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    The Story of a Nephilim

    Axel Vista

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    The Story of a Nephilim

    Post by Axel Vista on Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:05 pm

    The story begins with a young boy by the name of Axel Vista the first and only born son of the Vista family, and its sole heir. Axel grew up the son to Jayden Vista and Miki Vista, however he was treated more like a over worked stepchild throughout his upbringing. As the only child that Miki could give birth to due to a problem with her egg supply, she and Jayden made sure to groom Axel for success so that he could one day take over the company for them. However from a young age of 3 Axel had other plans. After going to a festival for his third birthday he figured out that he wanted to become a mage, and he never told his parents this and so he continued his training to become the heir.

    Day after day Axel trained his ass off in secret so that he could learn to harness magic however it was to no avail as he wasn’t able to do it. Axel was now 5 years old and his parents enrolled him and prep school for all the kids of rich business tycoons. One day while at school Axel was playing with the other kids outside and suddenly he began to experience intense back pains. So his teacher took him to the nurse who said that visibly there was nothing wrong with him and that there was nothing she could do besides give him some medicine. So Axel started to feel better after taking the medicine and went back to the playground to play, however after about 5 minutes of running around and playing Axel sprouted little tiny demon wings from his back and began to levitate in the air as he cried from the pain.

    All the other kids and the adults were all amazed and astounded by what they were seeing, and after a few minutes the wings went back into Axel’s back and he fell to the ground crying. Immediately after school security came running out to the playground and grabbed up Axel and took him to a room where they locked him inside all alone. After about 30 minutes Axel’s parents came up to the school where the principle and Axel’s teacher told them what had happened. Jayden being a mage knew what this meant; it meant that Axel was not his son and that his father was a demon. The more important thing was that his wife Miki had cheated on him; he said nothing of it at the time but instead put on a smile and said “We would like to just take our son home.” However when he said this the principle replied to him and said “Sir he is no longer allowed in our school.” Jayden smiled more and said “That’s fine this place isn’t meant for him anyway.”

    So Jayden and Miki got security to let Axel out of the room and they took him home. When they arrived back to the house Jayden told Axel and Miki to come into the living room. Once they both were there he grabbed them both and pulled them into a family hug and said “Family is the key, however Axel you aren’t my son. Miki you had an affair with a demon.” Both Axel and Miki’s faces lit up with shock and surprise.  And in that moment Jayden released them both and walked out the door of the house. Miki tried to talk to Axel and let think that what Jayden said was just a really bad joke even though she knew it was nothing of the sort.

    Fast forward the clock till when Axel is now 13. Him and Miki have still not heard from Jayden since the day he left them. Axel now has full control of his demon abilities and Miki has taken over as the temporary CEO of Vista Consolidated, their family company. However after 8 years without hearing from him Jayden returned and he was somehow different. He walked through the front door of the house with a full beard and ragged hair neither of which have probably been cut in well over a year. Axel and Miki were happy to see him however when Miki tried to hug him, he struck her with his left hand and said “That’s for cheating you dumb bitch.” He then picked Axel up by the neck and choked him and said “Come one maggot imma get you strong. So go take off that dumb school uniform so I can teach you some magic.” Axel even though was being choked at the time was over joyed by the thought of Jayden teaching him magic. “Wow really?!?!” Axel said with all his might while being choked. Jayden then laughed and sat him down and said “Yeah foreal now go change.” As Axel got up to go change clothes he couldn’t help but notice something was different about Jayden. Like he had become something different, something darker.

    Fast forward another three years and Axel is now 16 and he has long since dropped out of school and is magic training full time with Jayden. Since Jayden’s return he has hit Miki almost every day, and surprisingly Axel doesn’t say a word as if he doesn’t care or doesn’t see it.  One day the beating was really bad though, so bad it showed why Jayden had felt so different. It showed that in his  8 years of absence that he had become a demon, so that he could properly teach Axel to use his half breed abilities. One the day in question Jayden was beating Miki and as he got angry his eyes glowed a dark crimson red a trait of demons and a recessive trait of half breed demons. “Its nothing to concern yourself with Axel…” Jayden said referring to his eyes and Axel knowing what he was now.

