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    The Demon (S-Rank RP Sample)


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    The Demon (S-Rank RP Sample)

    Post by Eren on Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:04 am

    It was a nice, warm day out around the edge of the East Forest. It was as beautiful as always, the sun shining through the ceiling of leaves, a slight breeze blowing through the branches. That wasn't the case everywhere, though. Eren had heard some rumors about a giant creature living in the ruins of an old castle near the center of the woods, and even though he wasn't certain what it might have been, he decided to go. After a bit of soaring over the treetops, the tops of the castle appeared on the horizon. Just a little after, Eren arrived at the clearing where the castle had been built, though it was nowhere near as great as it once was. Destroyed walls, torn down towers, the entire place was basically just a giant pile of loose stone bricks, except for one tower, which was suprisingly undamaged. Upon closer examination, Eren could see a sort of thick trail of indented bricks spiraling up to the top, as if something had been wrapped around it. There was no creature to be seen, strangely.

    Eren turned around to fly back out of the forest, just as the pile of bricks suddenly bursted open behind him, with a giant snake-like monster shooting out of the resulting hole and wrapping around the tower, right into the tracks. Its giant body was lingered with spikesWell, that makes sense, Eren thought to himself. He barely had enough time to do anything, though, as the snake apparently wasn't planning on staying around that tower forever,  and jumped at Eren, for him to only barely jump out of the way. Close one. Now, my turn... A dark-blue glow appeared around his hand, as he pulled back and made a punching movement, sending himself flying down towards the giant reptile's head, and landing his punch straight into the top of its skull as it attempted to get up, getting it a hard landing back onto the bricks littering the forest ground. Switching into viewing the dimension for his demons, he saw Asura already ready to strike, and as such, created a portal near him and extending one of his six metallic arms straight into the snake's left eye. It let out a shriek of pain, before trying to hit Asura by swinging its head to the left, though the portal had already closed back up. The snake got up before any further attacking could happen, and Eren quickly backed up a bit  to avoid possible attacks.

    The giant snake's head started to emit a white glow from between his scales, and pointed its giant mouth towards Eren, likely preparing some sort of energy attack, alarming him that there was probably some sort of energy attack being charged. He quickly dropped down to the ground, which was a good decision, because only moments later the reptile released a giant beam of energy straight into the spot where Eren just was. Well, this guy's gonna be a good addition to my crew. Now, time for attack... Just after, a portal appeared right in front of the snake's still exposed soft inner mouth, from which the ugly face of Burado appeared, blowing fire and setting the monster's whole face ablaze, temporarily blinding it and leaving it wide open to attack. Eren took the oppurtunity, by commanding Asura to get over there. He opened a series of five consecutive portals, through which Asura propelled his fists, each striking the snake on different places on the face, and finishing with a final slam, bringing the beast back down once again. Eren then performed another Demonic Punch into the snake's right cheek.

    The snake wasn't done for just yet though, as it charged yet another blast of energy in Eren's direction, though much faster than before, giving him no chance to dodge. He still had his defensive spells, though, and opened a portal in front of him, through which his posessed demon shield, Engard, appeared, and successfully managed to disperse the blast and defend Eren, before retreating back into the portal. Another close one. This thing is pretty tough... He opened another portal, this one above the snake's head, from which Sasha's heel came down, slamming its head down yet again. Eren saw the oppurtunity to attack melee, and summoned his blade, with which he flew towards the monster's tail, slicing straight through and lobbing off about three meters of it. The monster shrieked in pain, jumping towards its now damaged rear end in an attempt to kill Eren. He had anticipated that, though, and opened up a portal right behind him, through which Sasha's upper body appeared, hammering her massive fists down straight upon the giant reptile's skull, knocking it to the ground where it finally laid still. Sasha disappeared back into the portal, which shut back up after, and Eren walked up to the unconscious or dead creature.

    He climbed upon the snake's head, raised his blade and struck it down into its head, through its skull. A bright light begins to shine from the wound. "Creature of darkness," Eren said, "You will be my property for the rest of your existence and will serve me as such. You will obey my every command, in any situation and at any time. I will name you Leviathan." After finishing, the light emitted from the wound dimmed down, Eren removed his blade, and the same marking as the tattoo he has appeared on the place of the wound. A giant portal appeared next to Ouboros, through which it slithered into Eren's demon dimension. "There, that's done." Now, what was he going to do? He didn't really have a place to sleep, he'd basically just been couchsurfing for the past couple of weeks. Maybe a guild? Those usually offer rooms to members, right? Before deciding anything else, Eren decided to travel back to Clover to think about what to do, but even on his way there, joining a guild seemed like the best choice he had at the moment. But which one? He went through a list of possible guilds to join in his mind.

    Light guilds were obviously the first to come to mind, as they were most prominently seen in the public eye, though Eren didn't very much like that idea. Dark guilds were also an option, though Eren didn't really see himself or want to see himself as the very evil type of person. There were also the lesser known Neutral guilds, who seemed like the best idea to Eren. They didn't really have any solid alignment, similar to Eren. Now, the choice was between the two Neutral guilds, Black Airs and Rusty Hearts. Black Airs was some sort of pirate-y guild from what he knew, which he didn't really like the idea of very much, as it didn't really seem like a very neutral idea to be a pirate. There was also Rusty Hearts, which seemed like the ideal choice. Not only was it close, as it was also in Clover Town, but it was also pretty neutral in its alignments, only fighting against a parties that are supressing others. Having decided on joining Rusty Hearts, Eren traveled to the tavern in which the guild was housed, opened the door, and walked in.

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