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    (Dark Sailor Moon) Akira Nenshou [lb]


    (Dark Sailor Moon) Akira Nenshou [lb] Empty (Dark Sailor Moon) Akira Nenshou [lb]

    Post by Arceus on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:50 pm

    Help me...
    Somehow, it turned out to be what filled the power gap as the nuclear disaster gripped Planet Earth, and the people turned to the world leaders to help them, to no avail. Only one little meatball head had anything useful for them, and eventually, they installed her as their leader and Crystal Tokyo was born. But she wasn't ready to rule, busy with her own budding family, and surrendered leadership power to Mamoru, Mina, and Haruka.
    It's so dark here...
    Not everyone was so pleased with Crystal Tokyo and how it turned out. Aside from the Black Moon clan, there were more who internally spoke against the new regime, but no one outright said anything. At least, not until Aeon. Aeon, a rag-tag group of the remnants of the nations that fell, some even mutated by radiation, and the Tabula, more the same, left the planet entirely rather than become part of Crystal Tokyo, considering it preferable. The Tabula, at least, have settled a deserted planet in a dead star system in another part of the galaxy.
    Someone... help me...!
    But Aeon later had its own problems. A splinter of their population that really never did mean well, who saw the general deference to Senshi and wondered, why? And when Aeon managed to trigger the apparent awakening of a regular old Star Seed as a Guardian Seed, this splinter, who called themselves the Illumine, began to really wonder why Senshi and Guardians were better. They took to the stars, intent on ending suffering under Senshi and Guardian rule, and empowering the people to protect themselves instead. Having already conquered and destroyed sixteen star systems and five stray planets and asteroids, it won't be long before the Illumine set their sights on Earth and Crystal Tokyo. But with Usagi clueless about what's going on in her own Kingdom, Pluto and Neptune threatening to secede and return to their home planets, and the Inner Senshi always in conflict with one another over how far is too far, can the Senshi stand a direct threat right now? Or will our solar system finally fall? And who is that voice everyone keeps hearing, begging for help?
    ... it's not supposed to be this way...

    Akira Nenshou 明燃焼 Burning Bright is an original, near future dark Sailor Moon role-play, set about 20 years post the end of the Stars arc. There's no required word count, no restriction on character numbers, and our application is quite simple and short. We also offer Guardian Knights, a character type designed to support, guide, and assist the Senshi, we allow (and have a few!) male gender Senshi, feature a slightly unique take on the Sailor Crystal/Star Seed, and allow players to have any phrase trigger Senshi transformation that they want (you're not limited to just ___ ___ Power, Make Up). We're a relaxed group, relatively flexible and welcoming, a group that just wants to have fun and enjoy the game. A little crazy, but it's a good crazy! Give us a look!
    Seeking staff help!


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