    Strangely enough they never spoke of what Jayden had become until Axel’s 18 birthday, when Jayden spoke to Axel in private and said “Its time for you to claim your destiny my son. You shall claim the power that was your birth father’s and your mothers. In order to do that you must kill me and Miki.” Axel barely flinched when Jayden said this but he looked to him and said “Why must I kill you? You aren’t my birth father.” Jayden chuckled and said “You’re right but when I was gone I tracked him down and killed him and stole his power so one day I could give it to you. You may not be my birth son but I shall treat you as such until the very end. Besides you will kill the demon within me and not the human me.” With those final words Axel didn’t hesitate one bit when he went to the kitchen where Miki was and looked her in the eye.

    “Mom I loe you but this is my path, and this is the path you chose for me when you had sex with my father…” Axel then took a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the throat before she could utter a word. However when she died it was with a smile on her face, it was assumed that she was finally freed from her hell on earth. And then the time had come when Jayden walked into the kitchen and said “Im proud of you Axel, now end this chapter and start your new one.” Axel then removed the kitchen knife from his mother’s throat and stood up and stabbed Jayden in the chest and said a prayer as his body fell to the ground. “Forgive and have mercy on him. Protect him from the punishment of the grave, and the torment of the Fire.” He then packed his belongings and left the house never to return again.

    Fast forward one more year to close to the current time or rather the start of the war. Axel didn’t take part in it at first that was however until he was forced into it. All Axel wanted to do was help civilians escape the area however some mages from Tartorus ambushed him and from that point forward he just decided that he might as well help the good guys. Honestly Axel didn’t enter before because he saw no purpose and place for him to be there especially since he saw no such thing as good or evil. After the war Axel started wearing a white mask when out traveling as a form of disguise mainly to hid his eyes so that people wont see them turn red when he gets angry.

    The main reason this became a thing for him was because during the war he was even attacked by his own comrades due to his demon heritage. He was out numbered 3 to 1 and managed to survive by flying around them. The first one charge him to which Axel responded by taking flight and coming down from the air and cutting him down the middle. The second tried to use air magic so that he too could fly and the two began to have a fist fight in mid-air, until the mage used his magic to take the oxygen from the air and began to suffocate Axel. However an enemy killed the man by shooting him in the eye with a arrow. The third man tried to take advantage of Axel trying to catch his breath but caught a swift end when Axel took all of his remaining strength and stabbed him in the heart.

    Later on Axel began to offer his services to the highest bidder as a mercenary. For the time it was a good career however after a while he began to fall into a dark space in the magical world. The once straight A student and magical prodigy had turned into a a loaded weapon ready to be aimed and fired. This was the life he had chosen for himself and the one he kinda wish he hadn't gotten to. It was a short while after that he met a man by the name of Zagan. Zagan was a rather mysterious man and he was very sharp with his words. One day Axel and Zagan met and Axel was convinced to kill and replace the guild master of Zagan's guild who went by the name of Bertha. Apparently Bertha was a evil woman who was running the guild into the ground. By Axel killing her and replacing her as the guild's front man he would help Zagan return it to a good place. So he accepted the task and went to work to devise a plan for the assassination.

    It took about a week for the assassination plan to come together. On the fateful night Axel and Zagan met and the latter gave the former a schedule of where and what Bertha would be doing at any given time. With this information Axel decided to kill her in her sleep. So after the meeting Axel snuck into the guild hall in the floating city of Rum and make his way to Bertha's room. Along the way he came across two of the guild's members who he convinced that he was just a new member who got lost on his way to the bathroom. However those two would start a chain of events later on down the line that would become key to a major change for the guild. After the members left and went about with their patrols Axel found his way to Bertha's room and as he planned, killed her in her sleep. Axel put a pillow over Bertha's face as to quiet the screams when he stabbed her in the throat. After he killed her Axel made his way out the room through the window and flew off into the night sky, leaving Bertha's body for whoever to find. However when he left the body was then recovered by none of than Zagan.

