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    Post by Yami on Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:22 am

    Yu-Gi-Oh Shadow Anarchy EWMvzAw

    We are a site that recently started, If you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh this is the place for you (For Synchro, XYZ, and Pendulum Player's, these Styles of Cards will not be allowed on this site, just a heads up)

    Hey There, My Name is Spike King, I am a Admin on YGO Shadow Anarchy, by clicking on the Image above you will be taken to our site, where you can create a Duelist, and Duel just for fun, Or Competativly if you wish, The Plot of the site as you can see is on the Cards above, we are a gathering of people who just love the game and love to rp as well.

    We were tired of the Meat grinders that most of the sites have become now a day's and putting so much work into a character just to lose it in the end, we were tired of oppressive Administration and Moderators, So if you are looking for Fun this is the site for you.

    To those who Join, we have three Factions At this moment you can join, the UDC, The Rare Hunters, or the Duelist Rebellion, The UDC are Oppressive government type officials the Duelist Rebellion is their biggest threat in Northern Keiritsu, and the Rare Hunters, well If you know the show, you know what these guys are about, they hunt out rare cards and take them for themselves, they run Southern Keiritsu, and there is a War raging between them and the UDC.

    Another Note for those wishing to join, Don't think any Word count you do is wasted on this site, for every 200 words you type, you gain a star chip, first 10 people to join and use the Code :Slifer
    on the bottom of their character app gets a Free Rare Roll, any UDC/Rare Hunters gain an Extra 2 Rolls, and what are star chips for? they are the currency, and you can buy a pack of 7 cards with them, or check out our weekly shop for rare finds, That's not all.

    We have a Experince system in place now too, what this does is for every post you make you gain 3 experience (Please don't Spam, you will be punished accordingly if they are just Spam posts to gain Experience), and for every Duel you win you gain 20 Exp, and every so often you get rare card rolls as you "Level Up", Not enough rare card rolls for you? We also have an Achievement System, that gains you more Rolls, as well as special titles.

    Now At this time we are in the Duelist Kingdom Arc, for those who have yet to watch YGO this is Season 1, with Battle City coming Soon, but don't fret, we have a few sneak peek cards already released from the Battle City Arc, with more to come.

    Now one of the most asked Questions I get is "How do I Rp YGO?" Well that is simple, Your Rping your character interactions with people (And gaining star chips for it), and if a Duel pops up, we use the Dueling Network , Duel Simulator

    If you have any questions you can PM me on this site or the other (I am Yami on there as well)

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