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    Post by Selenia on Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:28 pm

    Fairy Tail

    Description of Weapon

    Gaiki is a revolver with a silver frame, a cylinder that can hold six bullets, and a black leather grip. It is seven inches long, five inches high, and the barrel is one inch wide.

    Abilities of the Weapon

    Name: Ice Blast

    Rank: S

    Type: Offense

    Range: 250 meters

    Appearance: Ice Blast shoots forth from Gaiki’s muzzle and is an icy blue, 3 inch radius, six inch long oval-shaped blast.

    Description: Ice Blast moves at S-Rank speed and deals S-Rank ice damage. It has a max five post duration, six post cooldown max.

    Extra: Ice Shot can break up into up to sixteen splinters in midair. If so, each will do D-Rank damage. It can also break up into eight which will each do C-Rank damage, or four which will do B-Rank damage, or two which will each do A-Rank damage.

    -Frost Shot: The bullets shot from Gaiki are special in that they have peculiar abilities. When they strike, they freeze that area of the body for five posts with a six post cooldown.

    -Powerful Bullets: Gaiki’s bullets are meant for power. This passive increases Selenia’s strength two tiers for five posts with a six post cooldown.

    Weaknesses of the Weapon

    -Only holds six bullets. Selenia must reload for one post before she is able to shoot again.
    -Unlike other weapons which can strike quietly, Suki’s shots are loud enough to be heard by those in a 100 meter radius.
    -Can be wielded by anyone, so if taken from Selenia it can be used against her.

    Backstory of The Weapon

    Selenia received Gaiki from a competition in the Fairy Tail guild which was based on weapon proficiency as part of a set of two guns. The competition occurred three months before the outbreak of the war, and was in part of preparation for those of the guild. It was disguised as a competition in order so that the members of the guild might prepare themselves for the war ahead, as a backup in case they ran out of magic at any time. First place awarded Selenia with two weapons, one of which was Gaiki. She practiced for a few weeks with a normal pistol before receiving this magically-enhanced one after winning the competition, and finally rounding out her fighting capabilities. Seeing as it is a guild weapon and not character specific, the others in the guild can wield it as well. Usually, however, Selenia has Gaiki on her lower leg in a holster.


    Gaiki is part of a set of two weapons, the other weapon being Suki.

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