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    Cecilia Crescent

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    Post by Cecilia Crescent on Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:31 pm

    Name: Juko Magahara
    Rank: D
    Species: Spider
    Type: Companion


    Juko Magahara seems to be on the same coin as Cecilia, but on the other side. He's someone who prefers to keep things more business-like and professional, rather than having a consistent colloquial life-style akin to his partner. Simply put, he serves as an adviser to the woman he is bound to, and thus has to put up with her constant wild and reckless behavior. This shows that he is a patient spider and that he's likely been with Cecil since the beginning.

    Knowledgeable and kind, Juko can be seen as a wise man (not wise old man, that's just insulting). Humble to an appropriate degree, he understands that even though 500 years of life is a long time, it still doesn't mean he has seen everything, nor does he know everything. Though, when sought out, he won't hesitate to impart with what information he has to some. This is normally dependent on who Cecilia allows to see him.
    Juko is a spider that reaches 3 feet in length, 1.5 feet in width, and his leg span reaches eight inches. Eight eyes and legs in total, this black and red furred, tiger-stripped spider, is quite off putting to look at, at first, and his large fangs also don't help any.


    Juko can speak and understand nearly any language.
    He can meow
    Generates a high quality silk that helps aid in Cecilia's knitting escapades.

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    Re: Jukokorogumo

    Post by Genesis on Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:10 pm

    Don't worry its quick edits.

    You currently have 3 perks: talking, meowing (yes counting that) and string making. You can only have one as a companion. Also I will need to see proof of purchase.

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