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    Highschool DxD: Rebirth


    Highschool DxD: Rebirth Empty Highschool DxD: Rebirth

    Post by DxD ADMIN on Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:12 am

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    This is an rp based in the Highschool DxD Universe, taking place 50 years after Rias Gremory had finished highschool. This means a lot has changed, but if you want to really know anything in detail look at the plot. This is the first actual DxD rp forum on the internet to be made, no lies what so ever. Rebirth does have a lot of things most rp sites don't though, for one being so many different races you can choose to play as along with items. There is a shop that you can go to for your own weapons and armor, a friendly site that doesn't allow any trolls, stalkers, or bullies as well. We even have something most zetaboards don't have, you can actually have sex, or to put it simply; you can write out sexual scenes like erotica. Write them out as erotica more or less and your fine. Site plot will also be shaped by the players, not just by the staff.

    • 20+ Races to choose from
    • 7+ Stats for many character building options
    • Three worlds to rp in
    • Make your own weapons and armor
    • Form your own groups or even make your own organization
      .....and much more!

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