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    The Rain


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    The Rain

    Post by Madpluto on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:06 pm

    The rain fell hard on the humdrum town, Kent felt the rain on his shoulders and face, his red bangs stuck to his eye like an eyepatch obscuring his vision he sighed as he left the train station. although the rain was getting him down he knew he had a job to do and he knew that his rain had something to do with it. It was oddly and eerily familiar to his father's. His father, Ansel was a water mage and a God slayer at that. Only someone like him could be able to produce rain like that. He payed his thoughts no attention as he went to find the person who advertised the job in the first place. The mayor of the sad down of Oluville was the woman who requested Kent's services as he had been known in a great many parts for figuring out mysteries. "I'm glad you're here" she said desperately. "This torrent has been going on for weeks now and its driven the tourists away." Kent ran his fingers though his hair and sighed thoughtfully frowning slightly. "This type of phenomenon looks familiar" he remarked thoughtfully "I think I'll be able to figure it out. It shan't take long." Kent decided to explore the city a little bit more before settling in to finding clues. The rain was really beginning to get to him. Even though he had been around rain and water for much of his life, he felt like the water was weighing him down somehow like someone had sapping his energy...something that his father used to do to train him and his brother. He didn't want to think that his father was behind any of this. It couldn't be! his father was a hard and gruff man and not the biggest fan of humanity but he wouldn't do something like this. the rain was slowly sucking the life out of the inhabitants of Oluville. Kent couldn't have it spread any further than this town. walked downstairs into the living room of the mayor's house, she was letting him stay at her residence, there he saw the woman in one of the ornately carved rocking chairs facing the fire looking reflective. "I don't know what to do anymore," she said without turning from the fire "no only is no one coming to town anymore but the citizens are sick and the few that were somewhat healthy have already left." [/color] Kent really wanted to help her and he would have to find and neutralize the culprit even if it means taking out his father. He had an idea that might just end the rain in Oluville. The heavenly body mage walked outside and up to the roof he tried using spell Venus to catch the rain and reflect it back to whatever or whoever was causing the spell. The hand mirror of Venus reflected the rain to a tiny house on the outskirts of town. This was no accident; he knew that he had to face someone his family because he knew the seal outside of the door it was definitely a Lensa.

    Kent opened the door holding his breath in anticipation. As it opened, he was stunned and surprised that the person in the chair waiting for him was someone that was not part of his family. He exhaled briskly and smirked slightly. His eyes were narrow has he walked toward the figure "I could have known that you'd have been here," he said coldly. "Well, aren't you quite the detective Mad Pluto?" the voice cooed in a sarcastic tone. It was one of the few failed god slayers, a former student of Kent's father, Samuel. "I don't even know why you're here its not like you ever see your father anymore." he goaded as he stood up using water magic to put out the fire in the fireplace. Kent stood his ground, still he did not know how much magic he had learned since he had seen him last. He could be a lot of different things so Kent was focused and ready to act at a moments notice. Samuel used a God Slayer move, the Water's God Torrent. A move that he had never seen luckily he didn't take too much damage from it, having a resistance to such magic. Still, it knocked him back several feet throwing him outside. Getting up, he had to counter with the spell Sirius. A flash of White light enveloped them both and within the confusion he was able to use the offensive spell Mars to create a searing heat to dispel the water. He was surprised when he found that the fire was being sent back to him. He realized that he was a memory make mage. He took his father's magic in order to frame him. "You bastard, I know what you're doing," Kent roared. "My dad has done some terrible things in the past and to be honest I wouldn't put it past him to do something that you're doing right now making this awful rain but still, you Will not tarnish the Lensa name!". He cast a mix of Neptune, Mars and Mercury to create a steam then rushed him with the the spell Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn for defence and Jupiter for thunder to knock Samuel unconscious winning him the fight. The rain slowly began to dissipate as Kent went to see the mayor. the mayor thanked him profusely. "I'll be back for you again, remember this!" said Samuel as he was carted off. "Thank you very much, to be honest I called you here because I thought that you're father was behind this. Its very similar to his handiwork" said the mayor shaking his hand. "Ya, this does sound something that my father would do but I'm glad that its over." Kent left the city quite quickly after that. He was quite tired after being pummelled with all that rain sapping his strength the past day and a half. As he trudged back to the guild he wondered if his father put Samuel up to this of if this was just an isolated incident. hopefully he would get more answers in the coming weeks. Kent hoped that he wouldn't have too many jobs to do cause he wanted to pursue this adventure a little further and hopefully he'd get that chance soon enough.  


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