of two weapons, the other weapon being Gaiki.

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