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    Torturing at its Finest


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    Torturing at its Finest

    Post by Kagura on Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:10 am

    -Past Time-Dated Back 50 years ago from today-

    It was just like any other day, or so it seemed, the sun was shining, birds flying around what more could possibly go wrong.  It was just like any other day right?  It was gorgeous out, not a cloud in the sky, and it honestly seemed rather quiet and peaceful, yes it was just like any other day.  Houses lined up on the streets, rows and rows of houses, some of various size, many of dojos and sanctuary like places.  This land was home to many who practiced a religion, nothing more to be said about that.  Children would be walking to and fro, conversing with one another.  Yes, there were children here, but this story revolves around a certain set of children, a small group of not two, not three, but four individuals.  These children were located outside of a nearby shrine, it was hard to tell how old they were by looking at them, well other than the two youngest ones, one with purple hair and the other with yellow hair, they both seemed to be about twelve or thirteen years old, the other two were much older then the young ones but still they were a group of friends none the less.

    The children would smile, fool around play games with each other, just like any other day.  But. . .it wasn't like any other day, in fact it was far from it, this was the day not one, not two, but three children would die.  It was a day that torture would be taken place.  It was a day of savagery and blood, and the lust for more, it was the day a demon showed her face.  While the children were playing along with each other, one simple would sit idly by and smile, cute and innocent like.  Listening to the on going conversation of the others, nodding and smiling.  Her appearance was that of a female with bright green hair, but it was styled up in a way where her hair sticks up on both ends acting like cat ears if one were to look more closely, it was just her hair.  The children near the shrine would all smile and laugh, but this girl was not really interested, it was as if she was playing a part in a play or perhaps a movie, and she was nailing every line.

    One of the children decided that it would be fun to play hide and seek.  The little girl, now paying attention to the children's pleas, decided to play this game of hide and seek with them.  The condition was however, never to go into the mini shrine, it would be hard to get into it in the first place, but children are children they always see a way to get past things, no matter the difficulty of the situation.  The children all nodded and off they went, to play their game of hide and go seek.  One hid in the bushes, another hid in the water using bamboo as a form of a breathing tube.  The last one however did actually hide in the shrine, with the door being locked, it seemed almost impossible to get through, however on the other end there was an open window with no glass to shield anything from getting in.  The little girl would use the grooving of the side of the shrine and climb upwards, she got a couple scraped knees but nothing too bad.  As she hoisted her self through the window, she found gravity taking its course causing her to fall down.  This in turn would make a loud thud noise which would almost definitely alert the others of where she was.

    The one who was seeking was the one with green hair, she was also the one who made the request of never going in the shrine.  The girl with green hair was counting till she was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the thud resonating from within the building. She slowly would walk over to the shrine, as she did so she would smirk, it was as if she planned this, this whole time.  Reaching in her pocket, she would pull out a silver key, placing the key through the lock hole, she would twist and pull causing the hinges to click and unlock.  Pressing her hands on the door, they suddenly would open inwards like it was welcoming her in.  The light from outside would overwhelm the darkness of the room which would show various little devices, hanging from the ceilings, attached to the walls, and even some just lying on the floor.  Looking closer the little girl who fell through the window could also be seen, face first into the ground still getting up from the fall.

    The girl with green hair would smile devilishly as she would close the door behind her, causing them to shut out any light that could shine through the shrine.  The only light that seeped in was the one through the window, and that was enough to see the little girl who was now sitting up, yet she could not see a thing.  The one with green hair however, slowly tip toed through the building, as her bare feet crept on the ground, the floorboards would creek, till finally she picked up an item on the ground.  It wasn't very large, seemed almost like a cleaver.  As she walked up to the girl sitting on the ground she hid the cleaver shaped item behind her back, smiling tilting her head. The little girl simply was rubbing her head and looking straight at the one with green hair.  The girl with the cleaver, still smiling devilishly would walk up to the little girl giggling before speaking.

