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    The New Guild Master


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    The New Guild Master

    Post by Selenia on Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:07 pm

    The war had been bloody and difficult, and it had taken many of Selenia's friends lives. She was lucky to be alive, standing here at the Fairy Tail guild once more. However, she certainly didn't feel that way, as tears streamed down her eyes. The procession of the Fairy Tail members that were left stretched out to the front of the guild, from where just a few of them, namely Selenia herself along with the A and B-Rank mages of Fairy Tail, headed to the train station which would take them to Hargeon. After reaching Hargeon, they would travel by boat to the guild's sacred place, Tenrou Island. It would be where they would bury their now deceased master, who'd been killed by one of the enemy guild masters, along with enemy guild's entire guild, in a sneak attack that had taken their master's life. Even if he had taken them all with him to the grave, it didn't make Selenia feel any better. All she felt like doing now was crying, and wishing he was back to lead their guild once more now that the war was finally over. Although the attack had been a last ditch effort, and the war was practically over anyways, the mages of that dark guild had given their lives to kill her master, and for what? What could they have hoped to gain from doing that?

    In any case, it was winter now, which meant that the tropical heat of Tenrou was reduced to some extent, although Selenia still felt sticky thanks to the humidity. When they finally arrived at Tenrou, those who had accompanied Selenia, the rest of the guild staying back at Fairy Tail to recover from the war, helped her carry the casket down from the boat and onto the island. It was a long walk to the place where they were buried, and even though they were exhausted, they refused to use magic to get the job done. Taking shovels one of them had brought, they began to dig the master's grave, which was hard work even though they were away from the sun at last. Once the bitter work was done, they lowered the casket into the grave and said a few things, with Selenia going last. When it was her turn to speak, she wasn't really sure if she could, but she knew she had to do her best for the old master.

    "Thank you all for helping me bring the master back to Tenrou. I know it wasn't easy, especially during this time, but he deserved to be buried here. There's a lot of things I want to say, but only one I really should. Our master was a great man, and he had a vision for the guild that will continue to inspire us into the future. We must band together as one and become a guild that is worth looking up to. We must protect those who cannot protect themselves, and we must do what is asked of us when the time comes, even if we lose our lives along the way. We have to fight against the evil and corruption in this world so that one day, there is still light to shine through. He would've wanted us to keep moving forward, and we shall. We will never give up, no matter what the odds, no matter what the circumstances, even if it looks hopeless. We must look towards the future and remember that we are the light, and we cannot fall, for if we do we will let those around us down. We must live to support each other, as guild members, and furthermore as friends and allies. We have to protect what we stand for, even if it means dying for it. However, we must also strive to live, for it is only then that we can truly protect the ones we love. We must never seek death, but always fight to keep our light alive."

    Once she was done, they buried the casket in dirt and placed flowers on the grave. Heading back to the ship, they lugged over a large stone that would mark the grave for future generations to come, and after one last good-bye, they returned to the guild.

    Once back, things were beginning to return to normal. Only a few days had passed in the time they'd been gone, but Selenia noticed that life and joy was slowly returning to the guild. However, there was one thing missing. The Fairy Tail guild had no guild master. So as she walked into the guild, watching as everyone turned their head to look at her, it was a day she'll never forget. She didn't instantly realize what it meant, but after a moment, she understood. And without anyone having to say anything, Selenia assumed the responsibility of being a guild master.

    It was strange at first, and also very difficult; she was still young, and had a lot to learn herself. There was still much for her to get through before she could fully take on the role, but she knew that no matter what, she would protect the people of the guild with all her might. She'd do whatever it took to become the best guild master possible, something that Fairy Tail deserved. It wouldn't be easy, but no one had said it would be. Although she still had her own inner struggles, she would put that on hold during the time being, because the members of Fairy Tail needed someone to guide them. The fact that they'd chosen her just made it more clear that she needed to show them that their trust in her was not misplaced. However, she just hoped that nothing else would come up soon; the guild needed time to rebuild and she needed time to adjust to the new role she would play. Even though she was a guild master, it would take time to become accustomed to the role, but she knew the rest of Fairy Tail's members would support her along the way, and that's what kept her going.

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