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    Post by Selenia on Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:36 am

    Fairy Tail

    Description of Weapon

    Ranki is a suit of medieval-style armor with a long blue flowing skirt with white trim around the waist.

    Abilities of the Weapon

    Name: Iron Dome

    Rank: SS

    Type: Defense

    Range: 140 meter radius

    Appearance: Iron Dome creates a 140 meter radius, 140 meter high dome of metal around Selenia and any allies, pushing back enemies outside the radius.

    Description: Iron Dome is created at SS-Rank speed and can defend to up to SS-Rank damage. It has a max seven post duration, eight post cooldown. The dome allows allies to attack through it by becoming transparent wherever they aim towards, allowing them to hit enemies outside. Allies can also walk through the dome at will. The dome’s size can be decreased, but only by Selenia.

    Extra: The dome is weak to lightning but strong against ground, allowing it lower earth attacks done to it by one tier (D is nullified) while lightning spells will be increased by one tier.

    Iron Defense: Ranki gives Selenia a two tier boost in endurance with its strong defensive capabilities.

    Magic Nullifier: Ranki absorbs up to one SS-Rank attack that hits it. This has a max seven post duration with an eight post cooldown max.

    Weaknesses of the Weapon

    -Sturdy Defense: Which such powerful defense comes a drawback in speed. Selenia’s speed will be reduced by one tier while she wears Ranki.
    -Sunken Grave: Selenia cannot wear Ranki in water that goes above her head, or else she will down due to its heaviness. This leaves her open to powerful water spells as well.
    -Helmetless: Selenia’s armor lacks a helmet, leaving her open to attack there where the armor will not be able to block.

    Backstory of The Weapon

    Selenia was given Ranki during one of her jobs by a client who was a magical ironsmith. After she saved his family from a group of bandits targeting the weapons he made, he offered her his masterpiece in order to better defend herself. Although she was growing better everyday as a fighter, she was leaving herself open to attacks that could’ve been blocked by armor, and she knew that. During the fight with the bandits, one had been able to strike her quickly from behind, and drew blood, nearly killing her if it hadn’t been for one of her teammate’s fast actions. From then on, she has continued to wear it when she really needs a powerful defense. Those who know, or have at least heard of, her know that once she has donned this armor, she has become truly serious.


    Selenia usually doesn’t wear this armor, instead keeping it under lock and key in the guild until she needs it.

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