    "You shouldn't have done that, you naughty naughty girl. . ." 

    Suddenly the girl with green hair lifted up the hatchet and used the back of it to smash the little girl who was sitting down into the ground and out cold.  The little girl would giggle as she grabbed the unconscious girl by her ankle dragging her to a certain spot on the floor which was much like a hidden basement which was led by stairs.  The girl giggling away would drag her down the steps as her head would smack every stab hard, causing her cranium to bleed a bit from the steps smacking against it.  As she got to the bottom, she would drag the little girl by the ankles once more and bring her into a room, a room with cells on it.  Giggling still she would leave the girl in the room and once again take out a silver key before locking the gate.  She would turn around to see the little girl she had dragged down the steps once more before she would leave and head up the stairs again.

    At this point the children got tired of hiding and went to go look for the two missing children who were no longer playing.  They looked all around, then one suggested that perhaps they were in the shrine.  The children, would both agree to look, having done so they found out when the pushed on the doors it was still unlocked.  The door once again opened inwards revealing the many tools and gadgets on the walls, ceilings, and floor.  The children were quite spooked by them.  Then they saw the girl with green hair walk up the steps, she would look to see that the door was open then she smiled and waved.

    "Sorry we kinda got bored of the game, she is down here though.  We are playing a game.  Would you like to play?"

    The children would look at each other then would smile and run and head over to the one with green hair before they all walked down the steps.  As they met the bottom of the room they noticed it was still creepy, it was gray stone through out the whole area and had cells all through out and was much like a hallway which at the very end had a wooden door which the green hair girl was motioning them to come towards.  One child ran instantly over to the door, the other one got distracted cause she thought she heard something.  The girl with green hair opened the door and let the child in, inside was a table shaped like a person with straps, as the child entered, the room first the green hair girl pulled out a syringe from her pocket and stuck it directly into the child's neck. The fluid now pulsing through the blood system of the child, caused him to fall down with no problems, giggling she would leave the child there, she had more pressing matters to attend to, but first she would lock the door.  

    While this was all taking place the little girl would walk over to the cell she thought she heard something through, a muffled noise was heard as if someone was moving.  Looking closer she couldn't see much till the figure moved again.  It was the other girl, the one that was playing hide and seek but hid in the shrine.  The little girl was confused why she was in there, trying to pull the cell open she could not do it.  Suddenly her eyes met the gaze of the ground as the green hair girl smashed her head with a rock.  Giggling to herself she would through the bloody rock to the side before dragging the girl by her ankle and throwing her into a cell and locking that as well. It seemed to all go according to plan to her.  Walking over to the wooden door she once again unlocked, and opened the door to see the boy was still out cold. Picking up the boy, she would strap him down to the table shaped like a person, locking on the restraints on him. placing his hands on the wooden part where the hands would go, and locking each finger down by metal bindings.

    She would giggle once more as she would open a cabinet closest to her, reaching in and pulling out various things, a hammer and 12 nails.  As she looked over she could see the drug in the syringe was waring off as the little boy was starting to wake up. She would walk over to the little boy and smile the little boy was confused and couldn't see much as his neck was bound down too with a metal bar.  Smiling the girl would giggle before speaking. 

    "We are gonna play a little game okay?  It's called Torture me, are you ready to play? No? Oh well that's no fun, here let me show you how to PLAY!"

    At those words she hovered a nail over the first knuckle on the child's thumb before smashing it downwards straight through the knuckle with the hammer, the child flooded the room with blood curdling cries. Before she did the same thing with the index finger.  The boy simply could do nothing as his fingers were being nailed to the wooden board.  She would continue to nail in every finger on the right hand and left hand of the boy, the boy was barely alive as she hovered the nail over the left eye socket, she would giggle as she smashed the nail straight through his eyeball, then again for the last eyeball, unfortunately for her the boy had long been dead by the first eyeball being hammered in.  She made her smile turn into a frown as she looked frustrated. 

