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    Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

    Cecilia Crescent

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    Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

    Post by Cecilia Crescent on Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:52 pm

    Cecilia Crescent
    The Useless Juro
    Supposedly well over 500 years-old or so
    September 13th
    True Neutral

    Species Ability/Perk
    Eight Armed Fighter: Cecilia generates up to six additional arms to use in battle. These arms are as durable and flexible as the usual two arms she uses, but come with bladed appendages along their elbows, and even have sharpened, claw-like nails that can work like basic blades. They act like normal arms and deal out the power of a normal punch and kick.

    Enhanced Being: Cecilia has tiny microfibers on the expanse of her body, that allows her to stick and cling to nearly any surface, while being able to move about it without much trouble at all.

    Being a Jurogumo, Cecilia can be and usually is, classified as a spider. A spider-demon to be more exact, whose normally savage nature is displayed in a more childlike nature. These yokai or monsters, are usually lustful, predatory, seductive, and can be quite vicious when prey, or other hunters enter their lands, therefore also making them rather territorial. They are said to be very beautiful and efficient at what they do (which is play music and devour people).

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Cecilia has a tattoo of a spider (black widow) on her tailbone, whose legs wrap over to the sides of her waist.

    Character Depth
    Personality: Cecilia can be viewed as a fun loving, teasing, and childlike woman. That's a simple mask from her actual calculating persona. This is due mostly in part to her nature as a Jurogumo. Cecil tries to always have the one up on any person she meets, calling few people friends. That doesn't mean she's an antisocial by any long shot, she's actually rather extroverted and enjoys the company of many people. The woman chooses to keep her distance on a more intimate level as a way to keep herself guarded, and not fueled entirely by emotion. Cecilia is a cautious, meticulous, and observant person, who is able to multitask her different masks on the fly.

    Those who she does claim as friends, find that she is a very loyal person. Cecilia provides particular services in the way of sexual favors for them, should they appear needy for it. The woman will do this openly and as nonchalantly as anyone person offering such intimate things could be. Besides that, the juro remains as fun loving as usual, but is generally more genuine with her flirtatious actions. Speaking of which, while Cecil normally prefers young men and men in general, she doesn't have any particular disinterest in women. Her love (and feeding) are for everyone who are interested.

    Despite her flirtatious nature, Cecilia calls herself a rather dedicated and loyal woman, but the lack of men or women who can hold her interest for long enough usually has her find other mates. She's attracted to those who love fun as much as her, but can also hold their own. Strength, independence, and a sense of fun are the type of things that grab the attention of the Jurogumo. Her reputation of multiple partners garner her nicknames such as, "web-whore," or, "eight-legged slut," but Cecil pays no mind to those type of names. One could even say that it's extremely difficult to break her composure with mere insults alone.

    Though, in some rare cases, some of which haven't been noted, the Juro has been known to find a mate. One could argue that at first, the relationship is very warm and fluffy, becoming the envy of most couples that gaze upon them. Usually, Cecil is a lot more bubbly and possibly even clingy. Affectionate and one to always make sure her lover is always satisfied, her dedicated side shows frequently.
    -Spiders and other insects, mostly due in part to her being a spider herself. The other insects she either loves as pets, or as a form of food supply.
    -Knitting is something the woman enjoys doing because of her rather silky webbing. Cecilia will spin her own thread and create many different outfits for herself and friends alike.
    -Cecilia is likely insane from her age and has taken a liking to speaking to inanimate objects, even in the presence of other people. Some say that if one does indeed listen closely, they can hear the objects respond...

    -Incompetence stems from a person's ability to do something, but failing to do so out of choice. This is something Cecil deems as ineffective and annoying.
    -Unicorns, because they're always so horny, and people put them up there on a pedestal, like they're the best thing ever. Cecilia believes there are more creatures out there, that are worthy of similar praise, if not more. Which is why she'll forever make it a point, to find one, stab it as many times as she can, and devour whatever entrails it has left when she's done with it.
    -Christmas tree ornaments because they bring happiness, and sometimes, it's just one of those days where Cecil wants nobody to be happy.

    -Fire, a natural enemy to bugs and especially spiders. The very thought of it burning the woman to a crisp, is enough to get her to retaliate like a cornered animal. Thus, she'll prefer the company of darkness when out camping.
    -Big things that crush you, because she's a spider, and being crushed by anything bigger than your body cubed, is not a pretty sight.
    -Sticky things that are usually associated with bug traps. Nothing like having one's limbs stuck and being unable to move, thus subjecting one to being burned alive, or crushed by something bigger than them.

    -To rise to the top of the food chain and prove to every other demon and being out there, that the spider is an apex predator.
    -Gain all eight of her legendary blades. These eight blades were something she lost after a grisly battle and so, she's out for the group that assaulted and stole these valuable instruments of war from her.
    -Find the one special person whose organs can be used, to nest her bountiful eggs. After all, a woman needs their soulmate and any person willing to sacrifice themselves for her children, is a very wonderful find indeed.

    Hair: Jet-black
    Eyes: Gold
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Overall Appearances: Cecilia has an overall hourglass figure, with a large pair of breasts, and a proportioned rear to match. These are the selling points for luring in simple-minded men into her clutches, while considered a nuisance by herself. Her hair shoulder length. Cecil has sharpened, painted nails, with a red-on-black color, and has spider-webs for patterns.


    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Tattoo: None

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    Re: Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

    Post by Genesis on Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:26 pm

    Hi my name is Genesis and I will be grading your app today.

    Alignment: What type of neutral? Lawful neutral? True Neutral? Chaotic Neutral?

    Cecillia Crescent wrote:Eight Armed Fighter: Cecilia generates up to six additional arms to use in battle. These arms are as durable and flexible as the usual two arms she uses, but come with bladed appendages along their elbows, and even have sharpened, claw-like nails that can work like basic blades.

    If the extra arms you have simply act as normal arms this is fine. However if they can cause more damage than a regular punch or a kick that is not allowed.

    Personallity: Currently you only have 215 words, the minimum word count total is 350 words, I'm afraid you will need 135 more words.

    Likes/Dislikes/Fears/Motivations: You must have a sentence that explains why you like this, or why you dislike that, or the reason why you fear that certain thing, and why it motivates you.

    Guild Tattoo: Just put none for now

    Bump when edits have been made~

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    Cecilia Crescent

    Posts : 10
    Join date : 2016-02-14

    Re: Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

    Post by Cecilia Crescent on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:03 pm


    Posts : 323
    Join date : 2015-12-06
    Age : 17

    Re: Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

    Post by Genesis on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:28 pm

    This seems fine to me sooooooo approved!

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    Re: Cecilia Crescent (Complete)

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