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    A Bloody Memory [A Rank registration application]


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    A Bloody Memory [A Rank registration application]

    Post by Cedric on Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:17 pm

    Flames whipped through the midnight air, embers floated down upon the ground below like a light winter snow. A lone being stood at the center of the burning home, soaked in the blood of the family that had once lived there. As the flames roared around him the light they gave life to casted a dark shadow upon the figure below. The bloody figure stood in silence staring down at the corpse of the young woman that laid before him. A droplet of blood formed at the bridge of his eyes and slowly rolled down the brim of his nose before falling off landing right on the forehead of the woman laying below. A blade in his hand seemed to magically break apart and dissipate into the air around him. This lone figure was known as the Half Demon, Cedric.

    Cedric was in this flaming building due to circumstances that he pursued himself. He had stalked this family for some time over the past few months, watching the mother play with her two young children and even watched as she would become pregnated with her third. They were a simple farming family on the outskirts of the town that he had stumbled upon nearly a year ago. Since coming to this town Cedric had kept to the shadows and been relying on natural abilities to steal whatever he may need, food, water, or even clothing. He had been proud of himself, for the past year he had not killed a single soul in this village but had instead gone to the neighboring ones to commit such heinous acts of terror so that nobody would come snooping around here and find him.

    On this night Cedric had decided that it was about time for him to finally make his appearance to this town and more importantly to this family. It was the start of the fall harvest and the fireflies had all gone away by now. Fires from the town nearby could be seen warming the horizon with their soft hues of yellow and red lights from the many fires. Although out here in the farmlands it was rather dark and cold. Cedric walked down a simple dirt path towards the home of his latest victims. The pale harvest moon and stars shown that the child that walked down this dark path wore the purest of white hooded jackets and simple jean pants.

    A single tree stood outside the family’s home with a tire swing hanging from one of the higher branches. A faint light caught Cedric’s face showing a sinister smile and glare. From inside the home candle and fire light shown the small family of five about to sit down to enjoy their family meal. Cedric stood beside the tree and watched the meal being served. The pregnant mother waddled from plate to plate scooping onto them the contents of tonight’s meal. With a single swing of his arm Cedric smashed his fist right into the trunk of the tree causing a rather loud snapping sound to occur. He leapt into the air delivering a powerful kick to the tree causing it to further snap though this time the tree broke away from the trunk completely.

    The tree would collapse right onto the house causing decent destruction and what Cedric craved most from tonight, the scent of fear. As he fell to the ground he watched as the fires of the home dance their way onto the large Oak tree. A faint whisper left the boy’s mouth. “Let the hunt begin/” And just like that Cedric was on the move. He became a blur as his body zoomed up the tree. He leapt with all his might and took air born. Up there he looked down below into the flames to find his first victim, a small girl that was not even old enough to sleep without a candle next to her bedside.

    In an instant a small knife appeared in his hand. He threw the knife at a record speed down at the girl. The knife ripped through the bricks and wood that were in its path until it found its home in the warm, wet, and soft flesh of the child’s breast. Before the parents could even notice the attack Cedric was already moving onto his next victim. The knife that was once plunged into the girl was once again in his hands, almost as if it was instantly teleported there. He jumped onto the top of the roof. With all his might he smashed his fist into the ground causing the ceiling to collapse right onto the father pinning him down for a moment while Cedric would go after the others.

    The mother had let out a scream once she realized that her daughter had been killed in a mere blink of an eye and the scent of fear filled the air once she saw the demon that was Cedric appear before her. The farmers eldest son, a simple boy at the young age of just sixteen tried to rush Cedric to avenge his sister and protect his mother and father but with a quick motion the blade in Cedrics hand had scrapped across the throat of the boy while Ced’s open palm struck at his side pushing him to the ground, dead of course. The father remained unconscious during this whole ordeal leaving just Cedric and the mother alone.

    The blade that he held tight in his hand changed angle to being pointed right at the woman. “What..what are you doing? Why have you killed my family!?! What are you?!” A grin flickered across Ced’s face as he took a step closer to the woman. “I am satan himself, I am the one that priest pray their lives away to keep bay. Now receive my blade and allow me to bathe in yours and your baby’s blood.” With one step Cedric was right in front of the woman. He gripped her throat and lifted her up over a raging fire. His eyes had become completely black and black veins started to appear around them. His teeth grew sharper and horns grew on the top of his head. He lifted the woman up until her stomach was close to his eye level. With one move he sliced up causing a gush of blood to rain on him. As the final screams of the woman filled the air Cedric had become trance with the blood. He let her fall to the ground and the fires around him to rage about while he soaked up the rush that his killing sport just caused.

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