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    Steel Devil Slayer


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    Steel Devil Slayer

    Post by Ragecano on Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:16 am

    Steel Demon Slayer
    D(For right now)
    Lost, Caster
    Rusty Heart
    Ragecano Sombras

    Magic Description
    Steel Demon Slayer: A Magic that allows the user to take on the characteristics of a devil of steel. The magic allows the user to generate and manipulate a metal with a white hue, and turn parts of their body into the white metal. The only way one may obtain this magic is by being taught by Metallo himself, or by being implanted with a lacrima. In terms of battle ability, this magic can be described as exceptionally balanced; It's offensive and defensive capabilities are level with each other. The user of this magic can turn parts of their body into various constructs, and fortify their body with steel.

    Perks of Magic
    -Iron Man: Being a Devil Slayer of the steel element, the user's bones are imparted with steel, making them much harder to break than normal bones. In other words, it would take double the force that it would take to break a human bone to break these bones.

    -Iron-Based Diet: The user can eat any metal excluding that of a God Slayer.

    -Fullmetal Alchemist: The user has an easier time bending metals, to the point where he can even tie a steel girder with ease.


    -This magic is especially weak to fire of the God Slayer type.

    -When in use, the magic makes the user heavier than usual.

    -Water Devil Slayer magic combined with the air will rust the metal.


    -Has a very even offense and defense.

    -Can be used to make cutting tools, or blunt weapons


    Place your Spells you know here
    Name: Fullmetal Jacket I

    Rank: D

    Type: Defense

    Range: Covers whole body

    Appearance: The user takes on the color of steel when this spell is active.

    Description: When this spell is activated, a skin of steel will cover the user's body from head to toe, excluding hair. The transformation is instant; The user will appear to have the color of steel, when in reality is just an extra skin that can defend from attacks. The skin is only active for three posts; Afterwards he must wait four more before he can activate it again.

    Extra: Nothing much.

    Name: Steel Devil Rage I

    Rank: D

    Type: Offense

    Range: 10 meters

    Appearance: Quite literally a concentrated stream of metal shards. The user inhales, and exhales a blast of thousands of bits of steel, which are bunched together to make a thick stream.

    Description: The spell deals cutting damage due to the shards, first and foremost.
    Extra: Nothing.

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