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    The Black Snake Order


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    The Black Snake Order

    Post by Hiroko on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:13 am

    Name of Job: The Black Snake Order
    Rank of Job: SS
    Repeatable: Yes
    Guild: -
    Description: Long time ago in Zaplana town, a very evil group called the Black Snake Order. They were a secret group for a long time, but many murders in Zaplana town caught the governments attention. These men were killing people for evil rituals to summon their god. After a huge investigation, this murders stopped and the order disappeared for around 20 years. The town was peaceful again, but when they finally forgot about these terrible murders, another murder was witnessed by the people in Zaplana. The dead corp was that of a woman found in the south part of town. She was drowned to death in a nearby fountain. People got confused and terrified about this and order was searched for by investigating the death of such woman. After that first death, another murder was found in the east part of town. It was a male this time. They found the corp half buried in ground. The chaos ruled the town and the murders couldn't been found. A few day later another male was killed in north of town. He was hanged in a building. After investigating all these murders, those in charge easily found the answer to where were they gonna kill the next person. A few days later, near a big square in the west area of Zaplana, a woman was tied up in a pole in the middle of a wooden platform. Five men surrounded the platform and fired up the wooden pole killing the woman in front of the crowed. Soldiers didn't act as enough and the woman died, but the men were surrounded easily. Those men were wearing dark robes and didn't let people see their faces.
    "This town has been marked by the order of the black snake. Five of us have fallen, but six will rise in this same town. Your time is running, Desierto's time is running, you have your time counted. And remember, the black snake will rise from the dark to end what we've started."
    After one of the men in robes shouted their terrifying message, they all jumped inside the flames to burn with the woman. Soldiers quickly tried to control the fire, and when they finally reduced the situation to nothing but ashes, only one corpse was found, the woman's body. This terrifying event caused fear in many people and was then known as the 12 days of darkness. But after a few years, it was buried by people's memories and lost from people's fear. 100 years after the incident, something even scarier has arrived to Desierto. What people call the black snake, has terrorized and killed people. He has infested and destroyed crops and land leaving nothing but some sort of swamp in the middle of the dessert. Mages from all around the world have been called to see the snake and defeat it if possible. People from the country have seen this snake around, but after it's arrival, nobody has been strong enough to actually fight with it. The area the snake has taken is completely inhabited by any living thing, and now is the moment to defeat the snake. Reasons are unknown, but the snake is looking each time weaker, it may be because of the lack of power to absorb, but it's something we need to take advantage of.
    The only enemy, also known as the black snake, is a terrifying creature. A giant 150 meter long snake with 6 heads. The snake is black, but it looks like his mouth and body is full of some sort of purple liquid. The snake itself has acidic properties which allow him to burn any type of material. In his weakened state, the snake is stronger than any human and faster than most. His power is huge and can't be compared to almost any living creature in the world. The snake itself is always surrounded by a dark like aura. Just being around the snake can cause sickness and can instantly knock down weak people. Everything around feels terrible, even the air feels rotten and can cause many complications. The sky above the snake is also always dark. He lies in a dark purple like pit. The pit is covered in purple acid which can burn people and cause painful damage. The acid also has poisonous characteristics. Because of this, even one attack, the acid will burn flesh and will reach internal systems which will first of all be very painful, but it will also cause the target to get poisoned. It's poison, while not fatal, can cause lots of internal damage and very strong sickness feeling. To defeat this powerful creature, you must be very careful and probably use some help. It's a complicated job and only the strongest mages in the whole world have the ability to actually defeat this creature, or at least make ti go back to sleep for a while, this way it won't get stronger.
    The Black Snake Kuro is the human world form of one of the strongest evil gods. Even if the snake isn't as strong as the god itself, it still has a huge power. The snake will attack you by spitting poisonous acid attacks and will also use his multiple giant heads to fight you since each head is bigger than a normal human. The snake is 100 meters long and each head 2 meters wide but can open it's mouth up to 5 meters big. The snake is very heavy, so carrying it won't be an option and tackles from it will be devastating. The snake also has a couple attacks which will use to defeat you quicker.

    Name: Black Rain
    Description: Kuro will summons an acid rain from the dark clouds above him. This acid rain is able to burn skin and deal S rank damage to anyone in the thread. It's easily blocked, but if you don't see it coming, it will be too late to try to keep the rain away from you. This attack will only be used once in the thread. It can be blocked by B rank or higher spells.

    Name: Sonic Canon
    Description: Kuro will shout as heard as he can creating a 5 meter wide invisible canon able to crush rocks with ease. This attack deals A Rank damage and can be used with each of his 6 heads. The damage however won't stack if it hits you with more than one Sonic canon at the saame time. Kuro won't use this attack more than twice. Can be blocked with a A rank or higher defensive spell.

    Name: Acid Bomb
    Description: The snake will charge a little acid sphere inside his mouth. He then shoots it at the enemy. The sphere is 1 meter wide and can shoot up to 6 at the time, though he won't probably attack you with more than one if you're only one target. This is his most common attack and can deal C rank damage.

    Name: Self Destruct
    Description: Kuro aims his head towards a target. He then tackles the enemy so hard his head will crush against the ground and will quite literally explode dealing A rank damage to anyone nearby in the attack and dealing S rank damage if you were efficiently hit with the head before exploding. The radius of the explosion is 10 meters and the snake will lose 10% of his maximum life with this attack. This can be performed u to 5 times losing 6 of it's heads.

    The snake can resist a lot of damage and is considered a SS rank when applying damage on him. To know more about how much damage is dealt to him, you can check the chart in the health regulations. But instead of having 100% of health, it has 200% making it stronger. The snake can also use melee attacks dealing normal damage a SS rank mage would.

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