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    Lets go Shopping


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    Lets go Shopping

    Post by Hiroko on Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:57 am

    Name of Job: Lets go Shopping
    Rank of Job: D
    Repeatable: Yes
    Guild: -
    Hina: Hina is 96 years old. She loves too cook and loves having company. She is quite short with a high of a bit less than 6 feet tall. She is very talkative and friendly so you won't have trouble with her. She can get scared easily and usually uses the excuse about herself being very old for people to help her.
    "Please, I'm quite old and can't carry all my stuff by myself, I need a strong young mage to help me out with this, I'll pay well for the job and it won't take to much time. I need help to go to the market, I need someone to carry food for me and protect me if necessary."
    In Clover town, an old lady named Hina needs help to go to the market. She's very old now and about to turn 97, but last time she went to the market by herself, she was robed and lost her purse. Since then, she always went with her grandson, but this time, he isn't home and Hina needs protection. In the market, work will be very simple, just escort the old lady around, help her carrying anything she wants to take and protect her from any incoming threats. You'll have to escort her back to her house. Also, don't let her get to scared to stressed, she's old and can get easily affected by those emotions.
    At the market, you won't find too many enemies. The first thing you have to be careful with, is the stand guys. Some of them will try to ask for more money that it is or will try to give the old woman less than she bought. Those are easy to deal with, but the real enemies are thieves, in the market, even if there aren't many, you can fin some, but they can be taken care of easily.

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