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    Mitsuki's Slayer rp Sample


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    Mitsuki's Slayer rp Sample

    Post by Mitsuki on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:39 pm

    "I don't know, are you sure this is a good idea?" The young Mitsuki said to the large creature that was towering above her. They were standing in front of a large cave and from the side ominous looking pools of liquid were streaming outside. She didn't like the sight of this cave one bit.

    ""You are at pinnacle of you skill without getting some serious training. This cave will prepare you if you succeed. The dragon spoke. Sure she had trained the little girl since she found her lost in the wilds, with no memories of her parents or anything. But there was nothing more the little girl could learn without becoming more powerful and that required that she was put on the path of danger.

    "And if I don't?" The girl timidly asked. This was her first time she was going to be actually thrown in danger. What she didn't know was that the enemies inside this cave weren't that strong and ordered not to kill her or to maim her to hard. But she wasn't allowed to find that one out just yet. If she did, the entire meaning of this training would be pointless. She had to get used to life or death situations. The best moment to get used to it of course, was when it wasn't.

    "You know that yourself, don't you."  Of course she did, if she failed she would die. Which wasn't exactly true but it was what she was required to think. She wasn't going to get stronger fighting large frogs forever. This trust filled Mitsuki with some determination. Even if she was scared, if Dyoka trust her then it should be fine. Even if she didn't feel up to it, she just had to do it. She couldn't hide behind the dragon forever. The cave was a little to small for the dragon to go in without causing it to collapse, so Dyoka just waited outside. Half determined and half scared the young woman entered the cave.

    'Gee it sure is dark in here, if I only could see.' She thought while thinking of what she had learned so far. Dragon Slayers can use more than just their eyes. She remembered that and smelled around. She smelled something disturbing. She couldn't quite figure out what it was, but it didn't smell like anything she had ever smelled before. And it was close. Very close. Suddenly she heard something left from her. When turned aside she felt a harsh pain in her left arm. Something had bitten her there and rather hard too. But not being able to see was a pain to fight here. There was only one opponent right now, she couldn't smell or hear any more than on of these things, so she thought there was only one. All she had to do was get through this cave, she didn't actually had to fight anything in here.

    She decided to move the battle field. Fighting here wouldn't gain her anything, she wouldn't be able to aim her attacks at the creature that was attacking her. Running in another direction she eventually crossed a spot where a small amount of light was falling from the ceiling. This was good enough, here she should be able to view her unknown opponent and fight back. It didn't took long for her opponent to appear on the scene. It turned out to be a snake, and a large one at that. This one was larger than Mitsuki herself. The frogs she was fighting up till now were at least half that big and barely dangerous at all. Well time to cut loose, if she didn't go all out here it was goodbye earthland.

    She charged at her opponent in an attempt to punch it's main body. That, however was a bad idea. The snake anticipated such an attack and quickly jumped on the girl. It didn't took long before it had wrapped itself entirely around her body. The more she tried to resist the harder the snake pulled. Quickly thinking she unleashed some poison with her hands by forming claws and slicing the beast. That had some effect it seemed as it's grip loosened. Great, despite being a snake it didn't seem to be immune to her poison magic.

    Afterwards her attack seemed to be a little more effective than she thought it had been seeing the large wound over the snakes body. Well she did hit him on multiple spots rather hard in desperation. Who knew what she hit. But this fight was not over yet, that thing could still move with a rather fast speed for something without legs.

    One more strike from each side. Mitsuki used her feet enhanced with magic, while the snake tried to grab it again, this time however, it was Mitsuki who thought of that. Immediately she lift her other foot and hit the snake on the head with it. This caused to snake to scream in pain while it let louse after which Mitsuki kicked it again with her good leg. And with that the Snake quickly ran away. Mitsuki decided that it wasn't a good idea to chase it, who knew what she could encounter here. But she still had to succeed with her task of reaching the cave's exit.

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