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    Blade of the Cursed first King: Balmung [WIP]

    Norou Shikage

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    Blade of the Cursed first King: Balmung [WIP]

    Post by Norou Shikage on Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:12 pm

    Blade of the Cursed first King: Balmung

    Magic Description
    Blade of the Cursed first King:
    Blade of the Cursed first King unsheathed:
    Balmung is the fabled blade wielded by the First King of Fiore who had been killed and cursed to live inside the blade as a 'Blade-Wraith'. Balmung itself is a sword of legend known for slaying many dragons in its time, some at the hands for the King himself, Balmung became cursed when he was killed by the dark guild that ended the golden ages, cursing the king to be bound to the blade forever. The sword weighs in at around eight and a half lbs and is six feet long in total.

    So long as it's user is in contact with the blade itself then the use has access to the cursed magic within the blade. Balmung allows its user to utilize the full extend of the Wraith trapped within the sword, essentially turning its user into a Wraith and gain the abilities of the Wraith. Wraiths are similar in manner to Ghosts as they are the apparition of the dead, Wraiths do not get to pass on to the next world however, Wraiths are trapped in a ghostly version of the very world they live in, rarely able to make contact with the other side as they are forced to watch time go by and the world move on around them as they stand still in it's cold grasp. Abilities involve the use of the ghostly energy that the Wraith is able to exude in order to deal damage, Drake is capable to partially switch with his Wraith form so that he doesn't take damage in certain area's as well as being able to turn completely Wraith if he so chooses. Wraith energy can be used to stun opponents and drain health from them as well, Wraith energy can be molded into various forms such as blasts and projectiles which can be shot from the user or the sword.

    The Wraiths power is also capable of dominating the minds of those who are weak willed or easily tricked, by Branding them with his Wraith energy he can seep into their mind and control their actions to a point, instead of literally controlling them it can change their view-point on things, Seeing Drake as not Drake but the Wraith himself, causing them to think that he is an ally. (This is usually an NPC thing.) Branding has a couple other purposes also, Branding random objects can allow the Wraith to manipulate them or allow him to transport his Wraith energy to them, acting as hubs for his power. Brand can also be used on PC allies and enemies for various purposes such as tracking, damaging, buffing among other things.

    Perks of Magic
    Put the Perks of the Magic here maximum of 3 of which each has to have a downfall.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

    Place your Spells you know here
    Name: Brand

    Rank: D

    Type: Supplementary

    Range: Physical touch

    Appearance: Takes on the appearance of a hand-print burned into whatever Drake brands, leaving a greenish glow to it.

    Description: Drake places his hand on an object/PC/NPC and charges Wraith magic into his palm, burning an imprint of his hand onto whatever the target it, while it's main use is not within the confines of the actual brand spell, Brand is capable of dealing damage to D rank mages, causing D rank burn damage.

    Extra: Many spells will tie into this one being used.

    {C-rank Spells here}

    {B-Rank Spells here}

    {A-Rank Spells here}

    Wraith Mantle:
    Name: Wraith Mantle

    Rank: S

    Type: Defense

    Range: Self-use

    Appearance: A Ghostly mantle of the Blade-Wraith seemingly shrouds Drake's body with its own.

    Description: Charging his body with the power of the Blade-Wraith, Drake summons a ghostly mantle of the Blade-Wraith which basically over shields his body with the body and armament of the Blade-Wraith and his black, caped armor. This has the capability to block 1 SS,  2 S rank or 4 A rank or 8 B rank or 16 C rank or 32 D rank spell, instead of blocking however, the spells will simply pass right through him, shielding him if there is some sort of explosion or something attached to it, leaving him unharmed.

    Extra: This spell is badass?

    Shadow of Balmung:
    Name: Shadow of Balmung: Wrath of the Cursed King

    Rank: SS

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 900 meters.

    Appearance: Gripping his blade tightly, Drake and the Wraith charge the sword with an extremely high amount of Wraith magic, Drake will then bring all within 900 meters of him into the Shadow realm, a realm where Wraiths and other ghostly apparitions reside. This world is very dark, seemingly as if it is constantly night. The air is extremely cold and dry, much like a massive fridge. The Blade-Wraith will then call upon all of his anger and malice, forming one hundred basketball sized collections of Wraith energy around the area.

    Description: Calling upon the Anger and Malice of the Blade-Wraith, Drake drags all within 900 meters of him into the Shadow realm, Drake along with the Blade-Wraith will then create all spheres of Wraith energy in an area of 100 meters around him, all floating roughly 4 feet in the air. Pointing his blade at his desired target, the Blade-Wraith will begin to start changing in old Fiorean language, commanding the Wraith energy to smite his targets. All one hundred spheres will then soar at high speeds towards the target as if dark stars shooting in the nights sky, these orbs will attempt to crash into the enemy, collecting together around the enemy and stunning them in place for 2 posts and dealing some damage. Drake and the Blade-Wraith will then swing the sword behind them, taking a power stance before gaining increased movement speed, dashing towards the target and charging the blade once more with a greenish, smoke-like energy. Once the target has been reached, Drake and the Blade-Wraith will downward slash upon the target with the massive amount of Wraith-energy charged in the blade, as the hit connects it causes a localized explosion of Wraith energy within 10 meters of the strike, this strike is capable of causing SS ranked physical damage as well as SS ranked burn damage due to a Wraith-burn effect.

    Extra: Due to the fact that the final strike of this spell is also a physical attack, physical damage will also be applied following the physical/non-magical damage percentages from rank to rank.


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    Re: Blade of the Cursed first King: Balmung [WIP]

    Post by Selenia on Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:44 pm

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