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    Valentine's Day (Event)


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    Valentine's Day (Event) Empty Valentine's Day (Event)

    Post by Genesis on Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:25 pm

    That day, the air seemed to be made of love. What was the date? Well, it was Valentine’s day and what better way to celebrate it than to throw a party at Crocus. Many people were gathered there that day excited. The young girl jumped up and down the get a better look but despite her efforts she could not.“Excuse me. Excuse me. Coming through.” She said as she approached the stage. She ran on all fours, this was when she wanted to run quickly in her human form due to how natural this felt for her. Genesis approached the stage with a smile on her face. She never celebrated anything like Valentine’s Day in her life. The closest experience that she had to Valentine’s day would be around her birthday. It was an event dubbed 'Mating day', and Genesis gave a quick laugh.

    “Hello? Hello.” She said into the microphone. The feedback hurt her ears and made her flatten them against her head in irritation. “Ugh. Anyways as I wanted to say, welcome to Crocus everyone. This is our first annual Valentine’s Day party. I hope you folks are having a blast because this took a lot of planning and our sweat, blood and tears to make this perfect for you.” She said with a breathless laughter.“Now I may look young to you all but I’m actually much older than most of you in this room. I know how to have a good time. Have fun eating, drinking and just messing around. Don’t feel shy to flirt with some nearby members, after all love is universal. I, myself may be doing some as well.” She said with a wink before bursting out in laughter.

    “Keep in mind what I said, this is a day of love not violence. Today everyone are pacifists so if you get in a fight the person who threw the first hit will be thrown out. If I see one offensive spell thrown considered yourself uninvited, unless it’s for self-defense.  Now one final thing, don’t go overboard. I don’t want to see people getting over another. I don’t want to see a recreation of ‘mating day’ as I call it. If you wish to partake in that activity save it for tonight, in your own private quarters. I recommend just keeping it friendly for those who are under 18 of age.” She said. “Now what are you waiting for? If you’re single get ready to mingle. If you aren’t, well spend time with the special one of your life.” She said with a large smile upon her face. She then jumped off the stage and blended in with the crowd, a loud laughter escaped her face.

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    Post by Taichi Negeel on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:56 am

    A lot of light guilds had taken it upon themselves to host a valentines party in their respective towns. A celebration of love, something that Taichi wouldn’t miss for the world. Of course with his no flirting with fairytail members rule there was no way he could enjoy a party like this in Magnolia. He would be checking every girl for tattoo’s before flirting with them, which would just creep them out. Thus he ended up going to crocus to visit the event that Sabertooth organized. Everyone was gathered around the stage, some wearing regular clothes while others were dolled up for the event. Taichi hadn’t thought about dressing up and was wearing his regular clothes. He was one of those mages that cared little for acceptable dress-code, thus it was easy to recognize him as a mage even though his tattoo was covered by his clothes.

    In fact, a lot of mages were easily distinguishable in the crowd. But at least here he didn’t have to stress about accidentally flirting with a fellow guild member. He had a big smile on his face. Spotting all the beautiful girls in the crowd was making his head spin with all sorts of fantasies. Maybe I’ll get really lucky and take home two, or three, or four girls tonight. He thought to himself. Though his fantasy was soon interrupted by the opening speech, the.. wait.. was that tiny girl the guild master of Sabertooth? Taichi stared in disbelief, wondering if perhaps in crocus regular members handled the speeches instead of the guild master. Though when she mentioned she was older than she looked it started making more sense and he let it go with a chuckle.

    She was actually making a really good first impression. Anyone vouching for flirting and openly admitting to enjoying to do so themselves would be someone he’d get along with. Especially the ‘mating day’ she was referring to sounded very alluring to him. When finally the speech was over the crowd started to scatter to enjoy the many events. Taichi decided to do the same. He approached a group of girls and started flirting like no tomorrow, showering them with compliments and offering to buy them all drinks.


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    Post by Einar on Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:05 pm

    Things sure have changed over the long years of Einars self exile most of the humans now seem to have mixed with other species which were deemed freaks of nature and exiled during his time but he wasnt so different from these so called freaks of nature nor was he free from the nightmares of his past. But this was all held in the back of his mind as it was some sort of time of merriment for this guild of mages called Sabertooth which he found himself in the middle of. They seemed to be celebrating some sort of holiday which involved the aspect of love which truly eluded the man. But he didnt seem to phased by this he found it more interesting to study this holiday which was the reason he was at this place in the first place. To most of the people around him he looked odd in his manner of clothing choice which consists of a wide-brimmed black hat decorated with a large plume, and a long, open black coat with no shirt underneath, with red, flower-patterned sleeves and collar. He wears white pants held up by a decorated belt and tucked inside overly large boots in comparison to his leg size, overall giving him the appearance of a spanish swordsman. But the thing that truly stood out on him was the massive blade on his back which looked like curved black blade in the shape of a crucifix, with a golden handguard decorated by red beads, and a hilt wrapped in bandages, with a particularly big bead at his extremity. This making most patrons around him veer away from his threatening visage and his golden eyes which seemed to pierce those who he looked at.

    As his mind wandered he snapped back as the voice over the loud speaker like device caught his attention to what looked like a little girl with some animalistic features similar to that of a fox or a dog something he would need to find out in closer detail when he had the chance. But for now he listened to her speak in a commanding tone about the festivities that were to take place. His eyes shot towards the girl as she spoke about being older than anyone in this hall which set a grin across his face which was truly rare to see knowing he was most likely older than this girl which he would inquire when he had the chance to. As she finished her speech and leapt from the stage to mingle with the crowd Einar made his move towards the back of the room to watch the festivities from afar not wanting to engage in conversation with the girl just yet until the time seemed fitting.

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