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    The Undying Darkness


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    The Undying Darkness

    Post by Selenia on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:28 am

    Name of Job: The Undying Darkness
    Rank of Job: SS
    Repeatable: Yes
    Guild: N/A
    Description: There has always been darkness. But now, it has taken form. And it won't stop until it has destroyed everything you hold dear...

    Deep in the mountains east of Crocus, there is a cave that sinks deep into the earth. There is where you will find the monstrosity that is darkness itself. It has been known by many names over the eons, but it currently calls itself the Abyss. Upon entering the cave, you have already entered its body. The darkness itself is him, and he cannot escape the cave... that is, until night falls. Recently, as the nights have passed, he has ventured from his cave more and more, killing those who live in the nearby town of Crocus, or simply anyone unlucky enough to find themselves nearby. The officials have told people to stay away, but it's no use; he is growing stronger with each passing day, and more and more people have gone missing. The Rune Knights have tried to contain this foul creature, but it was of no use; his darkness is not one that can be contained. It must be destroyed. The guilds across Fiore have been sent a request straight from the King of Fiore himself, who begs you to deal with this evil. Will you accept his plea?

    But beware, for the darkness is much more terrible than you can imagine. You will go deep into the body of the beast before you can find its abode, and there have been reports that once there, it's impossible to escape; all that was heard was screaming from those who went in, and then nothing but silence. You must banish this darkness from whence it came, at least for now. Because one day, the darkness will return to consume everything. The only thing to do is to keep it at bay for now. Will you be able to conquer the darkness, or will it consume you absolutely?
    Enemies: Shadow Imp (x4) - 4 shadowy imps of A-Rank will descend upon you a fifteen minutes after you have entered the cave in an attempt to destroy you. They have no spells themselves, but can deal damage with their claws and teeth.

    Dark Beasts (x2) - 2 black monsters of S-Rank will appear from the darkness, able to take the form of any terrifying animal according to the ones fighting them, will appear about half an hour after fighting the Shadow Imps. They have no spells themselves, but can deal damage with the forms they take.

    The Abyss - A dark entity of shadowy nothingness, the abyss is all around you. However, he does have a core presence, and that is what needs to be destroyed. It takes the form of a shadowy humanoid being, nearly blending in with its dark surroundings. It is able to consume the light of non-offensive magical items, as well as any other forms of light, making any attempt to see other than via your own magic impossible. The Abyss is extremely powerful, having X-Rank health, but is not unbeatable; offensive light-based magic affects him for one tier higher than the attack, and he can also be defeated by any type of magic, although shadow and darkness-based magic deal one tier lower than the attack. Beware, for he is not a foe to be trifled with.

    Dark Grab - This attack sends a 1 meter wide darkness towards an opponent's neck, trying to choke them as it deals A-Rank damage for four posts with each post that it remains.

    Dark Mass - 6 beams of darkness, each 1 meter wide, shoot forth, straight towards the opponent, dealing SS-Rank damage on contact.

    Darkness Cage - Darkness will rise up from the ground to keep an enemy from moving, dealing A-Rank damage for four posts with each post that it remains. However, spells can still be used, this simply restricts movement.

    Abyssal Body - A sea of shadows will rise up and drown you in darkness, cutting off your air and dealing A-Rank damage for four posts with each post that it remains.

    Shadow of Death - As the darkness grows thicker, this will cause all in the area to see visions of death, either of themselves, friends, family, or the entire world. With each vision that passes, A-Rank damage is dealt, up to four posts unless you can find a way to escape from this hallucination. Spells cannot be used, but there is a way to escape; you simply have to face death head on if it is a vision of yourself dying and defeat it, or if it is a vision of others you can either defeat it or sacrifice yourself to save everyone else. Sacrificing oneself will result in S-Rank damage, and this technique can be used in a vision of oneself dying, but will result in SS-Rank damage.

    Infinite Darkness - The darkness will collapse inwards, pulling you towards it. If you touch the core of the darkness, which is 3 meters in radius, you will receive X-Rank damage. However, this spell will also cause X-Rank damage to the Abyss.

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