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    The Take Over Guide


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    The Take Over Guide

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:27 pm

    Take Over Guidelines

    Take Overs:
    Take Over, being a magic with many various types of souls involved, will be a pretty diverse magic. Given that a Take Over mage can have any number of different souls based on the type they use at their disposal, the spell usage will be different. The souls must all be part of one specific Take Over, however, as each type of Take Over must have a specific genre or style.

    The various souls of Take Overs will be one spell on their own, with no duration, but a cooldown that is the total number of posts the Takeover was held plus one. The spell for the soul will be a passive ability, such as speed, strength, flight and so on, and also allow for the Take Over. A mage's other spell slots will be used to create spells for each soul in their Take Over magic. The only requirement as to what rank spells a soul may receive is that the rank of the spell for the Take Over must be equal to or greater than any spell used during the Take Over. However, the spells each Take Over soul has can be divided any which way between the spells themselves. Spells can only be used with certain Take Overs and this must be specified as to which Take Over the spell belongs to. They must be affiliated to the Take Over being used, but in all other way are like normal spells.

    Partial Take Over:
    When a Take Over mage wishes to only do a Take Over on a part of their body, such as the arm, the spells cast while in the half-transformed state will be half their regular power, as well as the partial Take Over having half the cooldown a full Take Over would.

    Take Over mages have the power to control and assimilate beings or things that are part of their specific type of Take Over. However, the being or thing that is controlled or assimilated must be of equal or lower rank compared to the Take Over user. In addition, controlling player characters is not allowed. To assimilate something, the caster must have at least one spell slot open the rank of the being or thing that is assimilated in order to create a new soul for the Take Over magic. In addition, this must be listed as a perk of the magic to use.

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