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    Post by Krow on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:45 pm

    Sora grinned cheerfully, heading out onto the deck of the air-ship he would crack his knuckles, the winds allowing his spiky ivory locks to dance in their presence. He had a dark blue cloth wrapped around his forehead, keeping his hair out of his face, save for his bangs which poked out below the wrapping. He was dressed in a sleeveless blue jumper, a dark blue scarf wrapped around his neck would rest upon the shoulders of the jumper even as he pulled the hood up, hiding ivory locks from view. His lower attire being a pair of black, mid-foreleg length shorts and plain sandals. He gazed through golden orbs up at the clouds, brushing across the aquamarine backdrop. The sun shining brightly, the skies were bright, clear and radiant, gracing the ground below with warmth throughout the day.

    "Hey, you guys, I think we've reached it! Crocus! I can see a coliseum in the distance!"

    Sora exclaimed loudly, jumping up and down excitedly as he clapped and ran toward the Crow's Nest, climbing the ropes with haste. He managed to fall asleep briefly, halfway up the ropes. Snapping back awake he climbed the rest of the way up and took his perch with pride. He leaned over the rail of the basket and grinned looking down upon Crocus. He couldn't help but to be amazed by this view, it was nothing like the island he had grown up on, a child-like excitement filling him as he called out his orders.

    "Hey, Hiro-face, steer the ship over to the coliseum! We can handle our business there, before hitting the pub, that is! I hope they have some Zora Ale!"

    Sora made a point of shouting all of it as he jumped down from the crow's nest, his bodies velocity causing a large portion of the decks wooden boards to shatter. He ignored this fact, making his way towards the edge of the ship so he could get a feel for Crocus' layout. Though, this was naught but a pretense, as he was really looking for a pub they could go drink at after they slugged it out.

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