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    Remembering the Past


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    Remembering the Past

    Post by Ami on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:36 pm

    The day was storming hard. An endless downpour of rain fell upon the mountains, occasionally a few cracks of lightning were heard. Three figures trudged up the mountains, all were cloaked in hoods. None of them spoke, they just walked up together. Climbing the treacherous mountains. There wasn’t silence however, for the steady rain, the crackling lightning and the howling wind made enough noise itself. Finally one spoke.

    “Are you ready for this challenge Ami? This will be your hardest one, to kill another one of yourself, to kill one of heaven’s own being is a taboo, however it unleash the power in your weapon to allow you to be able to finally unlock the final form of the weapon, the Lost.” He said. There was silence again for a moment before the girl, Ami spoke.

    “I understand, father. I’ve been holding hatred already for eighteen years. Ever since they had sent me out of heaven for no reason there is nothing more I would like to see than their blood on my hands.” The girl, Ami said. She began to play with the ring that lay on her ring finger. She felt the power radiate from it, she could almost feel it, the power infusing into her soul.

    Finally the reached the summit of the mountain, where the divine being stood. Her face was overcome with joy when she saw Ami. “Amitiel? Is that you?” She asked in a shaky voice. “Its me! Suriel, remember? Your best friend?”[/color]

    “Don’t listen to her, she is merely spouting lies to cover up what heaven did to you. She never was your best friend, she was one of those angels who laughed when you were kicked out of heaven she was never your best friend.” The other figure said.

    Ami nodded. “Yes mother I understand.” She said in a low voice. As she cast off her cloak she walked closer towards the angel, Suriel. She took the ring off her finger and tossed it into the air, it began to glow.

    The ring soon morphed into a spear and the fight began. She began to try to stab the angel. Her opponent, was quite confused but began to fight back in fear, she took out a sword and forced it to clash against her spear. “Amitiel what are you doing? Are you trying to kill me? I’m your best friend!”

    ”Any child of heaven will never be my friend. They will always be my enemy.” She said in a low voice. As weapon on weapon clashed, the lightning seemed to crackle as well. “They casted me out of heaven when I was young and now they claimed to be my friend? I rather have spiders be my best friend, you are lower than those dirty vermin.” Her spear then found flesh and she stabbed as deeply as she could. Pain was apparent in her enemy’s eyes.

    “Amitiel what happened? This isn’t you. You aren’t the cheerful, silly girl I know? And what are you talking about ‘casted out from heaven?’ You disappeared one day and I’ve been looking for you since!” Suriel swing her sword against Ami, the blade opened a small cut on her neck. “Amitiel I don’t want to hurt you, please just stop fighting!” The other angel’s eyes widen at this as she casted her sword away and raised her arms up. Ami’s face showed no sense of pity or mercy. She paid no attention to the pain or the wound. She was too engrossed in the battle. She then, using the spear ran her through. Suriel coughed out some sort of liquid. “Please, just stop fighting and return to your old self.”

    Ami tossed her spear in the air before it transformed once more. “My name is not Amitiel, it is Ami. Say hello to my strongest weapon, the Hammer of Courage.” She hit the ground with it. A small earthquake rumbled through the ground, it took the angel off her balance before Ami took her hammer and using all her force she could slam it on the angel. The angel coughed out ichor, heavenly blood as the impact shattered her internal system. “Any last words angel?”

    “Ami, I’m not your enemy.” She said hesitantly, trying to tread on light ground. “Those people, the one’s you call your parents they’re evil. I can sense it. They’ve been trying to brainwash you for many years. Don’t let them win, remember who you really are.” She closed her eyes and raised her hand over her face as Ami lifted up the hammer, to deliver the finishing blow. However something stopped her from. Something kept nagging her in the back of her mind.

    “Kill her already Ami. She’s your enemy.” Her ‘father’ hissed. However she was still hesitant in killing the angel. She felt as if the angel was right all along. However, she threw the heavy weapon into the air and it transformed back into a ring. She slipped it back on her right ring finger and extended her hand to the angel. “I guess you are innocent. I can be friends with you.” She said. The near dead angel smiled at her.

    Friends.” She smiled. Their hands touched and suddenly the ring on her finger began to glow. Ami looked at it in wonder as she threw it in the air. There was a flash of white light before Ami looked in and her eyes opened in wonder. Memories of her past lives came back to her and she finally realized the truth. “The final and most powerful weapon, the Sword of Friendship.” Suriel barely gasped out as a rainbow colored sword gently floated to the ground. The angel then looked at her, “Kill me please. End my suffering.” Ami nodded and whispered.

    ”I’m sorry I caused you so much pain. I hope you can forgive me.” She whispered as she swung her sword down at her friends nck, separating head from the rest of her body.“You forced me to kill my friend.” She said. “You lied and brainwashed me all these years. I never was casted out from heaven. You forcefully summoned me down and kept me here all these years.” She said in an eerie voice.

    “It was for the good of the world Ami. You were going to help save it from all those demons that were going to attack and-” Her ‘mother’ gasped out in a frantic hurry.

    “Stealing from heaven, especially one of heaven’s children is a felony to us that is punishable by death. Convincing one to kill another one of their race? You just secured your death sentence ” Ami picked up her newfound sword and attacked the two humans.

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