    The next day Zagan called a meeting to announce that Axel was the new "leader" of Tartaros, however when everyone arrived Bertha's body and head hung from the ceiling. It was then when Zagan and Axel declared that the guild would now known as Demon Blade. Then Axel killed all the old members except 7 of them. This newly formed guild would have its time to shine however after a while Axel grew tired of Zagan and his ways. So he decided to make a plan, he called a meeting with the guild members. They all sat down and decided that Zagan should be exiled from the guild and that they should redo their ways. The vote was unanimous and Zagan was exiled. He soon left the flying city of Rum and went to only god knows where, however one thing was said and thats if they ever saw Zagan again he would be killed on site.

    The next thing they decided to do was make the guild a "family" they did this by performing a ritual to bind them and all of their bloodline together as a family. Meaning all their family proceeding them and preceding them were a part of this "family" and any new members would have to be inducted using a version of this same ritual. The guild would then change their name to The Jaegers which meant Hunters. Although they didnt hunt anyone the name had a symbolic meaning because birds were like their spirit animal and a lot of birds are hunters. Axel decided to make a code of conduct for his newly formed family. The Tenants were as follows:
    • Never dishonor the Alssiad Rayiys(The Guildmaster).
    • Never betray the family or its secrets.
    • Always follow chain of command, and respect all orders given from superiors.
    • Never steal the possessions of a brother or sister.
    • Never kill a brother or sister.
    • Never kill a innocent or unarmed opponent unless the ends justify the means.
    • Anyone who makes the rank of lieutenant and above shall be given a new name and abandon their old one.
    • He who shall survive the blade of the Alssiad Rayiys in a trial by combat shall become Alssiad Rayiys.
    • Those who break the any of the above tenants shall face the Hunter's Curse.

    After that was done they went out and figured out a suiting punishment for what would come with the hunter's curse. So it was decided by the family that the curse would fall upon anyone in the family that broke the tenants. When a member breaks the tenants they would be tormented by hallucinations and drive them insane so that they could commit suicide. It was also decided that when the time for guildmasters to change that their would be a ceremony to pass the family link from one member to the next. After all these preparations and things were made the guild became official and the Jaegers were born and they were made to be a nomadic tribe so the floating city that once belonged to Tartaros and Demon Blade would be perfect for a base. However Axel knew that something had to be done as Tartaros and Demon Blade still had enemies and they would mistake his new family for the two evil guilds. Axel went and wrote a well thought out letter to the magic council and all the guilds light and dark of fiore.

    To Whom it may concern,
    I am The Visionary, and I am the leader of a family known as The Jaegers. We are a nomadic tribe that wishes no fueds with anybody. We now occupy the flying city of Rum that used to be home to the evil guilds known as Tartaros and Demon Blade. Should you find our flying city please do not attack but the chances are unlikely due to our constant moving.

    That was the main points of the letter however Axel knew he could live without help so he would wait and find out a guild that he could align himself with. In the end Axel had no real mission for his guild other than for his family to live happily and in peace. He refused to go back to his savage ways from when he was a Demon Blade member, he wanted to go back to his ways that he had before he was dragged into darkness by his demon heritage. The nights following the ceremony Axel was plagued by the pain and feelings that any of his guild members felt because something was done wrong with the ceremony. However Axel gladly would feel the pain because he knew if he took it, than his family would be better off. They surely fixed the spell so that would not happen anymore.

    The group faced its first troubles when the flying city began to lose its power and so they had to find a strong enough solution. The best thing they could do was to link the city's power to the family bonding link.

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