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    The History of Jin Buthi [WIP]

    Jin Buthi

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    The History of Jin Buthi [WIP]

    Post by Jin Buthi on Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:35 pm

    Jin Buthi was born on a mild winter's night, he is the middle child of the main branch of the Buthi family, which consisted of his older brother, Robert who is the first born almost 3 years before Jin, and Madeline who was 2 years younger than him, unfortunately when their mother became pregnant again, she quickly became ill, .

    With their mother getting sicker and sicker, their father. Vladimir left to explore using magic to heal her, but with all of the family's money nothing could be done, so he removed himself from the outside world choosing to spend his days studying the arts of necromancy even as his wife continued to suffer until she past away never to be heard of again, his obsession to revive her lead to him completely forgetting his children including Jin who were instead looked after by maids and midwives, each of the children handled the change differently for example this was the cause for Robert's distaste towards him with his bullying becoming worse and worse with Robert doing very sadistic things to Jin including breaking the fingers of his left hand by crushing them in a door.

    Eventually after Jin reached 6 years old was sent to a Dormitory in the freezing mountains near the border to the countries in the east. It was here where he spent almost a decade following precise orders, studying, debating, calculating, learning the fine arts taught to both nobility as well as master thieves and assassin. His brother had been sent to a few years before him until he was forced to leave after being unable to handle the pressure of the teachings. This brutal mentoring was brought to an end shortly before Jin's 17th birthday when he received a letter with a mysterious wax seal on the pillow of his bed after finally stopping his peers from abusing him by unleashing some unknown force inside of him.

    Unsure as to what the letter contained he went to the one place where he would be alone, inside one of the caves of a mountain nearby formerly used by couples to make out near the lake that swirled inside before it was became forbidden to enter. Upon reaching the lake's edge, a well dressed Jin opened the letter and began to read it with each paragraph essentially changing his mood from one way to another, initially he was confused as it spoke of his father and how the writers of the letter were connected through a group known as Dragon Heart and that they had been influencing the dormitory for years to develop mages of varying abilities and that he had shown signs of a magic that was rarely heard of. As he read further he learnt that he would need to summon a spirit thereby requiring some form of sacrifice to gain it's attention, so after perhaps a few moments thinking he picked his brother to be the most appropriate sacrifice after the years of pain and torment that he had inflicted upon him and by using the techniques with he had focused on he returned home and kidnapped his brother without leaving a trace as he slept and dragged him before the water's edge as required for the process.

    Determined to settle the debt that he felt his brother owed him as well as perform the summoning spell he quick began to draw the magic circle which required the blood of both his brother and himself with the circle coming to competition he watched as it began to ooze from below him essentially consuming his brother as he thrashed about trying to free himself as he quickly began to bleed out entirely, unbeknownst to Jin as he watched nearby his sister just as adept at stealth as himself had been following him ever since he received the letter and was now watching nearby in an intense fixation, this was of no concern to him now though as he was apparently being consumed as well with all colour draining from his hair whilst this all occurred however a heavy rumble shook the cave sending rocks falling to the ground and the water, as this occurred the now toxic cloudy water began to bubble as something began to rise from it, at which point a sudden flash of light flooded the cave taking both Jin and Robert leaving behind their sister and the magic circle now permanently etched into the hard stone.

    For over 5 years Jin and his brother weren't heard of or even mentioned, then suddenly a loud bang followed by a series of black sparks grew from the magic that scarred the stone, gradually smoking the cave once more in the same thick smoke seen several years earlier, meanwhile a body began to form initially his skeleton then tendons and eventually the skin covered the body, all this was followed by an eerily cloak of an unnatural material that covered the body, slowly it rose and began to bellow out into night's sky, and racing off into the woods towards the dormitory which was soon demolished by the same figure. Eventually whilst coated in the blood of his former teachers and students, he began to regain his personality that was Jin Buthi as he slowly licked the blood that stained and dripped from his fingertips.

    With their sister now taking responsibility of taking control of the family business, she become far crueller and cold then the last time Jin had seen her, so when he returned unannounced to their family manor after learning he had been gone for so long he was almost thrown out of the entire estate however with his new abilities he quickly cast aside the hired guards that protected the family and informed his sister directly that he wasn't interested in riches only power with a crooked smile demonstrating his truly psychotic side that had unleashed through the years of torment that he had gone through, slaying her with a punch through her chest as he laughed manically as she

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