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    Rylan Kura magic application WIP

    Rylan the Prodigy

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    Rylan Kura magic application WIP

    Post by Rylan the Prodigy on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:12 am

    Territory Magic
    D rank
    Sub or Main
    Light Bringer

    Magic Description
    Territory Magic is a Caster Magic that involves manipulating space or any object or substance of their choice. Territory Magic can be used for defense like switching places with an object or person or just simply teleporting the attack away. But it can also be used for offensive like forming heat and generating explosions. Or for support like trapping people.

    Perks of Magic
    Put the Perks of the Magic here maximum of 3 of which each has to have a downfall.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

    Place your Spells you know here
    {D-rank Spells here}

    {C-rank Spells here}

    {B-Rank Spells here}

    {A-Rank Spells here}

    {S-Rank Spells here}

    {SS-Rank Spells here}

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