    "No fun, no fun at all"

    She would look around the room as she looked at the door, time to go play yet another game.  She would open the door and close it behind her, grabbing a knife before she left.  Taking the knife she would throw it into the cell where the girl who was hit wit a rock was at.  Then opened the cell where the first girl was at before she dragged the girl out, picking up the hatchet she had from before.  Taking the hatchet she would smack the railing where the girl was at causing her to wake up.  When she awoke she saw the girl with green hair with a smile on her face. Suddenly she would pick up the girl who was still out cold and place the hatchet against her neck.  

    "How much do you care for her? I know let's play a game, take the knife on the ground and place it to the side of the wall and smash your head into it over and over again, then she goes free.  That sounds fun right?"

    The little girl saw the knife then looked at the girl in green hair mortified, she picked up the knife placed it on the the side of the wall and began to cry.  The girl with green hair looked frustrated but stood there with the hatchet up to the girl's neck still, the blade pressed firmly against her skin cutting it a little bit.  The little girl in the cell was gullible she didn't want her friend to be hurt and she also had a bit of a concussion from the rock hitting her so she thought it was dream, a nightmare and to end it all she had to do was wake up.  She would continuously say wake up as she smashed her temple over and over again into the blade of the knife before she could no longer say it anymore and fall into a pool of her own blood.  The girl with green hair would laugh maniacally before taking the hatchet in her hand and cleaving it straight through the little girls neck, then through her arms, and again through her legs, torso, and body creating a bloody mess.  She would giggle through the whole thing.

    "You should have stayed out of the shrine, you naughty naught girl."

    -Present Time the Revisit-

    A woman standing in a shrine smiling holding a hatchet in her hand.  Looks at it deeply before laughing. As she did so she would turn to her side. It was a man pinned to a cross, she would walk up to the man closely before taking the hatchet and cleaving at his arm.  He would wail in pain as his blood spurted onto her beautiful pale face.  It blended in rather nicely with her bright red hair.  She would take out the cleaver again, and do the same thing to the male's legs before she heard a knock on her door.  She would simply open the door before wiping the blood from her face, and licking it from her lips.  

    "I haven't gotten the information from him yet, I will get it soon and then you can leave and give me my jewels, now let me have my fun"

    Closing the shrine doors she walked over to the male, tracing the hatchet she once again tore out  against his chest. Smiling before she spoke.

    "Now I am sure this hurts, but here is the thing.  I like torture, and I find it pleasurable in so many different ways but rather than kill you I am gonna give you a chance to live.  Just answer one question for me.  Where is the sword?"

    The male would spit on her face as she frowned and wiped the saliva from her face she lifted up the hatchet before cleaving his head clean off as the hatchet stuck in the wall but his head slipped off and fell to the ground.  She would turn as she walked over to the door opening it and smiling.  

    "I changed my mind, I will just take the jewels like this." 

    With her hand she would simply point it towards the one she was working for before he knew it, a red light would shine through her finger completely slicing and dicing him up into little tiny bits as if millions of swords had just sliced him up.  She walked over the body and bent over before reaching into his pockets and stealing the jewels he had on him placing it into her pocket. As she did so she turned around to the shrine and giggled.  

    "Oh the memories I had here."

    That was the last thing she said before she whipped out a lighter from her pocket, lit it and threw it to the shrine catching it a blaze.  It had started like any other day but simply became a gruesome torture fest in the end.  No one found the murder of those children 50 years ago and it is safe to say no one who was a live at that point could even do anything about it now.  The shrine now in ash buried the past that was the day of torture and misdeeds.  Before the woman left she turned around watching the flames rise up, she would giggle before her image changed.  She turned into that of a female with horns and black hair with red eyes.  

    "Oh how easy the humans can be manipulated"

    And like that she left the area, leaving behind the memory of a dark gruesome pass, and left with the money of a man who simply wanted a sword to give to his son for his birthday.  


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