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    [Plot] New Dawn


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    [Plot] New Dawn  Empty [Plot] New Dawn

    Post by Selenia on Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:55 am

    Having been summoned to Crocus, Selenia was still a bit worried about the members of the guild; they could definitely hold their own, in any case. Really, the worry was just a way to keep herself from worrying about what awaited her in Mercurius. The King's palace was a daunting place, what with its beautiful gardens and towering turrets. It rose out of the ground and cast a huge shadow over everything, and now Selenia walked beneath that shadow.

    Making her way towards the guards, they allowed her to pass without asking any questions. It seemed she was expected, at the very least. She just hoped there wasn't any trouble to be found here. After all, Fairy Tail hadn't destroyed anything in a while, right? At least, not anything that she could remember. Perhaps this simply was just a meeting with the King after all, and nothing more? But what could that mean?

    As anxiety blanketed her, Selenia kept moving towards the appointed meeting place. How could she not? There were guards everywhere, covering hallways and stairwells, directing her towards a certain place in the palace. Having become Fairy Tail's Guild Master so recently, she was unaccustomed to all of these formalities, this was all a bit nerve-wracking. In any case, she kept up her composure and made her way to the room where, evidently, the meeting would take place. The doors themselves were far too big, as big as the doors on the outside of her guild hall.

    Taking in a deep breath, holding it for a few moments, then exhaling, Selenia pushed open the door to the chamber within. Instantly, she was stunned by what she saw. It was a huge ballroom, with walls of gold and white, and a single table at the center of the huge room. It would be quite a walk to the table, and each step on the polished wooden floor would definitely resound throughout the room. It was almost too much to take in at once. She walked forward, not of her own will, but simply because there was nothing else she could do.

    As she took her seat, she noticed the table was full of various little snacks and finger foods, as well as pitchers of water, but she was too in shock to think about eating or drinking. Every thought of anything other than right here and now had vanished from her mind, and she simply waited in silence, her facial expression falling into a sort of smile as she tried not to seem nervous, though the truth was the complete opposite.

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    Post by Genesis on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:11 pm

    Confusion and curiousity was upon the top of her head when she was summoned to a building on Crocus. Genesis knew her guild could take care of themselves however she was slightly worried due to the fact they held a dark guild member from Animus Sin. She was simply lucky the King's Palace and the guild were in the same city, lest she would have to travel quite far. She had walked pass the Palace countless of times when she was on her morning strolls. She always wondered what was in there. Now she had the chance to find out.

    Her heart fell slightly as soon as she spotted the guards. She didn't look like a guildmaster, heck she barely even look like a mage. Her childish appearance gave her many condesendingly looks and remarks. As she expected the guards looked and her with a strange look. Nobody would have expected the guildmaster to look like an 8 year old, half animal girl to lead a guild like Sabertooth. However to their surprise they allowed her through the door without even a single utter. She was quite pleased with their reaction. Despite their strange glances they didn't do anything else, such as comment who she was.

    The King's Palace was majestic. Genesis had never seen anything so fancy.... or expensive. She felt slightly out of place when she looked around.  It was a bit too much for her taste but nothing too terrible. However the hallway was nothing compared to the ballroom. Her jaw dropped involuntarily to the floor as she held back a gasp of wonder. The room was so large and beautoful..... she for a second thought she was dreamin. The exquisite walls and the carefully made celing created a beautiful image for all to look at. Genesis never knew beauties like all the wonders this building has to offer ever exsisted even is the first place. noticed a woman sitting down at one of the tables. She took a glance at her before she spoke. "Hi there, my name is Genesis. What's yours?" She asked in a soft, quiet yet curious voice. "Mind if I sit here?" She asked politely before taking a seat next to the woman and gave her a large grin, one that showed all her razor sharp canine teeth. Silently she wondered who else would come and join the festivities that she was summoned to.

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    Post by Ryoshi on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:58 am

    Ryoshi could only sigh as he stepped onto the transportation stone. As his warm breath condensed into a cloud and drifted upwards towards the sky through the cold mountain air, he reflected on his reasons for such a sigh. Not only was he being summoned to appear before the king, but his guild, Light Bringer, was still lacking members. Thus, the stress of trying to bring in more members and the stress of traveling to Crocus for unknown reasons compounded, making itself visible in the form of a sigh. Shaking his head, the gold-haired Guild Master tapped his gold-shod staff against the transportation stone located in the courtyard outside of the Light Bringer guild hall. Instantly, a gold-and-white magic seal appeared on the surface of the large granite slab, spinning slowly. Fixing his destination of Crocus firmly in his mind, Ryoshi tapped his staff once again. The instant he did, he was enveloped in a flash of light. When the light faded, he was gone, leaving snow swirling around the space he previously occupied.
    Miles away in another courtyard, an identical flash of light appeared, and Ryoshi strode out of it, whte, gold-edged cloak, which bore the emblem of Light Bringer in gold on its back, fluttering behind him. The guards at the gate let the Guild Master pass without a comment, looking forward steadfastly. The sound of Ryoshi's footsteps, followed by the sound of his staff tapping against the stone floor, resounded loudly through the halls of the palace. Minutes later, Ryoshi arrived in the room designated as the spot where the meeting will take place, the ballroom. Without hesitation, fixing a cool-yet-determined look upon his face, he walked into the room. Barely taking notice of the two women sitting at the table, Ryoshi crossed the room and took his own seat. After leaning his staff, which was topped by a piece of gold moulded into the shape of a starburst, against the table, he reached up and lowered the hood of his white cloak, revealing his long, gold-colored hair, chiseled face and piercing green eyes. He then leaned back, crossing his arms across his chest and his ankles under the table. He let a moment pass, then he looked up and met the gaze of each of the women in turn.
    "Greetings. I am Ryoshi Akuryo, master of the guild Light Bringer."  After he had said this, he leaned back once more and rested his chin on his chest, appearing to be deep in thought.

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